Turn in Events: Chapter 3

"Um, Rei, could I -- we talk with you for a minute?" Usagi asked as she and Mamoru entered the temple hall where her party was being held.

Leading the couple out to the gardens Rei examined them. Both were dressed casually, Usagi in a three quarter length skirt and blouse, Mamoru was in his green blazer, with the traditional black pants and shirt. She could have sworn Usagi had gotten rid of the thing. But the way they were holding hands and looking at each other was different somehow. It seemed to be more loving than normal. It hardly seemed possible, but they appeared closer than the last time she saw them together.

"Okay, spill. What's up? You two seem happier than normal."

"That's understandable," Mamoru mumbled to Usagi. She giggled.

"Well, we figured we should tell you before we made the big announcement. We're getting married!" Usagi squealed, holding out her left hand.

"What?! Oh, congratulations you two! What a gorgeous ring! You're having the wedding here, right? When do you want the ceremony?"

Usagi looked up at Mamoru for help. "Um, you see Rei-" she started, unsure of how it say it. Mamoru cut in for her.

"We were thinking of having one like we planned back on the moon. Maybe even on the moon if Setsuna approves."

"And we want you to perform the service as a Martian priestess, just like it should have been on the moon," Usagi quickly added, seeing a bit of disappointment begin to creep into her friend's eyes. "Please Rei?"

"I can't even remember the service, but if you can get me a written copy, of course I'll do it!"

"Oh, thank you, Rei!" Usagi captured her friend in a giant hug. "Mid-October good for you?"

"That soon?"

"Almost everything was planned back on the Moon; we just have to get it all together. Now, let's go party! We still have to tell Motoki and Naru before we tell everyone else."

"Let me know when you want to tell everyone," Rei said as she returned to the party.

Usagi leaned back against Mamoru and he wrapped his arms around her. "I'd say it went pretty well," he said.

"Mm. Now, I'm going to go find Naru and show off this gorgeous ring as long as Umino isn't there. I don't want this going around until we announce it. I'll meet up with you later, love." Usagi turned in Mamoru's arms and kissed him gently before she also returned to the party, Mamoru following her. Naru was standing by herself, waiting for Umino to arrive after his cram class. Suddenly her vision of the party was disrupted by a ringed left hand sitting inches from her nose. Turning immediately, she was shocked to see the face of her friend since childhood on the end of the arm.

"No way, Usagi! Really?"

"Last night," was all the blonde said.

"Oh, Usagi, it will be perfect! What a birthday present! (By the way, Happy Birthday!) To think of how you hated him when you first met. Where is he, anyway? I would think he wouldn't let you out of his sight."

"Telling Motoki. We figured that we should tell the two of you in person before we make the big announcement. Isn't Umino here? I would think he'd be hanging off you!"

"He had cram class until six, but should be getting here soon. It always takes him forever to get out of there. Some of those kids come up with the wildest questions. But he has never not been able to answer them. It amazes me. He can find anything for those kids. Speaking of kids, how is Mamoru-san doing with the ones at the hospital?"

"It's so amazing, the changes in both him and the kids. They have really opened him up. And the passion in him. He hides it still, but every once in a while I get a glimpse of it. I can't wait until we are married, and I know he feels the same. I can't wait until October!"

"Am I following correctly? Are you saying you are getting married in October?"

"Mmhm. We just couldn't wait. But I already know what I want for most of it, and he doesn't care too much. Says that he just wants me to be happy," Usagi paused when she saw a look she knew too well on her friend's face. Umino must have arrived. Her thoughts on the subject were cut short, however, when a voice broke into them.

"What? Can't a guy just want his fiancée to be happy?"

Arms wrapped around her waist and she felt a slight weight on her head, knowing Mamoru was resting his chin on her head Usagi leaned into the familiar embrace for a moment, and then moved forward to capture another friend in a hug.

"Motoki! It's so good to see you! This is the problem with you and Mamo-chan working opposite shifts. Aren't you ever on together?"

"Whoa, Usa! Aren't you even going to give me a second to say congrats? Though I must say your fiancé certainly took his time. But only three months to get ready?"

"Why must everyone complain about that? Motoki, you of all people should know that I have been planning this since before I even met Mamo-chan! We just have to buy everything and send out invitations."

"I think that nearly everyone is here now, Usako. Shall we go make the formal announcement?"

Slipping from Motoki's arms into her fiancé’s she nodded and they headed off to find Rei as Umino arrived.

"Formal announcement of what?" he asked his girlfriend.

"You'll hear in a minute. How was class?"


"Hello? This thing working?" boomed a speaker in the room. "Guess since everyone is looking at me, it is. Anyway, first, I would like to thank everyone for coming; this means so much to me, thank you!" Usagi said from a small platform by the door. Mamoru moved up beside her. "Now, the next order of business, Mamo-chan and I have a small announcement to make. In October of this year, we are getting married!"

A collective gasp filled the room followed by a moment of silence, broken when Haruka shouted, "Well it's about time!" Everyone started laughing, and then chatter resumed in full force, mostly discussing the latest development in the guest of honor's life.

Usagi turned the microphone off, handed it to Yuuichirou, and fell into Mamoru's embrace. "Count on Haruka to come up with a joke after something like that. I'm surprised she wasn't whistling and making cat calls after the fight with Galexia."

"I think we were all too happy about it being over to give your appearance much notice. Though I have to say, I don't mind what I saw."

"You!" Usagi squealed, hitting him on the shoulder. "You said you didn't notice anything beyond my wings!"

"I said below your wings. Can you blame me though? The only woman I'll ever want standing in front of me, nude. My eyes didn't wander as low as they could have."

"Men!" Usagi turned to walk away, but Mamoru wouldn't give up that easily.

"Usako, love," he started but got no further as Usagi turned on him, ready to argue some more but one look into his eyes and she saw what he was trying to say. She ran to his arms kissing him deeply, only pulled out of the dream world too quickly as both Haruka and Motoki were whistling and joking about their position.

"Where did we ever find those two?" Usagi asked.

"A race track and an arcade, I think. If only we could send them back," Mamoru replied. "I guess making them best men in the wedding might work to shut them up though."

Usagi smiled but was silent. Her thoughts on another wedding in another time. Back when such suggestions were unnecessary, Mamoru only had to decide on the order in which his generals would stand at his side.

"Not yet. Let's wait a bit before thinking on that one. I haven't a clue on how to have the senshi in all this. Or Chibi-Usa if she comes. I hope she does."

"It would be nice to see our daughter again. Now, it's your party, time to put everything else aside and enjoy yourself. I think that the girls are searching you out, too."

"If you are trying to get out of here and avoid them you can forget it. I am not sitting here listening to them make plans for our wedding without you. Come on, might as well get through it now."

"Drat, you figured me out. Would you believe that I have to use the washroom?"

"You'd better be good at holding it. You're not getting away any time soon. Come on," Usagi grabbed Mamoru's hand and started towards the girls. Two seconds later she muttered, "I can't believe I'm the one doing this."

Mamoru just laughed.


The party was slowly coming to a close as Mamoru returned to her side. Usagi had just said goodbye to Ami and Ryo, promising to stop by in the maternity ward soon. Leaning against her fiancé, Usagi sighed. "I missed you."

"I had to give you a chance to chat with the girls, and I know when a male presence isn't wanted."

"How could I not want you around?"

"When you and the girls are discussing me."

"You are good. Oh, Naru and I set up that double date I promised Umino. How's two weeks yesterday?"

"Why not sooner?" Mamoru was confused.

"We have to get the invitations made and sent out before we can think about anything else. People have to book flights, get gifts, get back to us telling us if they can make it..."

"I got it. I have to work again tomorrow, but how about we take Tuesday to work on the wedding? I'm sure you already have a list started, though."

"Hardly!" Usagi mocked insult. "Just family, and some friends from school, the senshi, some of the crystal carriers, Ann and Ail... What's so funny?"

"You. What do we have to work on if you already have an almost finished list?" Mamoru chuckled.

"We still have to add your friends, and find addresses for everyone, then making the invitations. There is a lot to do, Mamo-chan, but let's save this until later, and enjoy what is left of the party. If only Yuuichirou had a copy of our song."

"That reminds me," Mamoru paused, reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small gift-wrapped package in the shape of a tape. "Yuuichirou may not have one, but I do, and now you do too."

"Oh, thank you, Mamo-chan!" she threw her arms around his neck hugging him tightly.

"I love you Usako. Now, may I have this dance?" Mamoru slipped from her arms and bowed gracefully.

"Of course, Mamo-chan, but to this?" Usagi pointed out the upbeat top 40 song currently being played.

"Why not? I've watched you dancing to it all night," he took her hand to lead her out to the dance floor.

"It just doesn't seem your style."

"You're right," Mamoru paused, nodded to Yuuichirou, and took Usagi in his arms as the song changed. "How's this?"

"I love it! You gave him a copy too?"

"Of course. What is your birthday without a dance with me? Now, shall we show everyone what a real dance is?" Mamoru bowed again, offering his hand to Usagi.

Laughing, Usagi reached out to take his hand and the dance began. The two were lost in the other's eyes, not noticing anyone around them, yet both knowing that all eyes were on them. Graceful spins, twisting and twirling, Mamoru lead Usagi through the complicated steps of their dance. The moves came naturally through it had been a thousand years since they were last instructed in dance.

"Why don't you ever dance like that?" Naru asked Umino.

Umino looked surprised by the question, but was quick to respond. "That type of dance takes years of practice, though I have no clue when they would have taken classes."

"I don't think that they ever have, at least Usagi-chan never told me she was taking dance. And she would have so I could sign us up with her. Do you know what piece this is? It's very pretty, but hardly fits everything else played tonight."

"I think Mamoru-san gave a tape to Yuuichirou, but I honestly have no clue what the song is. I don't recognize it."

"Maybe it's 'their' song. I can see why Usagi-chan would like it, would you look at the love in their eyes."

"I don't see a thing," Umino was getting sick of this topic.

"You wouldn't, would you?" Naru wasn't surprised by the comment, in fact, she rather expected it. Umino was too much of a scientist to realize most romantic things. He tried, she'd give him that, but he was a bit of a dud in the romance department.

Slowly the song came to an end and everyone burst into applause. Usagi blushed and hid her face in Mamoru's chest for a moment, but he gently took her chin in his hand, backed away slightly, and leaned over, kissing her lightly on the lips.

"You've still got it, Usako," he whispered.

"Only because I have a good partner."

"Usagi!" Naru called, waving.

Usagi looked at her and Mamoru whispered, "Go," in her ear. Usagi smiled up at him, pecked him on the cheek, and went over to her friend.

"Hey Naru, Umino!" she called as she walked over.

"Usagi-chan, where did you ever learn to dance like that?" Naru asked.

Not expecting such a question Usagi was forced to come up with a quick answer, but what could she say? The truth always works, plus it would give her a chance to think. "Would you believe on the Moon?" Setsuna's going to kill me!

"Spill it!" Naru didn't give much time for thought.

"Well, uh, Mamo-chan and I have been taking lessons, but don't tell anyone, he'd kill me if he knew I told you. He may know the way to a woman's heart better than Tuxedo Kamen, but he is still bashful about dancing."

"I don't know what guys have against dancing. Umino won't even sway to music. At least your *fiancé* will dance."

"And he enjoys it too. I'm sure I could find a good instructor for the two of you, or Mamo-chan and I -- but I'd have to talk to him first..."

Meanwhile, Mamoru was suffering a similar questioning.

"I *know* you didn't even know the difference between a waltz and a cha-cha when we were in high school. Where and when did you learn?" Motoki demanded.

"The year Usako graduated we took a class together before her prom, she really enjoyed it, so that summer we took another and things just went from there. We don't do much any more, but we still have it," Mamoru didn't entirely lie. In actuality, they had taken lessons during the Silver Millennium from their childhood, though generally not together.

"Why didn't you ever tell me about this?" Motoki asked.

Mamoru just looked at him with the 'how stupid do you think I am' expression on his face.

"Okay, okay, I shouldn't have asked. So, where are the two of you going for your honey-moon? Or has a day's thought not been enough time?" Motoki quickly changed the subject, not wanting to irk his friend.

"An hour's time was enough. We're planning on Vienna in December. I'm just going to have an interesting time getting enough leave for the trip and the wedding."

"Worst case, you'll owe me a few. I'll cover for what you can't get."

"Thank Motoki. That is one problem out of the way then. Usagi may have everything planned, but there is still a lot to do. We still have to decide what to wear, but I think we both have an idea."

"As long as you don't let her put you in some bizarre costume you'll be fine."

"I wouldn't be surprised if I am dressed like a knight and Usako a princess," Mamoru explained their royal outfits.

Motoki, taking this as a joke and not realizing the likelihood of the outfits being chosen, laughed. "I could just see you, metal breast plate and all. I don't think Usagi would do that. Besides, where would you get an outfit like that?"

"Setsuna is an excellent designer, and the clothing would likely be a gift from her. But I think Usako would love something like that. You know her and her romantic streak. And she's seen me in a costume like that. But if she wears anything like the one I know she has in mind, armor might be the only thing that will keep us apart. She looks stunning in it."

"You've already seen her wedding dress?" Motoki was shocked.

"No!" Mamoru corrected. "We went to a costume party dressed as a knight and princess. Usako was in love with the costumes and she just left me at a loss for words. Kami, Motoki, that dress, and she is so comfortable in it. Not once did she trip that night, even though it was floor length and she was sixteen and still klutzing out on a regular basis."

"Must be one hell of a dress. I know there isn't much that gets to you like that. Especially back then."

"Why you-!" Mamoru prepared to deck his friend.

Motoki laughed. "And you know it."

Mamoru sighed. "Back then, yes. Now is another question. She had me on the edge twice last night. The first time I was able to stop, but the second, well, it weren't for that cat of hers..." he let the sentence hang.

Motoki smiled at his friend. "Is it ever a good thing you're getting married soon. I wasn't even that bad for Rita the week before, and you saw me!"

"Kami, don't tell me I'm that bad."

"You're getting there. Especially if that last one was right after telling her parents like I'm guessing."

"You're good, and you're right."

"Aren't I always?"

"Only in matters of my heart, but I don't know how you do it."

"I just know you and Usa too well. Besides, Usagi-chan doesn't let Luna out anymore, and since this event happened last night I kind of figured-"

"Got it. Thanks Sherlock. Do you know where my fiancée may have run off too? I have a feeling she is getting into trouble."

"Isn't she over there with Naru? And what makes you think she's getting into trouble? Those two never get into trouble," Motoki joked.

"No, never," Mamoru replied sarcastically as he started to walk towards Usagi. "Can you believe that in three and a half months we'll be married?"

"I can get used to that idea, it's the idea of the large family Usa wants, and you as the father that I'm still having trouble with. And you know, she may be a gorgeous size two right now, but what about after a few kids? I can't see her always being that small."

"I can. Her mother can't be more than a 10, and her dad is pretty small. Besides, this is Usako we are talking about; she can eat everything and not gain a pound. And while I have never seen a more beautiful woman in my life than her, it wouldn't matter to me if she weighed 500 pounds and looked like a monster. She is the woman I love, and if she puts on a few from having children, *our* children, I would love her all the more."

"Got it, Romeo, but what about her?"

"Motoki, like I've told you before, I may be wildly attracted to her body, but it is who she is, that loving forgiving innocent, perfect woman that has my heart and I would do anything for her."

Usagi almost swooned. She had just been telling Naru how perfect Mamoru was, and here he comes confessing his love for her to his best friend. "...woman that has my heart and I would do anything for her."

Usagi glanced at Naru, whose eyes said everything, and knew that her fiancé was standing right behind her, likely preparing to scare her, with his hand up to his lips gesturing for Naru not to say a word. Usagi wouldn't let this opportunity pass. Winking at her friend, Usagi allowed her knees to give out and she was quickly falling to the floor.


Mamoru had made a quick, last minute decision to surprise his fiancée but it quickly became apparent to him that he wouldn't be doing much surprising that day. Just as he was bringing his hands to Usagi's waist, she fainted. Mamoru reacted quickly, moving his hands from her waist to under her legs and arms, picking her up and then dropping to his knees, resting her limp body in his lap. Gently, he removed his hand from under her legs and brought her arms up onto her stomach and then her head to his chest. Looking at her face his worry increased, she didn't look like she was drained of energy, like she normally did when he held her like this, but more like she was asleep. Leaning close to her face, he whispered.

"Usako? Usako, love, are you alright?"

Usagi could hardly keep from laughing. His words were quiet, just reaching her ears, but it was enough for her to tell where his lips were, inches from her own. The worry in his voice was genuine, so she knew it was time to stop this charade. Taking a deep breath, she raised her head the few inches, completely taking Mamoru by surprise. He jerked his head back a bit but recovered quickly kissing away all the worry he had felt moments before. Slowly the two rose from the ground and when they finally broke apart for lack of oxygen Usagi whispered, "Got ya."

Two seconds later all those standing in the group were laughing while Mamoru was tickling Usagi. His way of getting even.

Not long after the party came to a close, though it was a quarter after one by the time Usagi said goodbye to Mamoru. She had planned on leaving her gifts at Rei's until the morning, but Mamoru insisted on helping he bring them to her house. It had taken them nearly three quarters of an hour to accomplish.

"And I said I didn't want any gifts. Would you look at this collection? Where am I going to put it all?"

The two stood in the entrance to the dining room where they had arranged the dozens of boxes, bags, and stuffed animals. Though Usagi still had a few of her favorite plush toys, many had found new homes with children from the hospital. Her friends all knew this and many of her new toys came with little notes attached to them with a short message to either Usagi saying it was for her 'cause' or directly to the ailing children. In her arms though, was a very special gift, one she got from her brother's girlfriend, a close friend to herself now. A beautifully crafted porcelain doll looking very much like Selenity, only with her hair down. There was also the promise of a partner for the princess coming as a wedding gift. Usagi couldn't wait to see it.

"I'm sure you'll find somewhere for everything. Besides, in three months it won't matter, you'll be moving it all to *our* apartment."

"I can't wait. Do you mind keeping Yumemi's painting until then? I don't want to put it up just to take it down again, but it seems a waste to have it sitting on the floor. It's gorgeous!"

"I think I can find a spot for it, but are you sure Usako? Yumemi gave it to you."

"What's mine is ours. Besides, I spend more time at your place than I do here when I'm awake. It seems the only time I'm home now is when I sleep."

"If you're sure-"

"Quit trying to talk me out of it!" Usagi interrupted. "It's going up at your place if I have to put it up!"

"I give! I'll put it up over the couch, okay?"

"Sounds good, but it would look better in the hall. Across from the spare room."

"I won't argue with the interior designer. Just promise me that you won't make me move the furniture. I don't think my back could handle that couch."

"But it would look so much better on the other wall!" Usagi joked. "Now," she wrapped her arms around Mamoru's neck, "you have to work tomorrow and I kind of doubt we could get any work done planning the wedding, *yawn*, especially with me this tired-"

"So we should both go to bed. I know what you are trying to do. You just don't want me around so you can try Minako's gift on." Mamoru pulled Usagi close and lowered his head to hers, resting his forehead on hers.

"I can't believe she gave me that. But I don't need to try it on. Minako probably did, and we are the same size."

"Well that information will come in handy."

"Don't you go getting any ideas. You are *not* going to see me in it. Now go! Mom and I are going to the jinja in the morning and I'm afraid I may fall asleep in the middle of prayers. Beside, aren't you on for rounds at ten?"

"Eleven. But I know how much you value your sleep. Goodnight, my princess."

"My lord," Usagi mocked a curtsy but was quickly absorbed in a most welcome combination of arms, lips and hands. Gracefully, as if dancing, the two moved like one towards the door, never breaking apart, holding the other as if they were one. Hand floated across the other's back, fingers were entwined in short dark hair and long blonde streams. Lips danced across soft flesh, tongues tangled but suddenly it all stopped. Usagi pulled back, her hand reaching for the doorknob she knew was behind her. Mamoru felt the loss of her body against his own and knew what it meant. Glancing behind his fiancée, he took hold of her hand and guided it to the doorknob. Kissing her softly on her cheek, he whispered in her ear, "I'll see you soon, my princess," as he turned her hand, opening the door.

"Night, Mamo-chan," Usagi returned his kiss and opened the door to let him out.


The next morning found Usagi being dragged from her bed by her mother.

"Come on, Usagi. We are leaving in half an hour and you promised me that you would go. Unless you plan on going in your pajamas I suggest you move your butt," Ikuko said to her daughter. "How late did your party go last night, anyway? Your father and I gave up waiting at about midnight, though I don't think he fell asleep until one."

"He may have heard us come in then. The party ended at 12:30, but Mamo-chan insisted on helping me bring everything home, and you've probably seen everything I got down in the dining room. It took us until quarter after one to get it all here. Plus, you know I haven't been sleeping well."

"When was the last time you did have a good night's sleep?"

"Hopefully I'll start sleeping better tonight, but now I'm going to get ready. See you in a minute or two." Usagi rolled over, and put her head under her pillow. "I just want a little more sleep."

"Usagi," her mom threatened.

Usagi threw her pillow at her mom. "Okay. I'm getting up!"

"See you in a minute dear."

Once Ikuko closed the door, Usagi got up and started going through her clothes, trying to decide on an outfit to wear for the day.

"You took long enough getting in last night. I wish your father hadn't removed your curfew. At least then I would know you'd be home on time. You were cutting it a little close last night, weren't you?"

"Never again, Luna, I promise. Besides, he finds out tonight."

"About time."

"Don't start. You know my reasons. Now, I have to get ready. Leave me alone," and Usagi threw her nightgown on her cat.


"Setsuna!" the blonde yelled into the darkness of the park.

"Yes, princess?" a quiet voice answered from behind her.

"Kami, Setsuna! Don't do that! You scared me."

"My apologies, princess."

"Don't call me that."

"Alright, Usagi-chan. What is it that you wanted me for?"

"Thank you. Tonight is the night, but I need your help."

"Of course Usagi-chan. I understand, but the hour grows late. We should get started."