Turn in Events: Chapter 2

A week's time had passed and Mamoru was extremely nervous. Tonight was the night, the night that would lead to all their tomorrows together. As long as she said yes. Mamoru was terrified that she wouldn't. But for the moment he had to put all those fears aside and concentrate on making this evening special.


Out her window Usagi observed as slowly, almost sluggishly it seemed, the man in the white tuxedo made his way to the door.

"Luna, are you sure this is fancy enough? He's wearing his tux! I wonder where we are going?" she asked as she turned around, examining her reflection again.

"You look perfect, Usagi-chan. I wouldn't be surprised if Mamoru-san has to pick his jaw up off the floor. Now get your shawl, he's at the door," the talking black cat said from her perch at the window.

Grabbing the rose silk shawl her mother was lending her. Usagi stole a quick final glance in the mirror on her way out the door. Everything was as it should be. Her hair was up in her normal odangos with a few strands left out to frame her face, holding their curl nicely. A little bit of glitter could be seen on her jaw line in the place of blush and just a hint of light blue eye shadow covered her eyelids. Her dress was the one she had bought the week before with the girls. It was a cream, full length embroidered silk evening gown. It had a high, tight collar with a tear-drop opening at the base of the neck. As the dress was both sleeveless and backless, Usagi had borrowed the shawl her father had bought for her mother years before on a business trip. Teardrop pearl earrings that Mamoru had given her for her eighteenth birthday and pale pink lace, two inch heeled sandals completed the ensemble.

"I'll see you later, Luna. Don't wait up!"

"Have a good night, Usagi!" Luna said as Usagi walked out the door.

Sounds from the front hall were slowly drifting up to where Usagi stood just outside her door. It sounded like, like her father and Mamoru talking! Usagi had to see this.


Mamoru had been surprised. For the first time in his seven years of dating Usagi, Kenji answered the door. The two were even having a bit of a conversation while they waited for Usagi to come down, however Mamoru would never be able to remember what exactly they had said that night. They were chuckling at some comment or another when Usagi appeared at the top of the stairs. As soon as he noticed her Mamoru stopped laughing and could do nothing but stare. There stood his angel in all her glory. Kami, but he did adore her.

"Usako, you look beautiful," he finally managed to get out.

"One, Mamoru-san," Kenji whispered to Mamoru, then louder he said, "I'll leave you two alone. Have a good night, Usagi," and he went into the kitchen.

Usagi slowly walked down the stairs, admiring the perfection of the man who stood waiting just for her.

"Have I told you recently just how much I love and adore you, Usako?" Mamoru asked huskily.

"I don't think a day goes by when you don't tell me that. I love you, too, Mamo-chan," Usagi replied as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

Unable to resist the subtle charm of the young woman in front of him, Mamoru gently wrapped his arms around her waist and covered her lips with is own for a passion filled kiss. When they broke apart the tuxedoed knight magically produced a deep red rose and brushed it along the cheek of his date.

"Happy birthday, Usako," Mamoru said as he presented her with the rose. "Shall we be off?" he asked as he offered her his arm.

"One second," Usagi said as she placed the rose in a vase in the front hall with some other flowers and grabbed her purse. "There. You look ravishing tonight, Mamo-chan. I do love that tux on you."

"Thank you," Mamoru said as he led his lady to his car and opened the door for her. "But you, Usako. Words can not even begin to describe your beauty. You take my breath away."

Quickly, Mamoru closed the door and moved to the driver's side, smiling at the light blush on Usagi's sparkling cheeks.

As Mamoru was getting in Usagi asked, "So, where are we going?"

"It's a surprise," he responded, pulling out a blindfold. "Now, put this on."

"What? Oh, Mamo-chan, don't I get to see?"

"No," he answered bluntly, and helped her put the blindfold on, slipping in the odd kiss here and there.

"Mamo-chan!" Usagi laughed.

Soon the two had settled in and were quietly chatting as Mamoru drove to their mystery destination. As they pulled to a stop, Usagi was getting sick of not being able to see anything.

"Mamo-chan! Can't I take this off yet? Please?" she was cut off when she felt her door opening. "Oh, you!" she said pointing in the direction of the door.

"Yes, my love?" Mamoru said from the other side of the door, laughing.

"Where are we, darling? And can't I take off this blindfold yet?" Usagi asked sweetly.

"Not yet, and I'm not telling. Come on, though. We have a special table waiting just for us." Mamoru took Usagi's hand and lead her away to a quiet corner. Once Usagi was seated, Mamoru slipped behind her. "Alright, now."

Quickly, Usagi reached up and undid the blindfold and froze. She was sitting in her seat at the Mare, but the corner was surrounded with hundreds of red, white, pink, yellow, and blue roses.

"Mamo-chan! It's beautiful!" she exclaimed. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Jumping up she threw her arms around his neck giving him a giant hug which soon turned into a passionate kiss.

"I love you, Usako. Happy birthday, love," Mamoru whispered.

The two sat down to a quiet meal in their secluded corner. Usagi was in seventh heaven. Her Mamo-chan had put all this together just for her. It was like a dream.

Mamoru on the other hand, was almost as nervous as he had been a week and a half ago. While he was no longer as worried about rejection as he had been, the idea of moving on to the next step was difficult to accept. They had been going out for years, and change, while a good thing, can prove challenging.

When they were done their meal, they made their way to the dance floor.

"Mamo-chan, this night has been so perfect. Thank you."

"It has been my pleasure, Usako, but the night is far from over." At that, Mamoru nodded to the band and they stopped the song they were playing and started a slow waltz. Usagi recognized it immediately.

"Oh, Mamo-chan! I didn't think that you would remember!"

"How could I not remember the prince and princess' last dance? May I have this dance, my Lady?" Mamoru asked with a fancy bow.

"Of course, my Lord," Usagi replied with a curtsy.

The two slipped into a groove almost immediately. This was their song. Mamoru lead Usagi around the floor expertly, and everyone in the restaurant stopped what they were doing to watch the couple. They didn't seem to notice, however. Both had returned to their time on the moon and their last dance. It had held all their hope for the future, a future they were living now.

Gradually, the song came to an end and applause filled the room. After a quick bow to recognize their audience, Mamoru lead Usagi out to the garden.

"That was wonderful, Mamo-chan. Thank you so much for this fantastic night. I love you."

"I'm so glad that you are enjoying yourself, Usako. I wanted this to be a night you would never forget, but I still have one more present for you."

"Oh, Mamo-chan, this has all been so perfect, you don't have to -"

"Sh. This is something I have wanted to give you for years. Please, sit down, Usako," Mamoru said, gesturing to the marble bench they had walked to.

"Usako, we have known each other for seven years and have spent most of that time together," he started, taking her left hand in his and sinking to his knee. "You have brought nothing but joy to my life. You brought me out of the prison I had built around my heart, shattering the walls that trapped me there, and opened me up to first you and then the world. Ever since I first laid eyes on you, I knew you were something special. Usako, you mean everything to me. That is why I am kneeling here now. Tsukino Usagi, you hold my heart and soul in your hands. You are the world to me, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Usako, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Usagi had tears streaming down her face but a giant smile on her lips. Rendered speechless by Mamoru's confession, she could only nod for a few moments. As she slowly regained her voice a quiet whisper could be heard, "Yes! Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!" The volume quickly grew. "Of course I'll marry you, Mamo-chan!"

Mamoru leapt up form his position in front of Usagi and captured her lips in a gentle, emotion filled kiss. When they broke apart, Mamoru reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black velvet box. "For you, my wife to be."

"I like the sound of that," Usagi said as he opened the box to display the ring. "Mamo-chan! It's gorgeous! And it fits perfectly! I love you!" Usagi flung her arms around Mamoru's neck, holding him as tightly as she could.

"I love you too, Usako, but I'd like to make it to our wedding in one piece!" Mamoru said as he tried to loosen her arms around his neck.

"I'm sorry, Mamo-chan!" Usagi said, and quickly backed away.

"It's alright, Usako. Actually, I want to give you an even bigger hug!"

"Mamo-chan, we're getting married!" Usagi squealed.

"I know, Usako. Isn't it perfect?" he laughed, holding Usagi's body close to his in another hug.

"Uh, Mamo-chan?" Usagi suddenly asked quietly.

Worried, Mamoru looked down at her, taking her face gently in his hand. "What is it, Usako?"

"How are we going to tell my parents? I mean, you haven't even been introduced to dad yet. Just last week I blew up at him for thinking that you were only dating me for sex!"

"That must have been before Thursday."

"What do you mean?"

"Your dad and I had lunch on Thursday. Do you really think I wouldn't make sure your parents didn't have any problems with us getting married? Don't worry, love, both your parents already know."

"How long have you been planning this?"

"Since you graduated high school and decided to keep going through college. I was going to ask you then, but I figured we should wait until we were finished school."

Unable to think of anything to say Usagi just sunk into Mamoru's embrace.

A few minutes later Mamoru spoke, breaking the comfortable silence.

"Shall we go? I know there is a boat out at the dock waiting for us. And the sun should be going down in about half an hour."

"What aren't we doing tonight, Mamo-chan?"

"I couldn't arrange a flight to the moon. Setsuna just wouldn't do it."

"Maybe for our honeymoon," Usagi joked as they got up from the bench and headed towards his car.

"I was thinking of somewhere else, actually."

"The mystery. You are not keeping that one from me though. Speak!" Usagi poked him in the side.

"Hey! Why should I tell? You always seem to enjoy my surprises. Especially the ones that are just for you," he whispered in her ear.

"But this is our honeymoon! I'll be nervous enough about the ceremony and everything-"

"Even the wedding night?"

"Maybe daddy's right about you," Usagi joked. "But tell me! Please?" she batted her eyes as Mamoru opened the car door for her. His resolve melted.

"How can you always do this to me? I was thinking of Vienna. I've been told it's even more romantic than Paris." Mamoru helped Usagi into the car then closed the door. Once he had gotten in on the driver's side Usagi began to speak.

"Vienna. The city of classical music. That sound's wonderful. I think dad took mom there once. Just before we met. That was the last summer I stayed with Naru."

Mamoru thought he detected the sound of sorrow in her voice. "Usako?"

"I miss those summer trips. I mean, I know going away for that long was impossible, but I wish that I could have spent more time with her. Ever since I became a senshi our friendship has been pushed to the back burner."

"Love, I'm sure that Naru would understand..."

"That's the thing. I know she does. I think that she may know more than she lets on. Mamo-chan, what do you think?"

"I think that the two of you are best friends who circumstance has torn apart. I'm sure that if you wanted your friendship can be just as strong as it was."

"But how?"

"Why don't you tell her why you grew apart? We will be telling your parents, why not tell our closest friends, too?"

"Naru knowing about our secret identities, Motoki too, right?"

"As long as I can keep a few roses handy."

"What?! Why?"

"Motoki will try to kill us when he finds out," Mamoru laughed.

Giggling as well, Usagi said, "I can just see it! Motoki, lab coat and all, charging Tuxedo Kamen, a look of utter disbelief on his face. Princess Selenity standing beside her knight."

"I would never let my princess that close to a stampeding Motoki. It would be much too dangerous!" The two burst out laughing.

When they finally calmed down, Usagi asked, "Mamo-chan, who do you think we really can tell about us?"

"I don't know, but I think I know someone who can, and she is saving us a parking spot."

Usagi looked away from Mamoru's face and realized they were already at the park, and there, standing in the closest spot to the path was the guardian of time, Sailor Pluto, in the form of Meiyo Setsuna. Seeing the couple pulling up, she moved out of the parking spot and onto the path, waiting for them.

Mamoru pulled into the now vacant spot and looked at Usagi. "I have no clue," she whispered. Mamoru nodded and got out of the car, Usagi followed suit.

"Princess, Prince," Setsuna greeted quietly, "congratulations on your engagement."

"Thank you, Setsuna," Mamoru replied, slipping his arm protectively around Usagi's waist.

"Thank you," Usagi echoed, "And you know not to call me that!"

Setsuna smiled.

"I'm guessing that you are here for another reason, though, than to simply congratulate us," Mamoru prompted.

"Yes," she answered simply, shifting into Sailor Pluto, "but not here. Come with me to the time gate."

Slowly the black haired woman waved the long staff in her hand opening a portal to the gates of time. Mamoru quickly stepped through, and Usagi was about to follow when Setsuna stopped her for a moment.

"You have to tell him soon, Usagi-sama. It must be started within the next five months, and the soon the better, you know."

"I know," Usagi said. "That's why you're here, isn't it?"

Setsuna simply continued to gaze enigmatically at Usagi until the younger woman stepped through the portal, then followed her, closing them off from the rest of the world.

Mamoru put his hands around Usagi's waist as soon as he saw her and pulled her close.

"Well, Pluto? I am having quite a good night and would like to get back to it," Usagi pressed, not wanting to cast too much of a shadow on the night's thus far perfect events.

"I'll put you back just after we left the time stream. Now, I believe the two of you were just discussing who to tell about the senshi? At your point in Time, I must insist that you only tell Usagi's family. Tell them what the inners know, only leave out details that you would not trust outside the temple's back quarters. I will tell you that you can tell others soon, but the time is not yet right."


"Yes, Usagi-sama?" she answered gently.

"Will Chibi-Usa be able to come back for the wedding? Please?"

Again, Pluto simply gazed at Usagi. Swinging her staff she simply said, "Have a good night, your highnesses," as she opened the time gate.

Giving the senshi of time an evil look, Usagi, with Mamoru right behind her, stepped through the gates and back into reality.

They didn't say a word to each other until Mamoru had started to row them out into the lake.

"You like doing this, don't you?" Usagi asked, breaking the silence.

"What?" Mamoru had been wrenched from his own little world by the question and wasn't sure how to answer.

"You enjoy going out in these little boats, don't you?"

"Of course, don't you?" Mamoru was concerned.

"You know I do, silly. But this seems to be one of your favorite spots to go."

"I suppose it is. We have so many good memories here. This is where we met our daughter for the first time. I can still see the look on her face when she landed in my lap. It was too cute. Usako?" Mamoru asked, noting the distant look on her face.

"Mm? She was cute. A little brat, but cute."

"Usako, how long do you think it will be until she really is ours?"

"I don't know, but I don't think it will be for a while. But that doesn't mean we can't have other children, does it?"

"Well, we were never told whether or not Chibi-Usa had any siblings, so I would imagine that we could have other kids. How many do you want, Usako?"

"At least two more of our own. Do you not want more, Mamo-chan?"

"No!" he exclaimed, then quieter, "No, Usako, I would love to have more children. You are so good with the ones at the hospital, I'm not surprised that you want more than the one we know about. But lets not rush things, alright, love? I want to have you to myself for a bit."

"I like that. All my time devoted to you." A few minutes later Usagi began to speak again, "Mamo-chan?"

"What is it?" he asked gently.

"How long do you want to wait?"

"I don't know, why Usako?"

"Well, I've always seen us with a baby in one hand and another on the way. I guess we could wait though," she said slowly, trying to hide any disappointment in her voice.

"Oh, Usako. Do you want a baby that bad?"

"Ever since I saw you with Jordan I've know you'll make a good father, you are just so cute when you're holding a baby. You look so much more comfortable with a baby than Haruka. Do you remember when Michiru handed baby Hotaru to her?"

"She was a little uncomfortable, wasn't she? Usako, look," Mamoru said, pointing to the horizon. "We're missing the sunset."

"So we are. You know, this is the one thing I don't like about coming out in a rowboat. We can't cuddle."

"I'll agree with you there. Are you warm enough?"

Pulling her shall a little tighter she answered, "Yes, I'm fine. Oh, look at those colors!"

"They are gorgeous, but not as breathtaking as you."


"The simple truth, my love. I guess we should be getting back, shouldn't we?"

"Unless you want to pay for an extra hour."

"I don't think rowing in the dark is a good idea. Especially with no moon out tonight."

"Kind of symbolic, isn't it?"

"How's that?"

"Well, it's a new moon and the start of a new life for its princess."

"I guess you're right. Maybe that would explain the global warming, too."

"I think that global warming can be blamed on humanity, not just you, Mamo-chan."

"I love you, Usako."

"What is that for? But I love you, too, Mamo-chan."

"Can't I tell my fiancée that I love her?"

"Of course. I could get used to hearing that."

"What's that?"

"Your fiancée."

"How about my wife, Chiba-san?"

"I love that idea!"

"Soon everyone will be calling you that."

"How soon, Mamo-chan? When do you want to get married?"

"Now! As soon as we can. I don't know. When do you want to?"

"How about October? That's what, July, August, September... three months away, three and a half if we get married in the middle of the month. Is that too soon for you?"

"I guess that's good, but why not wait a little longer?"

"Vienna for Christmas, and I don't want a winter wedding."

"Why not?"

"All the girls and I will be wearing full length dresses. If there is any snow on the ground it will ruin them. I don't want to wreck my wedding dress!"

"Alright, so we'll get married in October. I guess that we had better get busy then. Do you want a traditional jinga wedding or western style?"

"Even though Rei will kill me, I'd like to have the wedding based on the ceremonies from the moon."

"I don't remember even going to one. On Earth, though, I think I went to every prominent couple's marriage."

"I can remember planning ours. You were sick of Terrain weddings after going to so many. You certainly were willing to have anything different. But is this what you want?"

"Usako, all I care about is that we are getting married. Of course I want everything to be perfect, but how it happens, I don't care. Whatever you want is fine with me."

"I think you said the same thing a thousand years ago, but that didn't get you off the hook then, and it won't now. You are planning this wedding with me."

"Alright," Mamoru pulled in the oars.

"Are we in already?" Usagi asked, looking at the dock directly to her left.

"We can go out again on Sunday, maybe," Mamoru suggested.

"I was hoping to stay in at your place. We have to get this guest list done soon if we are going to mail out invitations in time."

"I guess you're right," he answered, then to the boat man, "Thank you for keeping this boat for us, Sagami-san. I think this will cover everything," Mamoru handed the man some money.

"Thank you Chiba-san. Have you had a good night, Tsukino-san?"

"Delightful! It has been perfect, thank you for asking." Noticing the look the older man was giving Mamoru, Usagi continued, "I don't think Mamo-chan could have planned a more perfect night to ask me to marry him. And check out this ring!" Usagi brought her arm out from around Mamoru to show off her newest treasure.

"That is a nice one, and I've seen my share. I hope the two of you have a good night!"

"I think that is a guarantee, but thank you, Sagami-san. See you later!"

"Goodnight, Tsukino-san, Chiba-san," the old man waved, glad to see that they were getting married at last.

Mamoru lead Usagi down a different path than the one they came on. But Usagi, who was totally absorbed in a dream world of their wedding, didn't notice.

Looking down at his fiancée, Mamoru chuckled. She was so cute with stars in her eyes like that. Gradually the two arrived at the rose gardens and Mamoru decided it was time to wake Usagi from her trance. Looking around to make sure there was no one in the area, he bent over, grabbing Usagi around the knees with one arm and the waist with the other.

Shocked at their stopping, Usagi was brought out of her thoughts about her upcoming marriage. However, the sudden change in position knocked her completely out of it.

"Ah! Mamo-chaaaan!" she screamed, throwing her arms around his neck.

"Thank you for noticing me, Usako," Mamoru laughed at her surprise.

"How could I not notice you? You're holding me three feet off the ground!"

"Are you complaining?"

"Why would I complain? I'm in the strong arms of my future husband who I trust completely," Usagi flirted as she rested her head on his chest.

"And who loves you with all his heart," Mamoru added.

"I love you, Mamo-chan, with all *my* heart."

"Usako, can you believe it? In less than four months we'll be married!"

"This is beyond perfect. Mamo-chan, what time is it?"

"I'm not sure," Mamoru said, putting Usagi down and looking at his watch. "Quarter to twelve. Why Usako?"

"Curfew," she answered flatly.

"Isn't until one. That was what your dad was whispering to me before he left."

"Yeah! Another hour in each other's arms!"

The two walked quietly around the garden enjoying the beauty that they had to offer. As they turned a corner Usagi whispered, "I love these gardens. They are so beautiful. I'm glad I'm marrying a man with a passion for flowers."

"You know the Earth and I are joined. She loves them just as much, if not more than I do."

"I know, but there are so few men who actually pay attention to flowers. They just pick some up on occasion to give to their girlfriends. You actually know about them. It's something special about a guy to know about flowers and other romantic stuff. Do you have any idea how many women envy me because you are so perfect?"

"Me, perfect? Usako, have you lost it?"

"Not at all. You are all a girl could ask for. Do you know how many women I've seen looking your way, giving me the evil eye as you do something as simple as open the door for me? You are, and I quote, 'drop dead gorgeous' and any guy who can bring back chivalry, well, there is a wanted man."

"And what about everything else about me? The quiet, mysterious, extremely private side?"

"You aren't nearly as bad as you used to be. You're lightening up and opening up more to people as time goes by. You had an awful childhood that closed you off. As you slowly move past it, you open up more. Especially over the last few years."

"I guess that last near death experience knocked some sense into me."


"Yes. My angel saved the world again and brought me back to her. The only way any of us made it out was because of your openness to forgive. You showed me that day what was really needed out of a person. A loving view of life and the living. And I'd say that I have a pretty good example to follow. You are the perfect one where it counts, Usako," Mamoru took Usagi's hand and placed it on his chest, "in here."

"You can still make me swoon after all this time. Will I ever be immune to your charms?"

"I hope not. Then I will have no defense to that look."

"What look?" Usagi asked innocently, the exact look in question upon her face.

"Usako, you know I can't resist that," Mamoru said with a smile, "Come here," he whispered huskily, pulling her to him.

"Mamo-chan!" Usagi laughed as Mamoru kissed her, a growl escaping his throat. His hand roving over her back, pulling her closer. One hand slipped a little lower than intended, causing a sudden gasp from Usagi. Before she was able to react any further, Mamoru depend the kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth. Usagi gasped again at this sudden advance, but soon moaned with pleasure as his tongue explored her mouth. Her hands, which had somehow moved from his chest to his back moved higher to his head to pull him closer. Following her lead, Mamoru held Usagi as close to him as he possibly could, feeling her pressed up against his entire body, her softness against his hard chest. Usagi's hands floated down under Mamoru's tuxedo jacket and over his back, feeling his muscles ripple at her touch. Groaning into the kiss Mamoru's left hand moved around to Usagi's front while his right glided down the soft fabric of her dress.

Reality arrived in a sudden, crushing dawn as Mamoru pulled away. Breathing heavily, wishing they could continue, but realizing where things were headed they allowed the cool night air to fill the space between them.

Finally, Usagi broke the silence, which was quickly becoming quite awkward.

"Wow," was all she said, but it was enough to assure Mamoru she wasn't angry with him, though he still wasn't completely confident.

"Usako," he started, regret filling his voice.

"Don't you dare tell me you're sorry, because I'm far from it, and I know you're not," Usagi threatened, her voice still throaty.

"Kamei, Usako, you have such an effect on me. And I am sorry. That almost went too far."

"But it didn't. And you were wonderful. I'm still tingling!" Usagi hugged him. "I could get used to this passion from you."

"Not for a few months you don't. Your father would kill me if anything was to happen and I don't know if I could stop again. Usako, what you do to me, I just loose control. I don't want to hurt you."

"Mamo-chan, I know you won't. And I understand your fear of Daddy, but do you really think that things will go that far?"

"Usako, I'm came this close," he gestured with his fingers about an inch apart, "to taking you right here in the park. That is why you never see that passion from me. I don't want to take that sort of a chance with you."

Usagi was stunned. Sure, she had longings to be with him, and that kiss certainly put a live coal under them, but she could stop if it went too far, couldn't she? She didn't want to stop now, who’s to say she would if it went further? Mamoru had always been the one to stop them before, maybe he was right, and they couldn't stop.

"Oh, Mamo-chan," Usagi started.

"Sh," he interrupted, pulling her close. "Enough of this talk. How do you think we should tell everyone about this?" Mamoru asked, taking her left hand and fingering the ring.

"Definitely at the party tomorrow, except maybe the senshi. I think they would be a little upset if we told them with everyone else."

"What about Naru and Motoki?"

"Oh, let's just make one bit announcement in the middle of the party."

Mamoru laughed, realizing that there were too many people that they would have to tell individually if they told any. "When do you want to do it?"

"Why do you get to ask all the questions? What do you think?"

"Well, I agree the senshi will be upset if we don't tell them before, but I'm working until the party, so we can use that for a reason. During the party, either you will have to hide your hand or answer a bunch of questions if we don't speak soon enough, so why not tell everyone once the majority is there. Late arrivers can be told on their own. Sound good?"

"Perfect! I can't wait to see the looks on everyone's faces!"

"I can already hear Motoki - 'It's about time!'" Mamoru imitated Motoki's voice and the two laughed. "I guess I should return you to your parents for now, shouldn't I?"

"I suppose. You have to come in with me tonight. We'll tell them together. For some reason I think they will still be up," Usagi joked.

"I wonder if Shingo is still up? I think we would be able to shock him at least, and Luna if Artemis can keep his big mouth shut."

"You may be asking a little much of that fur ball, but Shingo should still be awake," Usagi joked as Mamoru lead her back towards his car. "He never goes to bed before two unless he has to get up in the morning for work or school."

"He wasn't at home or the Mare today. Was he out with Mika?"

"Actually, the two of them went to Mt. Fuji. Shingo packed them a picnic and everything. They left pretty early, I think they went out for breakfast too. I hope they had a good time."

"For some reason I think they did."

"Thank you, Mamo-chan," Usagi said as he opened the car door for her and she pecked him on the cheek.

Mamoru closed the door once she was in and went around to the driver's side. And there sat Usagi, or rather leaned Usagi with her hand on the lock in an extremely provocative position. Holding herself up with one hand on the lock, she rolled the window down a crack.

"Can I help you sir?" she asked as though he were a stranger.

Deciding to play along, Mamoru answered, "I hope so. You see, my fiancée has locked me out of my car, and she is in it. She is my match, and I would hate to loose her. Even if I have to face her father by the end of the night."

"Does that make you nervous?" Usagi continued with the charade.

"Extremely. But not as severely as it used to. We are having dinner together on Monday and telling her parents some odd information, and I'm curious on their reaction to the fact that their daughter is from another planet. Actually, the crown princess of the Moon, but I think that is even harder to..."

"Mamo-chan, you don't-"

Mamoru's trick had worked and Usagi had moved her hand from the lock. Mamoru acted quickly, turning the keys in the lock and opening the door in one swift motion, then slipping into the diver's seat and pulling Usagi into his lap. "Ha!" he mocked in triumph.

"Hmph! Ruin all my fun!" Usagi complained. "Mamo-chan, do you think that we have to worry about their reactions? I mean, how are they going to react? What will they say? What can we do? How-"

"Sh, Usako. I know exactly what you're thinking. I've been over the same thing a hundred times. I don't think that we stand a chance at being able to guess their reaction. There is so much information that we will be giving them, they may be totally overwhelmed, or they may take it as calmly as I did after Ann and Ail. All we can do is be there for each other, and show them that we made it through. Now, shall we go give them this first step?"

"I suppose we should. Don't I ever get to drive this thing?"

"I thought you liked having a valet?"

"I like to drive too."

"Not this baby. Not unless someone is dying."

The two continued to argue and joke all the way to Usagi's house. As Mamoru turned off the car an awkward silence filled the vehicle.

"Ready?" Mamoru broke it.

"As I'll ever be," Usagi answered. "Show no fear."

"We're happy, we want this. Show them that," nervousness evident in Mamoru's voice.

"Why don't we just elope," Usagi suggested, frustrated.

"Because I don't exactly relish the idea of being burnt, frozen, and fried the moment we tell the senshi. Let's go. It's now or never."

"Please don't let daddy explode in our face," Usagi prayed.

"It's Luna I'm worried about. At least your dad already knows," Mamoru said as he opened his door. Usagi followed suit and the two walked to the front door arm in arm.

Standing in front of the door, Mamoru pulled Usagi to him giving her the most comforting kiss he could. Slowly both of them relaxed, prepared for the task ahead of them. They broke apart, Usagi opened the door, and they walked in. Calmly, Usagi put her purse on the table by the door, and hung her shall on the railing of the staircase. She then wrapped her are around Mamoru's and the two stepped into the living room where the television was on and the rest of Usagi's family sat, including her cat asleep on her mother's lap.

"I'm home," Usagi announced her presence. "And we have something to tell you."

Looking up, Ikuko greeted, "Hello, Mamoru. I trust you had a good time?"

"The night couldn't have been better," he answered.

The new voice brought Shingo's attention away from the game he was playing. "Hey, Mamoru! What are you doing here?"

"He came in with me to tell you guys that we are getting married!" Usagi answered for him. Mamoru pulled her closer, staring down at his bride-to-be, love and adoration obvious in his eyes. Usagi looked up and was captured in his eyes.

Their moment was quickly interrupted as Usagi's family started in on the news.

"Oh, congratulations, honey!" Ikuko said.

"It's about time!" Shingo laughed.

"Merow!" was Luna's response as she jumped down from Ikuko's lap and wrapped herself around Mamoru's white pant leg.

"Welcome to the family, son," Kenji whispered with a smile on his face and a nod.

Usagi bent down to pet her cat, but didn't pick her up for fear of being covered in fur. "Leave my fiancé’s pants alone, Luna," she scolded, "and we aren't going to pick you up."

"Sorry, but congratulations," Luna whispered.

"Thanks," Usagi stood back up, smiling from ear to ear.

"Do you have any plans yet?" Ikuko asked, knowing her daughter had been planning her wedding for years.

"Well," Usagi looked up at Mamoru for approval to continue, he nodded. "We are thinking of getting married in October."

"This year?" Kenji asked, not expecting it to be quite so quick.

Usagi nodded, feeling her cat's paw on her foot as though she were asking the same thing.

"But that is so soon. Do you really think you can put everything together that quickly?" Ikuko asked.

Usagi nodded again. "We want to get married soon, but don't want a winter wedding. It's still nice in October, and we have some time to get everything done. Don't worry Mom."

"Are there any other reasons?" Shingo pried, a hint of something else in his voice.

"Shingo!" his mother reprimanded, but Usagi shook it off.

"Yes, but not what you are thinking," a mix between laughter and annoyance in her voice. "We're thinking of going to Vienna for our honeymoon in December."

"That's a beautiful spot! The two of you will have a wonderful time there. You'll have to take in an opera or two while you are there, of course. And the museums! You'll love it!" Ikuko rambled.

"Mom," Usagi interrupted, "right now we have other stuff to worry about, but I think it can all wait until the morning. You have to work tomorrow, don't you, Mamo-chan?"

Mamoru, who had been a silent support for his fiancée the entire time, finally spoke, "Unfortunately, yes. My shift starts at ten, but I'm on call from six."

"Why didn't you tell me? Mom, dad, I'm going to show Mamo-chan out and then go to bed. I'll see you in the morning. Night!" Usagi took Mamoru's hand and lead him to the door, followed by a chorus of 'good night's from her family.

"This has to have been one of the best nights of my life. Thank you Mamo-chan," Usagi said as she hugged him at the door.

"I'm glad. Happy birthday, Usako."

Mamoru leaned over, brushing his lips against her forehead, moved down stroking his lips over her eyes, cheek, nose, and finally resting on her lips in a gentle, sweet kiss.

Usagi fought to keep from moaning, knowing the sound would bring her father running, whether or not he approved of her older man, but her fiancé could seriously melt a woman's heart. Gradually, Mamoru deepened the kiss, moving his left hand from her shoulder to the small of her back and his right to behind her neck, he pulled her closer to himself. Usagi responded by wrapping her own arms around his neck and back, holding him close and playing with the hair at the top of his neck.

Suddenly Mamoru pulled away, favoring his left ankle.

"Mamo-chan! What's wrong?" Usagi asked, but one look at the black ball of angry fur sitting at the top of the stairs and she knew. "I wonder how angry Artemis would be if Luna didn't move with me?"

"I don't think I would have any qualms with the idea, especially if this is how I am treated," Mamoru joked, "and I was worried about your father!"

Giving her cat an evil look, Usagi turn with apologetic eyes to Mamoru. "Goodnight, Mamo-chan. I'll see around six-thirty."

"Sweet dreams, love. I'll be by as soon as I'm off," he leaned over, giving Usagi a light kiss goodbye and went out the door. Usagi stood in the doorway, watching her handsome man walk to his car. He waved as he opened his door and she blew him a kiss.

When the red sports car was out of sight, the young blond turned back to the interior of her house and the daunting task of reprimanding her talking kitty. Closing the door with a sigh, she called out a final "Goodnight!" to her family and went to chat with her cat.

"Luna! What on Earth got into you! Do you want me to give you to one of the girls for fear of you mauling my husband? You should have expected this at least!" Usagi exploded once she and the black cat were in her bedroom.

"I'm sorry, Usagi. It's just the way that he was holding you. Endymion never-"

"In public," Usagi corrected. "In public Endymion was the perfect gentleman, yes, but when no one was around he was even more passionate than Mamo-chan has ever been. Endymion never held back. You just never saw us in our chambers. Luna, you have to get out of the Silver Millennium! Mamo-chan and I are getting married in three months, and we are in love. We are going to show that to the world. Unlike our last life, we do not have the strict guidelines of society to follow, so we won't. And anyway, it's not as if he was all over me. That was a perfectly acceptable kiss. The one earlier though..." Usagi let the thought hang.

"I'm sorry, Usagi. I spent so long teaching Selenity the rules, and I guess I still live by them, and lately... I guess I'm just missing what was, though I wish that I hadn't seen that! It was far from decent!"

"Luna, how are you ever going to live with us when we are married?"

"I'll have Artemis on my side."

"Artemis sits and watches us when we are at Mamo-chan's. There is even the odd cat call, excuse the pun. I was kind of hoping you'd get him out of the room when we are enjoying each other's company. It's quite unsettling having him just sitting there."

"He doesn't!"

"Maybe he wouldn't if you'd give to his advances a little. That is one deprived kitty."


"What?" Usagi, realizing that the worst of the conversation was over, had started to get ready for bed. Removing her earrings she asked, "Do you think that I'm still the naive fourteen-year-old you first met? Luna, he's been head over heals in love with you for ages. Even Mamo-chan can see it, and, while he knows the ways to a woman's heart, he is blind as a bat when it comes to reading emotions. You are just so aloof. You're always brushing Artemis off, but he keeps at it. Give him a chance. You are going to be spending the next portion of your life sharing a litter box, give him a piece of your heart too. You won't regret it."

"I'll think about it."

"Well, that's a start. I'm going to see what sleep I can get. Oh, I'm telling him on Sunday, and then we are telling the family what the inners know after supper on Monday. Will you help us?"

"What? Where did you ever get that idea?"

"Setsuna," she fibbed. "Please, help us, me?"

"Oh, fine. Do you need help on Sunday, or just with the history of the moon with your family?"

"Well, if you could get Artemis out of the apartment on Sunday..."

"And leave you un-chaperoned?"

"I'll be invading his dreams until around one. By the time I'm done with that talking will be a challenge. Please, Luna?"

"Alright. Now, get some sleep."

"Thank you. Goodnight, kitty."

"Night, bunny."