Turn in Events: Chapter 6

In the dark, he barely saw it. There was a deer in the middle of the road and a sharp turn in the road, with what looked like lights shining on the wet road. While his mind screamed not to, his instincts made him turn the car onto the shoulder of the mountain road as he slammed on the breaks.

The head of the woman beside him snapped up and she began to scream. The bright eyes of the animal before her reflected the look of fear in her eyes.

They noticed it at the same instance. He had lost control of the car. They were going over the edge of the cliff. In their last seconds of consciousness, they both sent out a silent prayer for the six year old child in the back seat. Even if they didn't survive, let her. She was still too young for her life to be taken.


The sound of metal against metal brought the two heads up in time to see the small, European car go over the edge of the cliff. Usagi let out a quiet gasp as they both froze for a second.

Mentally cursing himself, Mamoru fought his way out of the stupor he was lost in and picked up his cell phone, dialing emergency. Giving quick instructions to the person on the other end of the line, he grabbed a small bag out of the backseat of the car and, as soon as he hung up, raced out into the rainy weather to see what he could do.

Usagi took a few moments longer to digest what she just witnessed, but the sound of Mamoru's voice brought her crashing back to reality. Turning off the car, she left the keys in the ignition and ventured out to find a way down to the car.

"Usako," Mamoru called. "Over here. There's a path leading down the mountain."

Going over to where her fiancé stood, Usagi looked down and sighed. It would take them nearly half an hour to get down that path.

With a wave of innovation, Usagi instructed, "Mamo-chan, transform," while raising her hand and calling out her transformation. As soon as she had transformed, she began to fly down the cliff.

Following Usagi's actions, Mamoru transformed and began a much faster decent as Tuxedo Kamen than he would have ever considered as Mamoru.

At the bottom of the cliff, the couple met a gruesome sight. The small vehicle has been ripped to pieces during the fall. The doors were scattered, and the roof, trunk, and front had all been crushed. The only way into and out of the car was through the passenger side door, as the car was currently sitting on its side.

Mamoru quickly de-transformed and rushed over to the car, looking in. The driver was a young man, maybe a few years older than he was, and really beaten up. He was jammed in between the steering wheel and his seat, his head hanging limply to the side. Mamoru could tell his neck was broken.

The woman in the passenger's seat wasn't any better. While she was covered in scratches and a few gashes on her arms, there weren't any obvious exterior wounds. And then Mamoru saw it. Bellow her swollen belly a metal rod protruded. The poor woman must have been seven months along and both their lives had been taken. Suddenly an image of Usagi in that position forced him to look away.

"Usako, can you go get a blanket from the car, please?" he asked quietly. "There is nothing we can do for the two in the front."

"Terra?" Usagi asked just as quietly, her voice filled with worry.

"In the back seat, I hope. I can't see her yet. The blanket, please, Usako. You don't need to see this," Mamoru pleaded gently.

As Usagi still hadn't de-transformed, in a few powerful strokes of her wings she was on her way back up the mountain. Unsure of Terra's condition, Usagi moved quickly so she could return to where she could help. As she reached the bottom of the mountain, she heard the sound of a helicopter overhead.

"Mamo-chan! The helicopter! It's here," she called.

"Good," Mamoru called. "Usako, pass me the blanket." Once he had it he added, "Love, in my bag I have a flare gun. Can you shoot it for me? It will make it easier for them to find us."

"Sure," Usagi said as she returned to her civilian form and began hunting for the gun. "How's Terra?"

Mamoru barely heard the question; he was so concerned with what he was doing. "She is alive, but barely."

"What can I do to help?" Usagi asked, moving towards the wreck after firing the flare.

Mamoru wanted to say "Stay back," he didn't want her to see this, but he knew he needed her help. "Put on a pair of gloves from in the bag and put your hands here on her head. We need to try to keep the bleeding down. It doesn't look like she has any broken bones, but I am worried about that head wound," he explained over the sound of the descending helicopter. "Can you stay here while I go meet them?"

Though she really didn't think she could, Usagi nodded for the little girl she held.

Mamoru ran off to the spot where the helicopter was lowering a basket and paramedic to the ground. As soon as the other man was on the ground, he gave a brief summary of what he had found.

The other man shook his head. He looked to be about forty, a little old for a paramedic, but not unheard of. "I was hoping it wouldn't be a family. About twenty years ago, this cliff took another one. Only the son survived. That was one of my first times out. Of course, we didn't have the chopper then, either."

"I just hope the girl keeps her memory. It's bad enough she lost her family," Mamoru said, helping the older man with his supplies.

The paramedic looked at Mamoru as if he'd seen a ghost. "How'd you know? That information was never given to the press..."

Mamoru smiled gently, "I was that boy. But let's see what we can do for this kid."

As the approached the wreck, Mamoru noticed a faint glow coming from where Usagi and Terra were.

"Usako!" he called. "How is she doing?"

Usagi head shot up at the sound of her fiancé’s voice. Taking the hint, she immediately stopped her energy transfer and called back, "I'm not the doctor, but I know she isn't getting any better. Hurry, Mamo-chan!"

"You married?" the paramedic asked as the two of them made their way to the car though the thick underbrush.

"Engaged," Mamoru answered. Quietly, he added, "She doesn't know about the mother. I'd rather she not know either."

"Of course," he said, climbing onto the car. "I can take over for you, miss."

"Thank you," Usagi said quietly, climbing off the car. "Is there anything I can do?"

"If you could hand me the long blue thing there," the paramedic asked, pointing to the neck brace. "Yes, that's it. And if you could put some gauze on her head doc, it would be greatly appreciated."

Pulling his head out of the bag he was rummaging through, Mamoru said, "I'm a step ahead of you. Where do you keep the tape? I can't find any in here."

"It's in the plastic box, next to the scissors," he answered, then to Usagi, "Now can you pass me the other blue thing on the board, the big one? Thank you, Hun."

Usagi then sat helplessly for several minutes while the two men worked quickly to stabilize the little girl for transport. As they finally lifted her out of the wreck and onto the board, Mamoru called Usagi over to him.

"Usako, I'm going to fly back with them to the hospital. Can you wait for the ambulances and tell them how to get to the car?" At her nod, he continued, "Usako, will you do me a favor and not look at the other two? I don't want -"

"I won't. Don't worry, Mamo-chan. I'll meet you at the hospital as soon as I can. I finally get to drive your car," Usagi tried to smile, and then moved off to the trail up the side of the cliff.

"That's a wonderful woman you've got there, son. Take care of her."

"She's all I've got, and everything I need. I just hope she's all right. She has a cousin she is very close to around this one's age, and I'm afraid she may be a little scared by all this."

"There are times when the rescuer is more affected by the accident than someone in the accident, but your girl seems to be taking this rather well. She may have a few troubled nights, but nothing too extreme. Why were you two out here, anyway? There must be better placed to make out," the paramedic asked as he worked.

"I haven't been here in twenty years, and it was time to face it. Oddly, my only memories of my parents are from that night, and coming here has always disturbed me. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Usagi finally got me out here, and on the perfect night. We may well have saved this little girl's life."


Slowly, Usagi climbed back up the cliff. With the helicopter so near, she couldn't risk transforming, though it was tempting. When Mamoru had gone to meet the paramedic, Terra had begun to slip further away. Usagi didn't know how she knew, but something inside her told her that Terra needed more energy than her small body could supply. Using the Crystal, she transferred some of her own energy, but, as Usagi, she didn't have as much control over the Crystal, and it drained her more than she expected. The climb was exhausting.

Three quarters of her way up, Usagi heard the sound of sirens. As tired as she was, she began to run up the slop. She had to get there. As she finally reached the road, the corner of the mountain was as bright as day although the sun had set hours before and rain clouded the sky. There were a couple of ambulances, a few police cars, and even a fire truck, in addition to the press vehicles that where quickly setting up. Usagi just stood in awe for a minute, watching the organized chaos before her.

"Excuse me, miss? Do you know where I can find a Dr. Chiba Mamoru? He called in an accident off this cliff," a police officer asked her, drawing her out of her thoughts.

"Half way to the hospital by now. He left with the only survivor in the air ambulance," Usagi responded, her senshi training taking over her senses. Suddenly aware of everything and the need to explain, she continued, "I'm his fiancée. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"You said the only survivor? How many were in the vehicle?" the officer asked.

"I don't know for certain, but I believe there were two adults in the front, and the little girl was the only one in the back. Do you mind if I sit down? The path is steep and I just ran up the last quarter."

"Of course. Come and sit over here," the officer lead her to the back of one of the ambulances. Immediately, one of the paramedics came up to them.

"Are you alright, Miss?" she asked, taking in Usagi's dirt-covered clothes, and the small bits of blood that now stained her shirt.

"I'll be fine; I'm just a little tired. Do you know how close the helicopter is to the hospital? That poor little girl."

"I'm not too sure. Duo! What's the ETA on the chopper?" she called to the front of the ambulance.

"Two minutes. Are we going down?" Duo asked.

"Not yet. There was only the one survivor, let the cops do their stuff first," she called back.

Usagi's breathing had slowed while she sat listening to the dialogue between the two, when she noticed Mamoru's car in the distance.

"Um, officer, is there anything else you need from me? I'd like to go back into the city and see how the girl is doing," Usagi asked, suddenly wanting out of the area.

"There are some more questions I'd like to ask you, but I suppose they can wait. Where can I get in touch with you?" he asked as they walked over the car.

Usagi pulled a card from her purse and wrote a number onto the back. "Here's my card. Mamoru's address and cell number are on the back, and my cell is on the front. Mamoru works in Neurology at the same hospital the girl is going to. Thank you for not keeping me."

"Not at all, thank you for being so co-operative," the officer said as he helped Usagi into the car. Closing the door for her, he hoped that she would be all right after everything that had happened that night.


The red sports car pulled into the doctors' parking lot and drove to the spot designated for Chiba Mamoru. The guard was forced to do a double take, however, when a beautiful, if disheveled, young blonde stepped out.

"Excuse me, miss, but you can't park there," he called, walking towards the car.

"Isn't this Dr. Chiba's spot?" she asked, certain she got the right spot.

"Yes, but last I checked, the doctor wasn't a young blonde," the guard said.

"No, he is tall, dark, and incredibly handsome," Usagi smiled. "My fiancé is expecting me inside, if you don't mind," she added. All the stress of the night making her snappy.

Taken aback by the command in her voice, the attendant gave a quick, "My apologies, Miss."

Usagi nodded her head and started in to the hospital. She felt a little guilty for the way she acted, but knew that she could do nothing about it now. She would have to apologize later. Entering on the main floor, Usagi went straight to the admitting desk.

"What can I do for ya, Hun?" the plump woman asked.

"The little girl that came in on the helicopter, where can I find her, or Dr. Chiba?" Usagi asked.

"I didn't know Chiba-san was on tonight, but the girl's in surgery up on third. If Chiba-san's on, he would probably be up on forth."

"Thank you," Usagi said as she walked quickly to the elevator. This was the only floor she didn't visit often because none of the patients were there that long, so she didn't know many of the staff. As she reached the elevator and hit the up button, everything that had happened caught up with her, and she fainted into the arms of another young doctor.

The brown haired American was turning the corner to catch the elevator when he noticed the young woman begin to sway. Just as he reached her to ask if she was all right, she fainted into his arms.

As though this happened to him every day, the man carried Usagi to a nearby wheelchair and set her down gently as she began coming to.

"Are you alright, Miss?" he asked quietly.

"Huh? Oh, I fainted, didn't I?" Usagi half asked, half stated.

"That's what it looks like. Are you alright?" he asked again, pulling him mini flashlight out of his pocket and shining it into her eyes.

Putting her hands up in protest, Usagi said, "I'm fine. Or at least I will be as soon I get some rest. I have to get up to third first," she added, trying to get up.

"Sit back down. Doctor's orders," the man said gently. "I'm going up there myself; I'll take you as long as you stay in that wheelchair."

"Thanks. I think," Usagi joked, sitting down. "By the way, I'm Tsukino Usagi."

"I'm James Caruthers or Caruthers James as you say over here," James said as he called the elevator again. "I swear I know your name from somewhere, though."

"I do a lot of volunteering here," Usagi explained. "And I'm engaged to Chiba Mamoru up in Nero. You're the American surgeon here on exchange, aren't you?" she added as he pushed her into the elevator.

"That I am. And I was right. Your engagement is big news; it's even made its way into the OR. It's not very often the social life of the docs off floor make it in. You've broken more than a few nurses' hearts," James added with a smile.

"You don't mean there were still hopefuls? I thought we put an end to all that at the New Year's Ball. But with as wonderful a man as Mamoru, I guess I can't blame them. They'll just have to find another doctor to fuss over now," she said with a scheming smile.

The elevator doors opened at that moment, and James pushed her out, surprised to see Mamoru sitting in the waiting room, a look of apprehension on his face.

"Mamo-chan!" Usagi called.

At the sound of his fiancée’s voice Mamoru looked up and a flood of worry washed over him. It was bad enough that Terra was in the operating room as he sat there, but now his wife-to-be was sitting in a wheelchair for some unknown reason.

Leaping to his feet, he ran over to where Usagi sat with the American doctor standing, forgotten, behind her. Taking her hands in his, he looked up into her eyes, his own filled with concern. "Usako, are you alright? What happened?"

Usagi smiled, trying to ease Mamoru's nerves. "I just fainted," she said as if it happened every day. "With everything that has happened today, I guess I'm more drained than I thought. How is she?"

"I haven't heard anything for a while, but things are looking better than they did back at the wreck. She hit her head pretty hard. They are working on putting her skull back together, and it turns out her left arm was broken as well. They still don't have a name for her. Are you sure you're alright?"

"I'm fine! I just need some rest, but you come first. Are you alright?" she asked quietly.

Mamoru nodded, and then stood up. "Thank you for looking after her, Caruthers-san. I know she can be a difficult patient at times. Especially when you try to get her to stay still."

"Hey!" Usagi protested as she lightly backhanded Mamoru's leg. "Last time I rush to be with you. I'm not difficult!"

"Well, you weren't too bad," James said, getting in on the fun. "But you were passed out for half the time."

"Not you too!" Usagi whined. "Argh! Men!"

The other two laughed and then James excused himself, stating he had some work he needed to get done. Once the other doctor was far enough away, Mamoru pushed Usagi over to the waiting area and questioned her, "What were you thinking! What about Selenity and the baby? Do you have the energy for that?"

"Mamo-chan!" Usagi interrupted his verbal rampage. "I still have more than what I need. I have just been doing so much, it all just caught up with me. She'll be alright, Mamo-chan, I just know it," she soothed, moving into the chair beside him and cuddling up.

Half an hour later, Usagi sat up strait. "Mamo-chan, I have to call my parents. They were expecting me home an hour ago!"

"Sh, Usako. I'll go call them. You stay here and rest," Mamoru said gently as he got up.

"Thank you, Mamo-chan."

Mamoru walked over to the desk, picked up the phone, and dialed Usagi's number. A frantic Ikuko picked up on the other end.

"Moshi moshi, is that you, Usagi?"

"Not quite, but very close," Mamoru said with as much of a smile as he could manage.

"Mamoru! Thank Kami. Are you both alright?" Ikuko asked.

"We're fine. A little tired, and Usagi's lost some energy, but she'll be good as new in the morning," Mamoru answered, trying to re-assure himself as well.

"Your sister?" Ikuko asked. "We heard about the accident on the news."

"She's the only survivor," Mamoru explained. "She is in surgery right now."

"Oh, Mamoru, you must be so worried. That poor dear. Now, don't worry about getting Usagi home tonight. You need her there with you, and I'm sure she doesn't want to leave you. I'll call the studio in the morning, so you don't have to worry about getting up too early."

"Thank you, Ikuko. I'll get Usagi to call you in the morning."

"That'll be fine. She'll be all right, Mamoru. Don't worry," Ikuko comforted, and then added, "After all, she has her big brother looking out for her. I'll talk to you later. Keep your chin up, it'll be alright."

"Goodnight, Ikuko," Mamoru said as he hung up and returned to Usagi's side.

"Daddy wasn't too mad, was he?" she asked.

"I talked to your mother. She was worried, but not mad. In not so many words she said for you to spend the night at my place, actually," Mamoru told her as he sat down next to her.

Usagi cuddled up to him and nodded. "I'm glad. I don't want to leave your side tonight. So much has happened," she said quietly, her own thoughts haunted by the events of that night.

Mamoru looked down at the dirt covered beauty beside him and smiled at the love she always showed him. "Thank you, Usako. Kami, I hope she's alright."

"You sound like a worried parent," Usagi chastised, then reminded him, "She isn't ours in this life, remember. She probably has other family she'll be living with now."

The sadness in her voice was amplified in his. "I know, but she reminds me of Terra so much. She even has the curls over her temples. Kami, Usa, why did this have to happen? It was bad enough that she never knew our parents, why did she have to loose hers again?"

"I wish I knew. Oh, Mamo-chan, I wish I knew," Usagi sighed, taking strength from the arm Mamoru had wrapped around her. "For now, let's just be grateful that she is alive and we have found her. At least she has six years with her birthparents this time. Her mother survived childbirth and her father didn't loose himself in the loss."

"You're right. I hope our children never have to go through any of this," Mamoru whispered.

"No child should go through this, ever, but it happens," Usagi said sadly.

The two chatted on; both trying to distract themselves from the current situation through it was never far from their minds. During a pause in conversation just before one, a nurse approached them.

"Doctor Chiba?" she asked quietly, not wanting to interrupt the couple.

"Nurse Kel, how is she?" he asked.

"They're finished with the surgery. It's all up to you guys now. She's stable, but she has a pretty severe concussion, and has slipped into a coma."

"Shittma. Thanks, Kel. Can you make sure she has someone with her at all times? I don't want her alone when she wakes up. She's lost everything. She at least deserves to have someone there for her."

"Of course. I'll put someone on right away," Kel said. "The two of you should get some sleep. She won't be coming around until morning at least."

"We will. I'll see you later," Mamoru said, then turned to Usagi.

"Help me up, please, Mamo-chan?"

"Into the wheelchair. I don't think we could explain a second collapse."

"Fine. I just hope we don't run into Motoki. How would we explain it?"

"Hopefully we won't have to," Mamoru said as he pushed Usagi into the elevator. "Do you know if Ami is working tonight?"

"Are you thinking of getting her to look at me?" Usagi asked, turning around in the chair. Seeing the look on his face, she exploded. "You are, aren't you? Mamo-chan, I am fine. I have more than enough energy for Selenity. Trust me."

"I do trust you, Usako. I guess I'm still getting used to the idea of Selenity being pregnant, and am still a little overprotective."

"Little isn't quite the word I'd use," Usagi muttered, then smiled. "It's alright, Mamo-chan. Let's just get back to your place before we have more to explain than why I'm in a wheelchair."

The elevator door opened and Mamoru pushed Usagi out and down the hall, stopping at the floor administration desk and signing out the chair for the night. The couple remained silent for most of the drive back to Mamoru's apartment. About two minutes before they reached his place, Usagi broke it.

"Mamo-chan, you don't have any problems with me spending the night, do you?"

"No, Usako," he started, then thought better of it. "Well, not much, anyway."

"What is it, Mamo-chan?"

"It's just... I've always thought of that room and you... This is quite different from how I've ever pictured you spending the night," he tried to explain.

"I know, Mamo-chan. Honestly, until I had spent quite a bit of time as Selenity I only ever thought of my staying at your place when someone else was there, or when we're married. But since Selenity, it doesn't seem as weird. I've actually almost come over some nights because I missed Endymion's arms so much."

"At least one of us doesn't have any worries about tonight," Mamoru joked.

"Don't," Usagi said. "While I may have the energy Selenity and the baby need, I don't have much more." Ignoring the harsh look Mamoru gave her, she continued, "And this night has taken so much out of you, I doubt anything could happen. If you want, I can sleep on the couch."

"Don't even think it! Of course we'll share the bed. The idea just takes a little getting used to. And I've only had three nights to remember the past, not three years."

"That isn't my fault," Usagi defended. "Though it does give me the advantage," she added as Mamoru pulled into the parking garage under his complex. "Or maybe not. It's 1:30."

"You going to be alright?" Mamoru asked.

"I'll be fine. Just don't let yourself transform, I doubt that... Endymion... knows how... to... park."

"Transform, Usako," Mamoru said as he pulled into the spot next to his bike. Rather than sit and watch Usagi transform, once he had turned off the car he got out and started to pull the wheelchair out of the trunk when Selenity began to speak.

"Mamo-ru-" she managed to get out as she turned her head towards him and fainted. Mamoru sighed, hoping Usagi will have a little more to her than Selenity. Even if he did feel love towards the princess, he couldn't help but wonder how his past self kept from going mad. Selenity came to as Mamoru was lifting her from the car into the wheelchair and gasped.

"Selenity, what is it?" Mamoru asked as he set her down in the chair.

"He kicked! The baby kicked, Mamoru!" Selenity exclaimed as she placed Mamoru's hand on her stomach.

The first genuine smile of the night spread across Mamoru's face as he felt the soft kicks coming from Selenity's womb.

"I thought you said you were only nineteen weeks, though?" Mamoru asked, unsure of the timing. Movement is normally not felt until the twenty-second week.

"I am, not even, actually. But this happened back on the Moon, too. The court physician said it was normal for a mixed pregnancy. By a Lunarian calendar this is late."

"I forgot about that. Thank you for this, Selenity. You and Usagi are so good to me," Mamoru said as he got up from in front of Selenity and began pushing her to the elevator. "Now, shall we get some sleep?"

"That sounds good to me. And you and Endymion are just as wonderful."

The two moved in silence to Mamoru's apartment except for the sound of the wheelchair on the floor. Quietly, Mamoru unlocked his door and pushed Selenity in before transforming into Endymion. As the memories of the last few hours flooded over him, he fell into Selenity's waiting arms.

Selenity allowed herself to shed the tears she had continued to hold for Usagi. Mamoru still hadn't opened up enough to cry freely, and Usagi knew that if she let herself, she would only make it harder on him. Endymion, however, had grown accustom to the Lunarian way of sharing emotion, and now had his head in her lap, seeking the comfort he knew only she could offer. For a time the two simply stayed in the entrance to Mamoru's apartment, the mix of sorrow and relief at Terra's condition filling their every thought. Life on Earth had not always been easy for them, but his parents' daughter had brought them much joy during their time there. Now the child they had begun to view as their own was fighting for her life. Slowly, the two regained their composure and began to get ready for the night.

As Selenity climbed in the queen sized bed, she sighed.

"This is the best place to sleep, I do believe. There is so much more room than in Usagi's bed, and much more comfortable than the couch."

"I'll agree with you on that, but I have to stress that we should limit the number of the nights we spend here. While I may not have spent as many nights with the shared conscience, I can tell that this is a problem for Mamoru. He is extremely nervous about having you spend the night."

"I know. He is afraid of something happening, and he may well have reason. We won't always be as exhausted as we get ready, and there is just as strong an attraction between them as there is between us. But they should be the ones to discuss this, not us. Put your hand here and feel what your son is doing to me," Selenity said, effectively closing the subject.

"He's starting a little earlier this time, isn't he?"

"Only a few days, but with what it took to get where we are now, I don't think it will be a problem. It is possible that Usagi had transformed for that amount of time, as well. While he didn't need the three hours he needs now, if opportunity was given, he would still grow. Oh! Endymion, do you know if Mamoru has to work this weekend?"

"I don't think so, why?"

"Setsuna has me scheduled to see the doctor this weekend, and I was hoping that you would be able to come with me."

"I think that can be arranged, but where do you go? Surely you can't see a doctor here on Earth."

"I go back to the Moon Kingdom, around the same time as when Usagi and Mamoru will go for the wedding. It's so nice to go back, everyone is still around, and your mother is sometimes there visiting."

"Is she?" Endymion asked hopefully.

"Yes, but we have to be very careful not to give any information about the future to them. By their understanding, I am a Lunarian noble who has done much traveling. I married a Terrain and we are living on Venus. The doctors there do not know much about this type of a mixed pregnancy, so I travel to the Moon to see a doctor. You, my Terrain husband, have had to stay behind on Venus due to political or work related engagements."

"So while we get to see everyone we knew they can't know it is us. You can wear your hair differently, but how do I disguise myself? I look too much like my father, it would raise many questions."

"There is a cute little gadget that Usagi has, the Luna Pen, which I think it will do the trick. I've always wondered what you would look like with brown hair."

"Tell me you're joking."

"Alright, I haven't given them much of a description of you, if that will make you happy. All I've said is some vague things that you have actually done. Oh, I spend most of the time as Usagi and go by her name, calling you Mamoru. It makes it easier to remember. Look at the time, Endy. Let's get some sleep. Good night, love," Selenity whispered.

"Good night, Selenity. I love you."

"I love you."


It was ten o'clock when Mamoru woke up to the sound of his phone ringing. As he began to move to answer it, he realized that he wasn't alone. All the memories of the night before came flooding in and he sighed in defeat. If the gods didn't have it out for him, they certainly had a sick sense of humor. Gently, Mamoru got up from the bed and picked up the phone.

"Moshi moshi," he said quietly, walking to the far side of the room, as far as the chord would stretch.

"Mamoru, did I wake you up?" the male voice on the other end laughed.

"You sound so apologetic. What's up, Motoki?"

"I heard you came in last night with the girl. She's become quite famous around here, but they aren't sure whose patient we should put her down as. Do you want her?"

"Honestly, I think I'm too attached to her already. If someone else wants her, let them take her, I wouldn't be able to make the objective decisions. Is there any changes since she got out of surgery?"

"Not really. She's stable, and we've got her on some strong meds, but it looks like they were right last night. She's in a coma."

"Damn," Mamoru muttered. Endymion's conversation with Selenity last night coming to mind, he remembered that he did have one shift scheduled that weekend. "Hey, Motoki, would you be able to cover for me on Saturday? Usagi wants to go away for the weekend so we can work on the wedding without interruption."

"I think I could manage that. Could you cover my Sunday evening shift? Taking Reika out should smooth over me not being home Saturday," Motoki promised. "I can't believe you are getting married in three months. You certainly move fast once you get moving."

"Well, what's stopping us now?"

"True. I guess the fact that you waited this long should be more surprising. What did take you this long?"

Mamoru cursed himself for leading Motoki onto the idea. Usagi seemed to have noticed that he wasn't in bed any longer and was beginning to stir. He didn't want to wake her with his talking. "I wanted her to finish school first, you know that. I've got to go, Motoki. Thanks for covering for me."

"Not a problem. Look after Usagi, she'll need you."

"I know. Talk to you later," Mamoru said as he hung up and moved over to the bed. Both he and Usagi were wearing the same clothes they had on the night before, no wonder Selenity said it was pointless for them to change. In front of him, Usagi was slowly returning from dream land. Carefully, Mamoru sat down on the edge of the bed, trying to avoid moving it too much and just watched the angel before him sleep.

Usagi felt herself slowly being pulled from blissful slumber as the warmth that had surrounded her left. Gradually, she allowed herself to open her eyes and looked strait at Mamoru's face.

"Morning, beautiful," Mamoru said quietly. "Sleep well?"

"Wonderfully. Is there any news from the hospital?"

"The anesthesia has worn off, but she hasn't come out yet. She's stable, but in a coma. I just got off the phone with Motoki and he said she was up in Nero now. He wanted to know if I wanted to be her doctor."

"You didn't take her, did you?" Usagi asked, sitting up.

Mamoru shook his head. "I couldn't. Being her doctor would be too hard. Usako, last night Selenity was talking about a doctor, can you tell me more about that?"

"Certainly. Do you mind if I call Mom first? I want to know what she said."

"Of course. I'll make us some breakfast."

Usagi smiled. "Thanks."

Mamoru left Usagi in the room, giving her some time alone to talk with her mother, the first time since the night of her birthday. Getting out of bed, Usagi dialed her home phone. Oddly, it was her brother who answered.

"Moshi moshi?" his deep voice said.

"Shingo, is Mom in?" Usagi asked.

"Ya, you over at Mamoru's?"

"Yes. We were at the hospital until one, and I didn't want to wake all of you when I cam in. Besides, Mamoru needed me with him."

"Dad'll love to hear that."

"What did he do when Mom told him I was spending the night?"

Shingo laughed at the memory. "What do you think? Flipped out, threatened to kill both of you, and then Mom calmed him down by insisting that you were too tired for anything to happen."

"She was right. I had given energy to the girl when we were at the accident and by the time Mamoru called I had fainted once. Now, can I please talk to Mom?"

"Alright, here she is," Shingo said and then there was a moment of silence.

"Usagi, are you alright, honey?" Ikuko's concerned voice asked.

"I'm fine, Mom. Got my energy up and ready to go. Did you call in like you said?"

"Of course. I said that you were at the site of the accident and they were perfectly understanding. You've got the whole day off to relax and re-coup. Are you sure you are all right? Selenity?"

"We are fine, Mom. Don't you start in on me, too. Mamoru was nearly driving me insane last night!"

"You have to understand we aren't exactly used to this sort of thing," Ikuko explained.

"I know, Mom. I'm sorry. I can remember Endymion's actions back on the Moon, and Selenity taking them in stride, but I'm used to being independent. It's going to take some time to get used to having others worrying about me. Only having to deal with a cat and the Guardian of Time is a lot easier than a worried father and grandmother," Usagi looked out the window of Mamoru's room with a smile. "But I like not having to hide it anymore. And being able to sleep through the night isn't a bad thing either."

Ikuko laughed at her daughter's light hearted comments. She still had a hard time envisioning her daughter four and a half month pregnant, but knew that in little over a year there would be two new additions to the family. If she could just accept that. Forcing her mind from the confusing and very secret topic, Ikuko asked, "How is the girl doing?"

After explaining Terra's condition and promising that she'd sleep at home that night, Usagi said goodbye to her mother and tracked down the source of the delicious smells wafting into the room from the kitchen.

Wrapping her arms around her fiancé, she smiled. "Mom says hi. What're you making?"

"Pancakes. So, what's your story?"

Kissing him on the cheek, Usagi stuck her finger in the batter. "Mom went with the truth, of all things. They gave me the day to relax and re-coup. Mmm. Good batter," she added, licking her finger clean.

"Thanks. They'll be ready in a minute."

"Yummy!" Usagi giggled.

Silently, Usagi watched Mamoru work. He certainly knew what he was doing. The handsome man moved around the small kitchen, working quickly to make the pastries. Usagi smiled to herself. She was so lucky to be marrying such a wonderful man. Every chance he got, Mamoru would spoil her. Even now, when he was so worried about Terra, he was looking after her.

As Mamoru finished his baking, he wrapped his arm around Usagi's waist and lifted her down from the counter top. Brushing his lips gently over her forehead, he said, "Your breakfast awaits, my beautiful Moon-Bunny. Would you care to dine with me?"

"I would be honored, my Lord," Usagi giggled. "It's so nice having you remember everything."

"Well, not quite everything yet. That takes more time."

"I know, but you still remember more now than you did Saturday. How else would you remember the greeting you gave me the first day of our marriage?"

"You're right on that, at least, but I still don't remember all the details of that life. But give me some time and we can remember together. Now, tell me about this doctor's visit," Mamoru lead as he served them each some pancakes from the large stack in the middle of the table.

"I told you most of it. Every three months I go for a check up and spend a day or two on the Moon. The Queen seems to enjoy my company, so I've had tea with her a few times while I visit. Endymion's mother was visiting for a month last time I was there, so she may still be there," Usagi explained as she ate.

"It would be wonderful to see her again. Did you get much of a chance to get to know her?" Mamoru asked. His or rather Endymion's mother had died during childbirth when he was seventeen. Selenity had only turned twelve six months before and the two had never gotten a chance to know each other the way a mother and daughter-in-law should.

"We talked a little. I've got some good stories about you as a child. She really did want a daughter, though, didn't she?"

Mamoru nodded slowly. "All she wanted was to provide an heir to her powers, but it cost her dearly. Terra was her legacy, and I will do everything I can to justify her sacrifice."

"Oh, Mamo-chan!" Usagi cried as she jumped up and gave him a giant hug.

Mamoru smiled slightly through his eyes were watery and returned the hug, pulling her into his lap after a moment and resting his head on hers.

"I'm sorry, Mamo-chan. I didn't mean to... I wanted to keep her off your mind for a little," Usagi apologized quietly.

"You did. For a few minutes, I was picturing you having tea with my mother and yours, exchanging stories about children and other things. Terra is just such a part of that life. She is bound to come up sometime," Mamoru explained, forcing a smile on his face, though it was partially genuine. Usagi cared so much for his peace of mind. She was so good to him. Someday he hoped to return the favor but, for now, he needed her support.

"Mamo-chan, do you want to stay here, with Terra, instead of going back?"

"Now that I know about the baby, I want to be a part of all of it. I'm not going to let you go see the doctor again on your own. I want to be with you," Mamoru vowed.

"What if we put it off a week?" Usagi offered.

Mamoru didn't think the idea seemed that bad. He wanted to be here for Terra just as much as he wanted to be with Usagi. Torn, knowing Usagi should keep to her doctor's schedule; he shook his head, "Why don't we think about it for a while?"

The two sat together for several minutes longer until Usagi began to move. "I should go home for a change of clothes. Mom wants me home tonight, but you'll come, won't you?"

"I have a feeling your Dad would actually kill us if you spent the night here again any time soon. You don't even need to ask, of course I'll come," Mamoru promised, wondering how long it really would be until he slept in his own bed again.

Time progressed slowly for the two that morning. While Mamoru changed, Usagi cleaned up the kitchen then they drove to Usagi's so she could change. At around noon they finally arrived at the hospital, wedding plans in hand.

"Dr. Chiba, you aren't scheduled to work today," Jenifa, the ward's day receptionist, said when she saw him walking up.

"I'm just here to spend some time with one of our newest patients. I'm afraid I've already developed quite a bond with her," Mamoru explained.

"Oh, you must mean the little girl. She's in 4037. You called in the accident, didn't you?"

"Yes. Thanks," Mamoru said as he led Usagi to the room. "Remember, Usako, she is going to look pretty bad," Mamoru said when they arrived at the door.

"I know. At least she isn't bleeding any more. And they probably have her heavily drugged, so she shouldn't be in pain," Usagi said, though as she entered the room she couldn't help but gasp at what she saw.


Setsuna stood over the bed where the young child looked remarkably better than she had the night before. Usagi was greatly relieved to see the improvement.

Mamoru was only slightly shaken by the scene before him. The little girl who had been a mix between daughter and sister to him in a past life posed a dark contrast to her white surroundings. Her dark blue hair, almost black, curled lightly around her face, flowed over the pillow under her head. Her skin, a slightly darker shade than his own Greek flesh was smooth where not covered by bandages. Even at her young age, she looked like their mother.

"Your highnesses," Setsuna said with a bow. "I believe you are re-considering this weekend's trip?"

"Leaving her is not a favorite option," Usagi answered. "And don't call me that!"

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist you keep this appointment, Usagi. If you are going to plan much more for the wedding you will need to have connections in that time," Setsuna explained.

"You mean we can tell them who we are?" Mamoru asked.

"Only your parents, and you must be careful, but yes. They need to know if time is to go as it should."

Usagi sighed. "There are times I wish we didn't have as much effect on time. I don't want to have to tell Serenity she's the mother of prophesy."

"We're going to have to. She knew when we met on your twelfth birthday," Mamoru explained. "She seemed to be expecting me."

"She was," Setsuna said. "Since there will be no way for you to prove who you are to the Queen you are going to have to tell her some things from her future. Including the baby."

"Isn't that a little much?" Usagi asked.

"Not when they already know you're pregnant. And there will be more than a few questions asked if we don't explain," Mamoru answered. "I don't want to leave Terra though."

"It will only be for a night, and she won't notice," Setsuna said.

"She looks much better than she did last night. Are you saying she will still be in the coma this weekend?" Mamoru asked.

"You know I can't tell you that. But for her looking better, she spent a few days out of the time stream. She will wake when time decides."

"You sound like Mamo-chan, Setsuna. All that doctor talk about waiting," Usagi sighed. "We're going to have to leave her, though, but not until tomorrow. For now, she will have us here."

"I will meet you at your apartment tomorrow night," Setsuna said as a portal appeared. Usagi and Mamoru nodded as she entered and closed it.

"Why is she always so vague?" Usagi asked. "She's harder to understand than poetry."

Mamoru smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist. "That is how she always has been. I doubt she will ever change. Why don't we finish up that guest list? I don't think Terra will mind."

"Alright, Mamo-chan."

An hour later Usagi looked up from the envelopes she was addressing and a sad smiled appeared on her face.

"Mamo-chan," she said quietly. When he didn't answer and continued to stare at Terra, she set the stack of papers in her lap aside and walked over to Mamoru. Placing a hand on his shoulder, she smiled when he jumped. "You alright, Mamo-chan?"

Mamoru looked up at his wife to be and sighed. She cared for him so much.

"I'll be fine, Usako, just as soon as she is."

Mamoru wrapped his arms around Usagi's waist and pulled her into his lap. "Why did this have to happen to her? Of all people, hasn't her soul endured enough? Do the fates just have something against Earth?"

Usagi looked deep into Mamoru's eyes. The barriers built around his emotions were disappearing with all the stress on them from this ordeal on top of everything else.

"The fates always have a reason for what they do. Maybe this is intended to do something to better her life. Mother said she was starting to remember, and at her age, she wouldn't know to keep quiet. Her parents would probably think she was going insane. Now we have to chance to at least talk to her about it. She won't think she's crazy, and will keep quiet. We may even get to see her on occasion. She'll be just fine once the cuts and bones have healed. Her heart is secure."

Mamoru looked at Usagi, shocked. "How can you be so certain?"

"I don't know how, but when I was giving her the energy, I could feel the crystal protecting her. She will be fine," she assured, resting her head on his chest.


Usagi lifted her head and kissed Mamoru gently.

"She won't have to go through what you did. She won't have to deal with the loneliness, and we'll help her through the loss. She will have all her memories now that I've used the crystal on her. We were her parents, whether or not she was born to us, and that will comfort her.

"Mamo-chan, you didn't have anyone after the crash. You didn't even have your memories. Terra will have both. And now we have her," Usagi's eyes were glistening with her unshed tears. She had missed the little girl who was like a daughter to her. Now she would get to watch the female mini-Endymion grow up, even if it would be from a distance.

"Usako," Mamoru whispered, his voice filled with awe. Here he has been so worried about Terra that he forgot to think about Usagi's feelings. She was probably just as worried, but put her energy into comforting him instead. He reminded himself that she remembers more of the past, as well, when she was like a daughter to them. "Usako, I've been such an idiot. I've been so concerned about Terra I've forgotten what a blessing it is to have her back. You must have missed her so much. Love, can you ever forgive me?"

Usagi wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her head in his shoulder, letting her tears fall and be absorbed by his shirt. Mamoru laid a comforting hand on her back and one on her head and let her let it all go. The pain, the joy, the emotional drain all flowed into his shirt. Slowly Usagi regained her composure and just rested against Mamoru, content to enjoy the smell and feel of him.

"I love you, Usako," Mamoru whispered into her hair. "I promise we'll get through this, together."

Usagi raised her head from his chest and looked deep into his eyes. "And we will be better for it. I love you, Mamo-chan."

Just like every other action during the emotional day, Mamoru gently brushed his lips over Usagi's, kissing away both their fears. As the kisses drew on, they became more passionate. Mamoru refrained from letting his hands travel too far, but he did deepen the kiss itself.

Across the room, the door opened and a young doctor walked in. Noticing the position of his two friends, he shook his head.

"I was going to check on the kid, but it looks like you two need a chaperone more," Motoki said.

At the sound of her friend's voice, Usagi's head shot up and her lightly tear stained face turned red. Mamoru also blushed slightly, but continued to hold Usagi close, although she tried to stand up.

Motoki shook his head again and went to check on the little girl.

"Have you found a name for her yet?" Usagi asked.

"Not yet. The cops can't find a plate on the car and are having a hard time even getting a serial number off it. They can't even notify the family yet, because they don't know who to contact," Motoki explained as he updated the chart, then looked up at the two. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but why do you have such an interest in her? I know you brought her in, but you've never taken so much personal interest in any of the patients."

"I don't mind you asking, but we can't answer you right now. I promise you, though, Motoki, we will tell you soon," Mamoru swore.

"Why do I have a feeling this is bigger than what happened last night?" Motoki asked.

"It's much bigger," Usagi answered. "We will tell you all about it when we can. Time holds a large pull in this, though."

"You've totally lost me, but if you can, hurry time up so I can understand."

"We'll try, Motoki. We'll try," Mamoru promised.

Motoki nodded and excused himself to continue with his rounds.

"That was weird," Usagi said when the door was closed.

"It was a little awkward," Mamoru admitted, "but you can't blame him. Our interest in Terra can seem a little odd. Especially since she is unconscious at the moment. We are acting more like family than good Samaritans who were in the right place at the right time."

"That's because we aren't. She's your sister, and like a daughter to both of us. But Motoki must be really confused by our actions. We both should know better than to be this close to a patient we have no relation to. If only we could explain."

Mamoru held Usagi close to him and sighed. "Everything will be much simpler after everyone knows, hopefully. If we have the wedding on the Moon we will have to explain."

"I wonder what it will be like? What will everyone think? How will they react to the fact that we are their future sovereigns?"

"Just like we couldn't predict how your family reacted, there is no way to guess how anyone else will. We are caught in a tangle that will take time to work out. Back to the invitations?"

"You really know how to ruin the mood, don't you?" Usagi laughed as she returned to her seat and picked up her books and started to write.