Turn in Events: Chapter 4

Hundreds, if not thousands of people lined the streets of Tranquility, the capital city of the Moon and Solar System. They had all turned out to welcome the new guardians of the princess. The old Senshi were to pass on the power and knowledge associated with their position onto their daughters. That is, all the Senshi but that of Earth. Sixteen years ago, Earth's Senshi had given birth to a son, the current heir to the Terrain throne, but had never delivered a daughter. On this day, she felt as though she had failed her queen, Serenity, ruler of the Solar System, and could not bring herself to go to the ceremony. Endymion, her son, felt he must honor his mother and her pledge to Serenity. That morning the young man had slipped out of the palace on Earth and was currently making his way through Tranquility trying to get to the Moon Palace.

"Halt! Where do you think you are going, boy?" a royal guard barely older than the prince himself gruffly demanded.

"I am no boy, soldier, and you would be dead for such an insult were we on Earth. I am Prince Endymion and am here to represent my planet at the ceremony."

"I was told Earth was not attending as there is no daughter to take the queen's place."

Frustrated at this waste of time, Endymion took action. "I am here to represent my planet, now, either help me get to the ceremony or step aside so I may find my own way."

"I am afraid I can do neither, sir. How can I know you are who claim to be? I have never seen a picture of, nor met the Prince of Earth, so how do I know that you are not here to assassinate the Senshi when they are most vulnerable?"

Drawing his sword, Endymion's voice became threatening. "An assassin leaves no witnesses, nor does he take the most traveled route to arrive at his target. If I were here to kill them, you and I would never have met, and if we had you would be dead. Now either show me in or draw. Either way you are in for more training once I speak to your superior.


"Welcome to the court of the Silver Alliance, ladies. While your life has been sworn to the protection of the state, I certainly hope you take this as an opportunity to make lifelong friends. I will see you later at the banquette, for now, why don't you all go spend some time together," Queen Serenity stood on the dais in front of the newly appointed Senshi, her daughter to her left, as Endymion finally entered the hall.

"Wait!" he called out, drawing the attention of everyone in the room to him. "Your highnesses," he bowed deeply, "I have come to pledge my life to that of the princess. As my planet has no heir to my mother's abilities, I have come in their place. Please accept my vow to defend you to the best of my ability, princess." Again, after having made his way forward, Endymion bowed directly in front of the dais and Princess Selenity.

A look of surprise and confusion filled the young girl's face. Endymion had not introduced himself and, at the age of twelve, Selenity had little experience in court. She had no clue who the young man in front of her was.

Serenity noticed her daughter's dilemma and stepped in. "We are honored by such a courageous vow, Prince Endymion, and are pleased to accept it."

"The honor is mine, your Majesty."

"Now, Selenity, why don't you show the girls around? Endymion, will you join me?"

"Of course, your Majesty."

Endymion followed the queen into an adjoining room, unsure of what to expect.

"I was hoping you would come today. You are more like your mother than I think even she realizes."

"What do you mean, your Majesty?" Endymion had always been told he was like his father.

"Your mother was remarkably like you are at your age. The two of us would often slip out of the palace at night to do some mischievous deed or another, and I'm pretty certain that you came here without her blessing."

"Forgive me, Majesty, but what makes you say that?"

"Your mother is pregnant, and the doctors believe it to be a girl."

"But why didn't she tell me?"

"I told her not to. There is a prophecy here on the moon, and I have reason to believe it is coming to pass."


"Selenity? Is that you?" Endymion asked the young woman in front of him. Her hair was down, pooling around her body, tears streaming down her face in the moonlight.

"Endymion?" a broken voice asked.

"Selenity, by the gods. What happened? Come here, kiddo," an eighteen year old Endymion had woken when he heard the hidden panel by his fireplace open. Only his family and Selenity knew of the entrance, but it was rarely used. Now, kneeling in front of the fireplace, Endymion held Selenity close to himself, wondering what could possibly be wrong.

"Shh, it's alright, Selenity. You're safe. I won't let anything happen to you. There now, that's better. Can you tell what's wrong?"

"Oh, Endymion. He was so awful! At first, he was so sweet, but then. Endymion, please, don't let him near me again."

Fear ran through the prince at her words. Trying to both comfort her, but also find out what exactly happened, he soothed, "Never, Selenity. You don't ever have to do anything you don't want to with any man. Did he hurt you?"

"I ran from him too quickly. We walked out to the gardens and he started to kiss me, but he was rough, and then he started to... And then I struck him and ran."

Relieved that she was all right, Endymion smiled at the thought of the beating such a man could receive from the small woman in front of him. "Only you, Selenity. Now, will you come with me and sit on the chaise? I think it will be a little more comfortable than the floor."

"Thank you Endymion. What would I do without you?"

"Run to one of your Senshi instead of waking me up in the middle of the night, I'd imagine."

"Oh, Endymion, I'm sorry! And you are holding court tomorrow, aren't you?"

"Don't worry, little one. It won't be the first time I'll sleep through session. In fact, you are a welcome excuse. Do you know how dull it is to run a well organized monarchy?"

"I have a bit of an idea. Only you at least get to make the decisions. I just sit there, listening to what is going on. Mother runs everything on the Moon."

"I wish father still ran things here. A lot of good I can do you here."

"Your duty is to your planet before anything else. The same goes for each of the Senshi. And don't blame yourself for not being there for me tonight. Whenever you are around the men won't even come and ask me for a dance. At least tonight I got to dance, even if he was a jerk. Am I really that repulsive that no one will dance with me, Endymion?"

"What?! Don't tell me you think that, Selenity," Endymion was shocked, but looking in her eyes he could see she really felt like that. "Oh, Selenity. You are the most beautiful girl, woman, I have ever laid eyes on. If there is any reason guys won't ask you to dance it is because they are afraid you won't agree. When it comes to women, even the bravest knight on the battlefield can have his fears."

"Do you really mean that?"

"What, that infatuated men are fools?"

"No, that you think I'm beautiful."

The two had been facing each other from opposite sides of the chaise when Selenity asked this. Endymion got up and knelt in front of Selenity, taking her hands in his.

"Selenity, on my honor, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You are the most caring, compassionate, forgiving person I've ever known. Everything about you is perfect."

"Oh, Endymion!" Selenity jumped into his arms, causing the two of them to fall to the floor. Between giggles, she managed to get out, "Why are you so good to me?"

Chuckling himself, Endymion looked up into the eyes of his beautiful princess and a new thought suddenly dawned on him and he became silent.

"Endymion? Are you alright?" Selenity was concerned by his sudden change in moods.

"I'm sorry, Selenity, yes, I am fine."

"Are you sure? You look like something's on your mind."

Without thinking, Endymion replied, "Only you."

"What do you mean, Endymion?" Selenity could feel her cheeks going red.

"Kami, Selenity, I do believe you have stolen my heart," he whispered so quietly Selenity had to strain to hear, but she did, and her heart sang.

"What? Endymion I-"

In the dark of the night, and his perception clouded by his own fears, Endymion misread her eyes and thought he saw panic instead of the joy that was radiating from the soft blues. Resigned to his fate, Endymion silenced her by placing a finger on her lips. "I'm sorry, Selenity. I shouldn't have... I should have kept that to myself."

"No," Selenity replied a little more forcefully than she intended. "No, Endymion, please, don't ever keep your feelings from me. I do believe you are not the only one who has had their heart stolen tonight."


"Queen Serenity, I would like to ask you for your daughter's hand. She is the world to me and I only wish to spend the rest of my life with her," Endymion requested from his knees in front of the dais.

"I can remember just three years ago you were in a similar position offering your life to her defense although you did not even know the child you were prepared to give your life for. Are you certain this is what is best for the both of you?"

"I know that we are still young, Majesty, but our love is eternal. I am willing to wait until Selenity is older, if that is what you wish. I only want her happiness, and I know it pleases her to see you happy."

"The only thing I must ask you is that you visit often. You will have to rule your planet until Terra is of age, but don't be strangers to the Moon. I want to see my daughter on a regular basis."


"Yes, Endymion! Of course I'll marry you!" Selenity cried, leaping into his arms.

Holding his love close to his chest, Endymion breathed a sigh of relief. He had been worried she wouldn't feel ready for them to begin their journey to join their lives. Sending a quick 'thank you' to the gods, he lowered his head and kissed Selenity on the top of her head. "Kami, Selenity, I love you. You have made me the happiest man in the universe."

"I love you, too," she looked up at him, love shining in her eyes then returned her ear to his chest, listening to his heart beat.

Endymion gazed down at his fiancée leaning against his chest. Her beautiful eyes were closed, but the joy she was feeling was evident on her face. Opening his senses, he could feel her joy through their link.

Time slowly slipped away, the two lovers not realizing the late hour until Minako, princess and Senshi of Venus, found them sitting together, silently holding each other.

Clearing her throat to announce her presence, she said, "I hate to break up this touching sight, but the ball is starting in half an hour, and look at you Selenity! Have you even started to get ready?" she scolded.

"Huh? Oh, hi, Minako," Selenity finally woke from her trance. "What were you saying?"

"Argh! Why do I even bother? Sorry, Endymion, I'm going to have to steal your girlfriend-"

"Fiancée," he interrupted.

"Your fiancée for a little... Fiancée?"

Laughing and smiling lovingly up at Endymion, Selenity nodded.


"And now, young prince, kiss your wife," the graying priestess said, completing the Lunarian wedding.

Lifting the veil that had been taunting him through the entire service, Endymion finally gazed upon the beauty who was now his wife. Bowing his head as he moved towards her, he quietly whispered, "Happy Birthday, Selenity," and then their lips met.

Glancing around herself, Selenity took in her new home. While they had been married for over a month, Selenity and Endymion hadn't returned to his planet until that morning. Thankfully, the people had been pleased to welcome their new princess, and the road leading to the palace had been lined from the edge of town right up to the gate with Endymion's loving subjects.

"I know it isn't the Moon Palace," Endymion started, noting the misting of his wife's eyes.

"Don't start that with me. This palace, *our* palace is better than the one on the Moon. It is where we are going to live, and raise our children. Starting with this one," Selenity took the hand she was holding and placed it on her belly.

Complete shock filled Endymion. Could it really be true? Were they really going to have a child of their own? "Selenity? Do you mean...? Are we really...?"

At her nod, total happiness washed over him, and he lifted Selenity into a giant hug, both their laughter ringing through the entrance. Their audience of the inner Senshi smiling happily.


Looking out over the pool Endymion held his wife close. The swell of her stomach was not overly obvious yet, and, at six months into her first pregnancy, everything was going perfectly. The balcony was rather quiet, only a soft whisper of the music from the ball within the palace echoing out to where they stood.

The tranquility of the scene was ironic, however. A month before the two had been forced to leave Earth with the rest of the residents of Atlantis when the Negaverse took over the planet. The capital now lay at the bottom of the ocean. The ball had been arranged to lift the spirits of the people, but both Selenity and Endymion felt the tension in the air.

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a force of daemons appeared at the gates of the palace. The alarm was sounded and the men leapt to arms, but it all seemed to happen so slowly. Endymion felt frustrated that the fight was going so horribly, but he refused to leave his wife's side.

The wall soon fell to the huge force of the enemy and Endymion drew his sword, ready to defend his love and their unborn child with his dying breath. Evil laughter filled the skies and a monstrous cloud moved in from over the distant hills, an even larger force moving with it.

"Endymion," Selenity started. "How can we possibly win?"

Rather than his reassuring voice, an evil one answered from behind them. "You can't! The Negaverse will be victorious!"

"Never," Endymion countered. "Your evil ways have no place in this dimension, Beryl."

"Ah, the young prince does know the leader of his enemy."

"I could never forget the face of my father's murderer," Endymion spat with a harder voice than he thought he could muster.

"And with his death the crown went to you, didn't it?"

"I know you are not that daft. It was my mother who ruled, my father was only there to produce the heir, my sister, and provide military leadership," Endymion fought.

Ah, then, with my take-over of the Moon, you are without a kingdom. That must be quite the loss," the red haired witch cackled. "Of course, you could get it all back. Come and rule at my side, Earth Prince."

"Why would I ally myself with a traitorous daemon like you? I have no desire for power. All I need is love. Something you will never understand." Glancing over his shoulder, he shouted, "To arms, witch. I will slay you where you stand."

"I don't think so little man. Take this!" Beryl sent an energy blast towards Endymion that he wouldn't dodge, even if he felt he could. Determined to protect his wife and child, Endymion stood his ground, eyes glaring at the witch in front of him.

"Endymion! No!" Selenity screamed, and threw herself towards him.

The blast was upon him too fast. Out of time, the prince was only able to manage a half turn before the blast caught him. The world seemed to stand still for a moment then it all disappeared into a peaceful void.


Mamoru woke up with a start. Gasping for air, he took in his surroundings. It had only been a dream. But this wasn't the first time he had it. Ever since Usagi's sixteenth birthday, he had been having them. They were rare at first. He'd only dreamt it once the first two years, both on the eve of her birthday. Then they started to come more frequently, normally on the same day as major events in the dream.

Needing some air, Mamoru climbed out of bed, starting to contemplate the dream allowed.

"It always comes on the same day as the events happen, but if they really did happen, why wouldn't Serenity have told us? Or Selenity have shown her condition when we were given our memories of the final battle?" he questioned aloud as he entered the living room.

"Because she didn't want us to have to deal with that loss on top of everything else," a familiar voice answered from the couch.

"Usako?" he asked, just to make sure he wasn't still dreaming.

She nodded. "Everything in your dreams happened. Everything. Mother didn't tell us though because she knew something else was going to happen too." Usagi got up from the couch and walked over to Mamoru, capturing him in a giant hug. "Serenity knew that on my sixteenth birthday Selenity's body would return to its condition when she turned sixteen. What she didn't know was that we would still be fighting. Setsuna arranged something so I wouldn't know about this until my eighteenth birthday. Mamo-chan? Are you alright?"

"I think so," Mamoru answered, leading them back over to the couch Usagi had been on before he came out of his room. "It's just so much to take in. But the baby, is she-"

"The kid's doing just fine. Four and a half months along now, though he is certainly giving me some sleep problems," Usagi joked good-naturedly.

"What are you saying, Usako? I thought you said-"

"I said Selenity became pregnant on my, our sixteenth birthday, but if you hadn't looked like you were going to pass out I also would have told you that somehow Setsuna found a way to put off the pregnancy until I was eighteen. Since then, for three hours a night I have spent time as Selenity, allowing *our* child to grow. Mamo-chan, you don't mind do you? I know you didn't want t-"

Mamoru cut her off with a gentle kiss, trying to show her how happy he was to be having this child with her. Slowly breaking away, he said, "Usako, I may have wanted to wait, but fate has brought us a baby. Don't even think that I wouldn't want this product of our love. Besides, I've been missing Chibi-Usa a lot lately."

"Uh, Mamo-chan, about that," Usagi sounded a little concerned.

Taking note of her worry, the tone of her voice was magnified in his own. "What is it, Usako?"

"Well, the thing is, Chibi-Usa isn't our firstborn like we thought. Or at least not according to my doctor. This baby is a boy."

"A-a son?"

"And I thought men of today didn't care if they had a son or a daughter," Usagi joked. "Yes. Selenity and Endymion are having a son. There is one other thing we have to talk about, Mamo-chan, though, I think, maybe we should wait until morning. You must be having an information overload, and very soon Selenity will be making an appearance."

"Thank you Usako. Thank you for everything. Thank you for telling me about this, and now that I know, I want to be here for you. I've seen enough women going through this on their own. Usako, why didn't you tell me? I could have been here for you."

"Mamo-chan, oh, I wanted to tell you so badly at first, but Setsuna wouldn't let me. She said it would totally mess with the timeline. More than it already has. With time, I realized she was right, of course. If I had told you then, would you have waited this long to ask me to marry you? Do you think I would have finished university? As much as I wished to tell you, I promised myself to wait until now. If you hadn't asked me to marry you in the next week, we would have been having this conversation anyway. But this can wait until the morning. I can feel the pull of time, I have to change soon. Selenity is weaker than I am. The baby drains a lot of her strength, and I used a lot of energy tonight to ensure the dream came to you. I don't know if I'll stay conscious once I change..."

"Usako?" Mamoru asked after she stopped speaking and closed her eyes. A look of awe appeared on his face. In his arms, his fiancée was changing into his wife from a past life. Suddenly she went limp in his arms.

"You weren't kidding, were you Usako? Selenity? Come on, Selenity, wake up," he said, running his hand over her cheek and forehead.

"Hmm? Endymion? Oh! Mamoru-kun! You certainly do look like Endymion. Do I have to stay awake? I'm so tired," Selenity murmured, gazing at Mamoru through heavy eyes.

"How is your energy, Princess?" Mamoru asked, smiling at the exhausted blonde in his arms, but wanting to make sure she was alright.

Selenity closed her eyes for a moment to focus. "I'm alright. Things are running a little low, but it's mostly just exhaustion. Usagi and I didn't get much sleep for the last few nights," Selenity explained. Unexpected emphasis was added when a giant yawn escaped her small frame. A gentle giggle followed as she apologized, "Sorry."

"There is nothing to apologize for, Princess," Mamoru smiled at her attempts to fight sleep and still remain elegant.

"Please, just call me Selenity. You share with Endymion as I share with Usagi. I have no doubt memories will be coming to you soon that place us intimately enough to spare us from all formalities."

Mamoru had the grace to blush at her suggestions. Once he had recovered, he offered, "If you'll give me a moment perhaps you and Endymion can get some sleep."

"Thank you, Mamoru-kun."

"Just Mamoru, please, Selenity. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of each other now."

"I don't doubt it in the least."


For the first time in what seemed like years Usagi didn't feel exhausted as she woke to the sunlight. Shifting her weight the warmth of the body surrounding her quickly explained why.

"Good morning, Usako," Mamoru whispered in her ear.

"Mamo-chan," she sighed contently.

"I trust you slept well?"

"Better than I have in years," she answered, slowly rising from the couch they still sat on. "I don't even feel tired."

Following her up, Mamoru smiled. "I'm glad. I wish you could have told me earlier. I wish I could have been here for you."

"You were, though. Maybe not in the middle of the night when I wanted you by my side the most, but you were always here for me in some way. You just didn't know the strength you were giving me."

"Someday I'll make it up to you," Mamoru said, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her gently on the forehead.

Smiling up at him, she grinned, "You already have."

For a moment, the two simply enjoyed the silence of the morning. When Usagi leaned against Mamoru's bare chest he suddenly realized the state that he had come out of his bedroom in the night before. Covered in nothing but his boxers, Mamoru felt very exposed and not entirely comfortable with his level of undress. "Oh gods, Usako, why didn't you tell me to put a shirt on?"

Usagi simply laughed. "I was kind of enjoying the view. It isn't every day that I get to see the bare chest of such a handsome man up close. I normally have to rely on someone else's memories."

Memories of the comment Selenity had made the night before came to Mamoru's mind and he blushed again. Vague hints of the very memories the princess had spoken of wisped though his thoughts, but he quickly pushed them back. Standing there, barely dressed, was not a good time to be thinking such impure thoughts. "I'm sorry, Usako, please, excuse me for a minute."

Mamoru made a quick getaway with the excuse of using the washroom and returned wearing an old pair of track pants and t-shirt. Usagi was somewhat disappointed, but understood. While she had three years to get used to the memories invoked by such comments, he had only received them the night before, and probably still hadn't had time to even completely remember.

"How long have you been awake?" she asked, trying to steer the conversation away from the uncomfortable topic.

Mamoru smiled at the memories. "Long enough to watch the sun dance across your hair as it rose, and to think about what you said last night. Also to think about some memories Endymion chose to share with me."

Usagi's ears perked at the last comment. When she turned eighteen, the memories Selenity gave her each night were something she relished. It had taken a long time for her to regain all the memories she now had. Selenity still passed a few on each night, though they were now of insignificant, everyday events.

"What did he show you?" she asked eagerly.

Mamoru smiled. "He shared memories of Selenity's pregnancy. How horrible she felt during the second month, the start of the fainting spells, the first time the baby kicked. He showed me what I have missed, and bits of what we have to look forward to, but he focused mostly on preparing me to help you. He wanted me to know the differences between Terrain women and Lunarians."

"Selenity didn't have as rough of a time this time, possibly because we shared time. The 'second month' was pretty awful. Do you remember me losing that weight during third year? That was when we went through the morning sickness. It seemed like every night was the same thing. I'd feel the call of time and run to the bathroom. That lasted for nearly six months. But the fainting hasn't been as bad. Or maybe I just sleep through it," Usagi laughed.

"I want you to tell me everything, eventually, please, Usako," Mamoru begged.

"You'll get to go through it, soon enough, Mamo-chan," Usagi said. "That is what else I had to talk to you about last night, but time ran out too quickly. I have been sharing nights with Selenity for three years, but our time is starting to run out. Setsuna isn't sure how long we can keep this nightly exchange going, or if something will happen when we reach six months, when the Moon was destroyed."

"What do we need to do, Usako?" Mamoru asked, concerned at the serious tone of Usagi's voice.

"With Selenity being so far along it is impossible for us to merge unless I was at the same stage in my own pregnancy, and medicine isn't advanced enough for the baby to be transferred. The only other option is for Selenity to try going full term, but..." she let the sentence hang.

"Lunarian bodies are so weak, we couldn't take the risk. How soon do you need to conceive?"

A broad grin spread across Usagi's face, "'The soon the better' is what Setsuna has been saying. I've figure it out to about five months from now being the latest we can safely manage it."

"I guess we'll be raising twins by Christmas next year, then," Mamoru smiled. "I didn't expect to have a family this soon, but I like the idea."

"Oh, thank you, Mamo-chan!"


"There you are, Usagi! Happy birthday, honey!" Ikuko said to her daughter as she came into the house around noon. "I was expecting you to sleep in today."

"Mamo-chan wanted to take me out to see the sunrise, and then the girls caught us at the Crown for breakfast, and I guess we lost track of time," Usagi smiled sweetly.

"I suppose," Ikuko muttered, then louder, "You're father will be home soon to take you out for lunch, and then you two can go shopping if you'd like. You told Mamoru-kun five, right?"

"Yep. I'll make sure dad and I are back by then. And if I play my cards right I just might get a new dress to wear tonight, too," Usagi smiled devilishly. "Is Mika able to make it tonight?"

"No, she couldn't. The show got held over an extra day and she couldn't find any way to get back in time," Usagi mentally sighed. "I hope you're not too disappointed."

"I wish she could have made it, but there's nothing we can do about it." Starting up the stairs Usagi added, "I'm going to have a quick shower and change before daddy gets home."

Entering her room Usagi glanced around, finding her cat asleep on the bed. Petting Luna gently on the head, Usagi grabbed the clothes she had lain out before she left for Mamoru's place the night before, and went into the bathroom to get ready.

Several minutes later Usagi immerged wearing a simple light pink tank top and sweater and a darker matching skirt. Running down the stairs, she smiled when the door opened. "Hi daddy!"

Smiling himself, Kenji looked up at his little girl. Every year since she was little he had come home from work early on her birthday. The two would go out for lunch, and then he would take her shopping. The day would always end with a family dinner and a quiet night together.

"Sorry I'm late, Usagi. My last meeting ran a little late," Kenji tried to explain.

"Don't worry, dad. I just finished getting ready anyway. You ready to go?"

"Just give me a minute," Kenji answered, removing his shoes for the moment.


The restaurant was packed, odd for a Monday at this hour, but Hoto Sapporo still got Usagi and her father a table right away.

"I was expecting you two a little earlier," he said as they entered.

"We were both running a little late," Usagi explained.

"Well, I'm glad you could make it. It just wouldn't be the same if you weren't here for your birthday," Hoto said as he led them to a table. As he pulled out a chair for Usagi, he whispered, "By the way, congratulations. Oh, you and Mamoru are wonderful dancers."

Blushing, Usagi smiled and replied with a quiet, "Thanks."

"Do I need to have Shingo come by? Or do I just tell the chef to prepare the Tsukino special for you two?"

In unison Usagi and her father answered, "The usual," prompting the three to laugh.

"I'll tell the chef then. Enjoy your day!" Hoto said as he left.

"What was he saying that turned your face so red?" Kenji asked with a smile once Hoto was out of earshot.

"He was just giving his congrats about the engagement. Are you sure that you are all right with this, Daddy? You've always seemed so set against Mamoru," Usagi questioned carefully.

"In the beginning I was quite set against it. The first time you introduced us you were only fourteen. I saw my little girl being held so close to a university student. The thoughts running though my head at the time were hardly accurate, at least now, but I was so afraid something would happen between the two of you, and you would be so hurt. Then two of you split up for that time, I was so sure I was right about him, and then you got back together. Even though you told us why, for some reason I couldn't convince myself it was true. I guess over the years I just got into the habit of thinking he didn't really love you."

Usagi was confused. "Then why did you agree to this? If you didn't think he loves me, why agree to our marriage?"

"I agreed because you and your mother finally got in through my thick skull that you two were in love the day before Mamoru and I had lunch. And the speech he gave me didn't really give me much choice. He is really good with words, isn't he?" Kenji asked as Shingo appeared with their food.

"I'm guessing you two are talking about the wedding?" he asked. At their nod he continued, "I've got two orders of curry, a coke, and an iced tea. Do you two ever put any variety to your orders? Oh, and you aren't getting out of it this year, Usagi. I'll be home by five, enjoy your meal!" Shingo added before he left to look after other customers. Over his shoulder he said, "Happy birthday, Usagi!"

Burying her face in her hands, Usagi sighed and laughed. He would never change.

"You've got to love him, don't you?" her father stated.

"There is something about him that is very endearing. If only he could have acted like that a few years ago. We may have gotten along much better."

"I doubt it," Kenji said. "Now, tell me a bit about your fiancé. I suppose I should know something about the man my daughter is going to marry."

As the two slowly ate their meal, Usagi rambled on about Mamoru, Kenji talked a bit about work, but they chatted most about Usagi's life. As they finished up Shingo and the others working at the Mare came up to the table with a beautifully prepared slice of cake with a sparkler in it singing the traditional "Happy Birthday" song.

Usagi smiled sweetly, laughing at her brother, the leader of the pack. As they finished singing, Usagi was surrounded by well wishers and old friends. Hugs were exchanged all around as other customers look on. Unknown to any but Hoto, sitting in a far corner, a dark haired man smiled; glad to see the young woman enjoying herself.


"Dad, what do you think of this dress?" Usagi asked coming out of the change room. "Is it too short?"

"Too short? Do you even have to ask me that one?" Kenji replied, smiling. "It isn't as short as some I've seen you in. Why are you trying this one on again?"

"I'm glad you like it, Daddy. I need something new. In the last year, I've only picked up two new 'just 'cause' dresses. I think this one is perfect." Usagi slipped back into the change room, immerging a minute later in her pink ensemble she was wearing that day. "Can you buy this one for me please, daddy?"

"It's you're day," Kenji said as he went and paid for the dress.

"Where to now?" he asked as he handed Usagi the bag.

"I want to find something to wear tonight. Something comfortable, but still dressy. Oh, Daddy, would you buy me something from Serena? (AN: that really is a store!)" Usagi asked.

"Only if it's one of the cheaper outfits," Kenji replied, knowing this next stop would cost him a small fortune. Serena specialized in fancy evening wear, but also had a few simpler outfits. Even on sale, finding something under 10000 yen was hard.

"Thank you daddy! There is this outfit I've had my eye on for a while, and it would be perfect for tonight. We can go home after, if you want." Usagi grabbed her father's hand and started to pull him down the mall.


Ikuko looked up from her book when the door opened. Smiling, she marked her spot and went to see what presents her daughter had picked out. Laughter came from the hall as Kenji called out a hello.

"Well, hello, you two. That looks like quite a haul, Usagi. Did you clean out the mall or something?"

"Only dad's pocketbook. Give me a minute and I'll model the outfit he bought for me from Serena's," Usagi said as she ran up the stairs to change.

"Look at all these bags! What did you buy her?" Ikuko asked, beginning to poke through some of the bags.

"Well, besides a closet full of clothes, we picked her up some new art supplies, a couple of manga and she insisted on getting a Tuxedo Kamen doll," Kenji explained, as Ikuko continued to poke through the bags. As the list got longer, he had to check the bags himself to make certain he didn't forget anything. "She's engaged to Mamoru but still finds time to fantasize about an urban legend. I'm actually surprised they are still in stores. Senshi sightings are quite rare now."

Coming down the stairs, Usagi laughed. "Oh, come on dad, we just saw Sailor Moon in the comic store. So, mom, what do you think? Is this outfit me or what?"

"I love it, Usagi. But why a Tuxedo Kamen doll? I thought you already had a man?"

"A girl can have her fantasies, can't she? Besides, I don't think Mamo-chan will mind. It's only a doll after all," Usagi laughed. "Mm, is that supper I smell?"

"Oh, yes. I've got to take that out of the oven soon. Actually, that's your cake. Now, no going into the kitchen. You don't get to help today."

"Why would I? It's my day off! And I don't want to wreck my own birthday dinner. What are you making?"

"It's a surprise," Ikuko answered. "Now go so I can work!"

"Alright, alright! I'm gone!" Usagi laughed.

Gathering up the bags she had brought in from the car, Usagi went up to her room to put them all away.

"Luna, I'm back," she called to her cat as she opened the door.

"What did you get?" the black cat asked.

"Well, just look. Don't you love this Tuxedo Kamen doll? He's so cute! The likeness is remarkable, I think. Doesn't he look like Mamo- chan?" Usagi giggled as her door was opened.

"Who ya talking to, Usagi? And who looks like Mamoru?" Shingo asked, barging in.

"Don't you ever knock?" Usagi complained, shoving her brother out and closing the door on him.

"Hey, Usagi! Let me in! I want to see what you got!" Shingo called from the other side of the door.

"Show some courtesy and I might consider it," she called back. Luna shook her head at her ward's actions. While there were times when she really resembled her mother, Queen Serenity, other times she was just the same as she was the day they met.

Shingo knocked on the door and Usagi laughed, "Go away!" she called as she opened the door and let him in.

"So what did you get?" Shingo asked.

"Everything on the bed. Well, not Luna, but she doesn't count," Usagi joked.

"Cute doll. Is this what you were saying looks like Mamoru?"

"Yeah. But doesn't it? Luna agrees too, don't you?" Usagi said, picking the cat up. Luna just purred.

Shingo laughed. "I suppose it does. Hey, when is he going to get here? I can't wait to see how dad is going to make it through supper."

"Mamo-chan is going to be here at five," Usagi glanced at the clock, "Any second now, probably. And dad'll be fine. He's been in denial for too long. It's after supper I'm worried about," she added quietly.

"What do you mean?" Shingo was concerned by the tone of Usagi's voice. She seemed genuinely worried.

"It's nothing. Just something Time has decided should happen," Usagi answered mysteriously.

While Shingo gave Usagi a confused look, Luna's ears perked up. She jumped out of Usagi's arms and went to the window. Following her Usagi saw Mamoru getting out of his car, a white cat following him.

"Mamo-chan's here," Usagi told her brother as she opened the window and Luna jumped out. "Silly cat. Guess I'll have to leave the window open. Come on Shingo, let's go."

"I'm going to change out of my work clothes first. I'll meet you downstairs."

"See ya!" Usagi said as she went down to open the door for her fiancé.

While he hadn't even knocked yet, Usagi opened the door and laughed. Kneeling on her front lawn, her fiancé looked like he was in deep conversation with two cats. Usagi burst into laughter, and even harder when all three heads turned to look at her. "You guys look so funny. Seriously, Mamo-chan, talking with cats in broad daylight? What will the neighbors think?"

"Happy birthday, Usako. And it's not as if you never talk to them. In fact, I think I've heard you have some pretty deep conversations with Luna. Do you have any last minute things to tell me about before we begin this night?"

"Only that if we change into Selenity and Endymion you had better be ready to catch me. I'm afraid I'm awful prone to fainting lately. And can we try to keep her condition hidden? I think Chibi-Usa will be enough of a surprise. I don't think knowing one is on the way will help matters any."

"I just won your father over, I don't think I want to test how far that'll stretch yet," Mamoru smiled.

"We chatted today. There shouldn't be any problems. Ready?" Usagi asked, turning back towards the house.

"Just one last thing," Mamoru said, producing a rose in his hand and presenting it to Usagi. "Or maybe two," he added leaning over and kissing her gently on the lips.

"Hey, you two! Are you going to come in or spend the night making out on the lawn?" Shingo interrupted.

"I'd gladly spend the night out here," Usagi replied, and returned to kissing Mamoru. A few seconds later, however, they broke apart and went into the house.

The night continued in a similar fashion, the light mood carrying conversation through the meal and desert without any problems. As they moved from the table to the living room Usagi and Mamoru became a little distracted. The tension finally got to Shingo and he snapped.

"Usagi? Mamoru? What's up? I've seen you out of it often enough Usagi, but it looks like she's rubbing off on you Mamoru. I thought you were the one changing her."

"Uh, well...." Mamoru started, but was unsure how to explain.

Usagi interrupted him. "I guess we might as well get this started. Mom, Dad, Shingo, there is something Mamo-chan and I have to tell you, but you have to promise to never tell anyone what you find out tonight. It isn't anything criminal, but we have always kept it between us, and the others involved. Do we have your words?"

"Whatever it is, Usagi, you have my word I won't tell anyone," Ikuko promised.

Nodding his head, Shingo agreed, "My mouth is shut, I won't even tell Mika."

Looking carefully at the young couple, Kenji smiled. "I trust the two of you. If you have kept this from us as long as I think you have, it must be important. I won't tell anyone," he agreed. "But if this will put you in any danger, don't tell us. I don't want you jeopardizing your lives for us."

"Don't worry, dad. It is time we told you," Usagi said, getting up with Mamoru and walking to the center of the room. Looking him the eyes, Usagi thrust her hand in the air and called out, "Moon Eternal Make-UP!"

At the same time, Mamoru materialized a rose and concentrated on his transformed state. In a brilliant flash of light Usagi and Mamoru disappeared and in their place stood Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen.

Sailor Moon's gloved hand reached for her fiancé’s as her eyes moved from face to face of her family. Finally, she said, "Well, somebody say something!"

Mamoru smiled. It widened at Shingo's comment.

"You're Sailor Moon?" At Usagi's nod, he continued, "No way! My sister, the klutz, is Sailor Moon!"

"I should have seen it," Ikuko whispered. "Thank you for telling us, Usagi."

"Uh, well, this isn't it. The fact that we are with the Senshi is just the start of what we have to tell you," Usagi said as she returned to her normal form, Mamoru following suit. "Man that feels weird. I haven't transformed for years," she muttered under her breath.

"Out of all the Senshi, our story is the most complicated, but one of the best. Before we try to explain anything else, there is one more thing we have to show you. Daddy, do you remember those stories you used to tell me about a kingdom on the Moon? The ones great-grandma would tell you? When I was fourteen I found out that they were more than just stories. A thousand years ago I lived those stories."

Usagi had moved forward to hold her parents hands. Again, she moved to the center of the room, only this time she brought out the Ginzoushou and transformed into Princess Selenity. Mamoru moved faster than she did and was already changed by the time Usagi began to transform. As Selenity finished 'changing' and rested her feet on the floor, she only had a second to look around her before her body's condition caught up with her. Acting on instincts from his past, Endymion caught Selenity before she had even fallen a foot and carried her petit body to the couch Usagi and Mamoru had previously occupied.

Setting her down gently, Endymion moved her hands to rest just above her stomach and sat on the edge of the couch so as to keep Usagi's parents from seeing things better left unknown, and then started to speak.

"I must apologize on behalf of Selenity. I'm afraid Lunarian women are a little delicate. I guess all the excitement of the evening got to her." Endymion, thanks to Mamoru's knowledge, knew the other three occupants of the room, but upon their blank stares, he realized that they had no clue who he was. "Oh, how rude of me! I am Prince Endymion of the Terrain kingdom, past ruler of Atlantis in the absence of my parents until my sister, Princess Terra, would be old enough to rule. And this is Princess Selenity of the Moon Kingdom, daughter and heir of her majesty Queen Serenity, ruler of the Silver Alliance and guardian of the Ginzoushou. On her twelfth birthday I swore to protect her with my life, on her fifteenth we were engaged, and on her sixteenth we would have been married, but the fates had another destiny in mind for us."

Endymion was about to continue when Selenity began to stir. "Endymion?"

"Sh, Selenity. Remember where we are?" he whispered.

Opening her eyes, she took in the modern surroundings of Usagi's living room. "Of course. How long?"

"Just a minute, love. I only had time to bring you here and introduce us."

"Where is Luna? That is her job," Selenity questioned as she started to sit up. Seeing the look on her parents' faces, she asked them, "Mom, Dad, are you alright?"

"Usagi?" Ikuko asked.

"Yes, don't worry, Mom, I'm still the same Usagi I've always been. You just know a little more about my life. We refer to ourselves by different names in different forms to keep the identities strait. Depending which one we are, we have different dominant memories and mannerisms." Placing her hand on the necklace that held the Ginzoushou, Selenity returned to Usagi and sat back on the couch in Mamoru's arms.

Shingo looked at her in awe for a moment, and then asked, "Uh, Usagi, would be able to explain all of this now, please?"

"I think I may be able to do that better," a new voice said.

All three members of Usagi's family looked around for the source of the voice.

"Who said that?" Ikuko asked, she swore she recognised that voice, but could place it.

"I did," Luna answered, walking into the room with what could only be described as a smile on her face.

"Am I going nuts or did that cat just talk?" Shingo asked, looking a little scared as childhood fears began to surface again at the startling revelation.

"Mom, Dad, Shingo, I would like to introduce you to Luna, royal advisor of Queen Serenity, guardian of Sailor Moon, Princess Selenity and the Outer Senshi. Also, Artemis, advisor of Queen Serenity, guardian of Sailor Venus, Princess Minako of Venus, the leader of the Senshi, and of the Inner Senshi," Usagi added as the white cat entered the room. "Also, they are both official historians of the Moon Kingdom, and its royal family and their guardians." Turning to Luna and Artemis, she asked, "As has been instructed by the guardian of Time, will you share with my family the history as known by the Senshi?"

"It would be an honor," Luna said with a nod of her head.

Settling in for a long story, Artemis began, "One thousand years ago, our Moon was home to a great civilization..."