Turn in Events: Chapter 1

"You're doing what?!" Artemis howled after Mamoru told him about his plans to have lunch with Usagi's father.

"I told you, I'm having lunch at the Mare with Tsukino-san on Thursday," Mamoru replied calmly. "And if I can manage it, I'd like to have told Ikuko before. Hopefully, she can keep him level headed once he gets home. I don't want Usako to know about this before the fact."

"I'd imagine not. Do you want me to hide under the table just in case?"

Artemis, a talking white cat with a crescent moon on his head, had been living with Mamoru for the better part of three years, while Minako, his supposed owner, spent time touring the globe playing the role of the world famous Sailor V. During their time together the two men had found they had much in common. A fear of Kenji among them. The older man really didn't like extra males around the house, especially ones involved with one of his girls. Ikuko had been their saving grace on many occasions.

"Not a bad idea, but I don't think Luna or Usagi would be too pleased. I'd better go call Ikuko to see about that chat," Mamoru paused then added with a chuckle, "I don't want the first thing she hears about this being the ravings of a madman."


"Good afternoon, Tsukino-san. You look wonderful, as always."

"Such flattery! And just call me Ikuko, Tsukino-san makes me fell like an old woman."

"Alright, Ikuko-san," Mamoru said, testing the tile and receiving a glare at the "san".

"Mamoru. Now, what was it that you wanted tot talk to me about?" she started, a twinkle in her eye. Ikuko was a delightful woman who reminded Mamoru of her daughter. She wore her dark blue hair down to her waist, only a bit from the front pulled back into a half ponytail. She was very open, and accepted Mamoru and Usagi's relationship so calmly it almost scared him.

Suddenly, Mamoru was extremely nervous. "Uh, well, actually, I came to talk to you about the same think I'll be talking to your husband about tomorrow."

"You're a wise man, Chiba Mamoru, but a crazy one," Ikuko said with a smile. "I admire your courage though. Not anyone could ask Kenji for Usagi's hand, especially with the way he has treated you over the last several years."

"How... how did you know?" surprise covered Mamoru's face.

"Mamoru, you and Usagi have been going out with each other for seven years, it's two weeks before her twenty-first birthday, the two of you graduated form university this year, and you're nervous as can be! I've been expecting this, although I still can't believe that you are going to do it. I was expecting Usagi to come bursting in one night, waving around her hand shouting 'Mamo-chan asked me to marry him! Mamo-chan asked me to marry him!'

"You are such a wonderful man, Mamoru, and you will make a fine addition to the family. Now I get to have two sons! Grandchildren aren't in the picture yet, are they?" Ikuko joked.

"Far from it! Usako and I have agreed to nothing along those lines until vows have been exchanged," he responded quickly, then thought, "Though we've come close some nights."

"Do you really think I'm that crazy for asking Kenji-san?"

"Oh, don't worry about him dear. He just has a slightly different view on marriage than I do. He sees it more as losing a daughter, while I see it as gaining a son. You just have to show him that you are the right one for his baby. I'll take care of the rest. Now, I'm assuming you already have a ring. Would you happened to have brought it?"

Mamoru smiled. "I've had it for a few years," he explained as he reached into his pocket. "When we were picking up Usagi's high school graduation present, the locket, I noticed it in one of the display cases. It was the perfect ring and I went back later that day to pick it up." Mamoru opened the small black velvet box to reveal a gorgeous ring covered in diamonds surrounding a deep blue sapphire in the shape of a moon. A true symbol of their ancient relationship.

"Oh my! It must have cost a fortune! It's beautiful!" Ikuko exclaimed. "It really does suit her. I don't think you could have found a more suitable ring. Nor could it come form a better man. You are so good to my Usagi. I don't think that there is anyone better for her out there."

"I should hope not!" Mamoru replied, jokingly. Then quietly, "But there are times when I think that she deserves better..."

"Nonsense!" Ikuko interrupted. "Usagi is so lucky to have someone as remarkable as you. You are smart, kind, great with kids, yes I've seen you with your baseball team, and such a romantic! What I would give for Kenji to have just a bit of your skill with words. Mamoru, don't doubt yourself. You will make a perfect, loving husband and father."

"But I have no clue how to be either. I don't remember my parents, and orphanages aren't the greatest places to learn how to love. Usagi taught me how to love, and while I couldn't have a better teacher, a family! I've never had one..."

"Oh, Mamoru! You already have a family! There's Usagi, your kids from baseball, all the girls, Motoki, and us. You have a huge family. You already play the roles of a brother, uncle, husband, father and son. We are family."

"Thank you Ikuko," Mamoru said after a moment.

Glancing at the clock Ikuko gasped, "Look at the time! Usagi should be getting home soon. You'd better get going!"

"Yes. I still have some work to get done at the hospital," Mamoru said as he stood up.

"Hi Mom! I'm home!" A male voice echoed through the house.

"Hello Shingo! How was your day?" Ikuko asked casually.

"Long," Usagi's brother answered as he entered the living room.

Over the years Shingo had grown taller and filled out to a handsome, well built young man, but he still looked much as he had the first day Mamoru met him. He still had unruly brown hair, though he wore it a little shorter, and the same bright blue eyes of his sister, though Mamoru would swear they weren't nearly as bright.

"Hi Mamoru-kun! What are you doing here?"

"Hey Shingo. I was having tea with your mom while we talked about some things. Howa re things going between you Mika? Usagi tells me that you were going over to her place for supper this weekend," Mamoru lead, trusting in Usagi's general tardiness.

"Yeah, she invited me over for Friday. I'm a little nervous, though. Her dad seems a little less friendly ever since we started going out." While Shingo was replying Ikuko slipped out to let the boys chat. Shingo has been friends with Kayama since they were children. Her mother had taught her how to make porcelain dolls, and she had won many awards for them. They had been going out for three years now.

"I know what that is like," Mamoru said with a laugh. "Take it as a good sign. It means her parents really car for her, and don't want anything to happen to her. Don't let him scare you off, all he's doing is trying to protect his baby. Look at how your dad acts towards me. He just doesn't want to loose Usagi."

"I don't envy you with dad. Kayama's dad isn't half as bad as him. Hey, what are you getting Usagi for her birthday? I have no clue what to get her."

"I'm sure that you could find her something. Doesn't Rumiko Takahashi have a new series coming out? I'm sure that she'd enjoy that."

"Yeah, but I want to get her something special. I mean, it's her twenty-first birthday. What are you getting her?" Shingo repeated his question, determined to get an answer.

Not wanting to tell many people before the actual event, Mamoru was unsure of how to proceed. "Well, it's not really a gift, but more like a night that she will never forget. I plan on taking her to the Mare for dinner at our table, and Kino has already agreed to let me put a few dozen roses around it. Then a little dancing and a walk in the garden. After that we will probably go watch he sunset on the lake, and do some star gazing."

"How can you come up with all these ideas? Usagi will love it! Last year she was smiling for a week, but wouldn't say a word."

"Your sister is really good at unintentionally dropping hints, and I just use them to my advantage. Watch for what makes a girl sigh during a movie, listen when she tells you little things like how they love this or that, and work with that. Usagi has a thing with the moon, so I've taken her on boat rides where it is only the moon and stars lighting the way, and she loves it. And you know your sister and how she shows her happiness. So when she is enjoying herself, so am I."

"How can you be that creative?"

"Just pay attention to her, which really isn't that difficult. Here, Kayama likes dolls, and judging form most of the ones I've seen from her, she has a thing for old fashioned stuff. That leads into the idea of a trip to Heritage Village, complete with old fashioned pictures and watch the sun set from the temple park. End the day with dinner at the inn and then off to the lake for a sunset boat trip. You get a relaxing night with her, and she gets a sunset in your arms. See, it's not that hard to come up with a creative getaway. Just read into things at first and once you know her well enough, you can make her sigh easily. Just don't do these fancy excursions every week. Space them out and make them special."

"You sure know a lot about how to treat a girl right, Mamoru. Could you pass some of those ideas on to Kenji?" Ikuko asked as she came back into the room. "Usagi just called. She just stopped in at the Crown after her shopping trip and will be home in about half an hour."

"Thank you, Ikuko," Mamoru said as he got up. "I should get going. I have to get my charts caught up."

"How are things going for you there? Usagi says that you are really enjoying your work."

"It's great. I get to help out so many people, and I've had a few kids who remind me of myself. The advancement of technology and general knowledge on how to help people with head injuries has really improved. Giving these kids a chance is great. And everyone loves it when Usagi comes in. She's their 'angel'."

"That's Usagi for you. Anyway, it was delightful talking with you Mamoru, and I'll be seeing you again soon, I hope," Ikuko said as she led Mamoru to the door.

"As do I," he smiled. "Hopefully I'll survive my meeting tomorrow."

"It shouldn't be that bad," Ikuko assured.

"I'll see you around, Shingo. Remember, pay attention to details," Mamoru added as he left the house. "Bye!"

"See ya, Mamoru!" Shingo called.

A few minutes later, Usagi walked in though the same door her boyfriend had just exited.

"Hi mom! I'm home! I could swear, I just saw Mamoru driving down the street. Weird, huh?"

"Well, he isn't the only person with that car. Or was it the bike?"

"The car. Oh, mom, you should see this dress I bought. It's gorgeous! Mamoru will love it!" Usagi squealed as she carried her shopping bags into the kitchen where Ikuko was working on supper.

"Well, let me see!" she demanded. Upon viewing the garment, Ikuko couldn't help but agree. "Oh, that will look so good on you! Your resent to him on your birthday?"

"Is it that close already? I suppose so. I've been so busy with work and school and everything. Where did all the time go, mom?"

"I don't know. You probably slept most of it away!" Ikuko teased.

"Mom!" While over the last few years Usagi had greatly improved in her grades, eating habits and promptness, she still had a weakness for sleep. To Luna she claimed she was catching up on all the hours she lost as a Senshi, to her mom it was her only way to conserve energy. The string of truth that ran through each was that life took too much out of her.

"I'm joking, hun. Don't worry, I used to sleep the day away too!"

"Oh. There was this other dress, too. As the girls and I were walking to the arcade after shopping I spotted this dress in a window. It was gorgeous! The way things are going, though, I don't know where I'll ever get to wear something like it. But, oh, it was beautiful."

"You lost me somewhere. What did the dress look like?"

"It was the perfect princess dress. Mamoru's jaw would hit the floor if he ever saw me in it. When will I ever get wear it, though?"

By this point Ikuko had inferred what Usagi was talking about. "Usagi, oh, honey, I can't see you having to wait too long. The two of you have been seeing each other for what, seven years? You have just finished school, and you love each other with such a passion. If I don't see a ring on that finger of yours in the next year I would be shocked. I swear, the two of you are a match made in heaven, but if I could, I would steal him from you for myself."


"He's a doll, and so in love with you No one could take him from you, no matter how hard they try. And he knows how to look after a girl. I heard him talking with your brother the other day, telling him how to woo a girl. He sure knows what he's doing. And what's this I hear about moonlit excursions on the lake?"

"Wha?... Oh! Yeah, Mamoru sometimes takes me out on the lake in the park and we just sit there staring at the sky... How did you know?"

"Mamoru mentioned it when he was talking with Shingo. What else has he done?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"What aren't you going to tell your mother?" Kenji asked as he came in through the back door.

"The sweet, romantic things her boyfriend does. You could take some notes," Ikuko responded for her daughter.

"No doubt he does them just to get in her pants." Kenji went on edge at the mention of *him*.

"Hardly, daddy. Mamoru is the perfect gentleman. He is so caring for everything and everyone. He even has a place in his heart for you, though I don't know why. You have never been kind to him when all he has ever shown this family is kindness. I'm going to put my stuff way. Call me when supper's ready, please, mom."

"Of course, dear." As soon as Usagi left, Ikuko started in on her husband. "You know she's right. That young man is so wonderful. I don't think there could be a better match for Usagi in all the world. And don't you dare tell me you would rather see her with someone like Umino! She would be miserable. Mamoru has class and brains. And he adores our daughter. What else do you want? Kenji, our baby has grown up. It's time we faced facts, she's isn't a little girl any more."

"I just can't stand the thought of loosing her. She is our baby, and soon enough she'll be having children of her own."

"Don't get ahead of yourself. We have to get rid of her first."

"But it's coming. You know our Usagi. She'll be wanting a baby soon after she gets married, and that will be all too soon. We are loosing our little girl to that man. I'm not ready for this, Ikuko. We aren't that old are we?"

"Kenji! You're only forty-five! You are far from old. As for losing Usagi, that will never happen. She will always be our little girl. Nothing can change that. Nothing. She may not live with us, but we aren't losing her. We are gaining a son. A son who has never known the love of a parent. Don't make this relationship a choice for Usagi. She loves Mamoru with all her heart, but she won't go past loving him without knowing that you are alright with it. And I don't think Mamoru would take this any further than dating without your consent either. Don't hold back their love for yourself. We've had our time with Usagi. It's time we let her go."

"You're right. You always are. But I'm going to miss her."

"Don't rush things, dear! They aren't even engaged yet. And knowing Usagi, we'll be having dinner with them on a regular basis. We will never really lose her. She's our daughter. Now, supper is just about ready. Go and get out of your work clothes."


"Keiko, you have me down for lunch with a Cheeba Mamara, but you don't have a reason."

"Oh, ya, that guy! He wouldn't say. Said it was personal, nothing to do with the law."

"Well, then, I'm off to meet this mystery man to talk about an unknown topic. I'll be back in an hour and a half."


"Chiba-san! Wonderful to see you again! Where is Tsukino-san?"

"Usagi isn't coming today, Hoto-san. But I am waiting for a Tsukino-san. Usagi's father."

"It's about time! The two of you have been coming her for years, finally moving along, ne!"

"Gee, someone isn't happy about this!"

"Only because I expect the reception to be here. Anyway, the normal table?"

"No, I think something a little more formal is in order today. I don't think the corner would be a good place for this. Besides, I want as many witnesses as possible if something goes wrong. Kami, I'm nervous."

"I don't blame you. How about table twelve?"

"Sound good. Is Shingo working today?"

"Um, not yet. He isn't on until later. You have Kari-san as your waitress."


"And can I get you anything to drink while you wait?"

"I would go for some hard liquor, but I'm on call, and I don't think that would make a good impression," Mamoru joked. "I think I'll just wait until Tsukino-san arrives."

"Alright," Hoto Sapporo responded. "That him?"

At this a man around his mid-forties walked in.

"That's him alright."

The older man returned to the front of the restaurant and greeted Kenji.

"I'm here to meet a Cheeba Mamara, has he arrived yet?"

"I have a Chiba Mamoru waiting for Tsukino Kenji, but that is it," Hoto responded, trying not to laugh at the mistake in Mamoru's name.

"I guess that is who I'm supposed to meet. I'm Tsukino Kenji."

"This way then, please," Hoto said as he grabbed a couple of menus and lead Kenji to Mamoru's table.

Noticing them coming, Mamoru stood up.

"Tsukino-san. It's a pleasure," Mamoru said with a bow. Kenji returned it and then got a look at Mamoru's face.

"You! I thought the name was familiar."

Mamoru took the bite in Kenji's voice in stride, determined to be nothing but professional. "Please have a seat, Tsukino-san. We have much to discuss," Mamoru said as he sat down again. Kenji followed suit as Hoto quickly put down the menus and left.

"You might as well get right to the point, young man. I don't have the time to just bead around to bush for an hour, not getting anything done," Kenji stated firmly. He had a pretty good idea why he was sitting here, and already knew what his answer would be, but wasn't about to make it easy on the young man. While Mamoru had shown his devotion to Usagi, Kenji wanted to see more of his character, especially under pressure. He didn't know the young man sitting before him that well. He needed to be tested a little more.

"Uh, don't you want to order first?" Mamoru tried to buy himself some time. He was suddenly more nervous than he had ever been in his life.

"I'll just have the curry."

"Usagi's favourite," Mamoru mumbled.

"What was that? Speak up young man," Kenji reprimanded.

"I was just saying that curry is Usagi's favourite. Every time we come here she orders it."

"She comes by it honestly, and her mother doesn't make a half bad dish. But the best curry is at Soe Mai's in Kyoto."

"I take it you've never had Usagi's then? It's delicious."

"Usagi, cook? Is it really edible?" Kenji realized suddenly that he had blown his cover. Figuring that Mamoru was having a hard enough time, Kenji gave up the act.

"It looks awful, but I don't think I've ever tasted anything better."

"I'll have to get her to make some."

"Excuse me, gentlemen, may I take your orders?" a young waitress asked, interrupting their conversation.

"I'll have the curry with a coke, please."

"The sushi bento with tea, please Kari-san."

"Certainly. Anything else for you, gentlemen?"

"That's everything. Thank you."

"Alright, I'll be back right away with your drinks and your meal soon after that."

"Thank you, Kari-san," Mamoru said as the young woman went to fill their orders.

"I take it you come here often?"

"Yes. It seems like I'm always here. This is where I got my first job after I moved out on my own. I worked first as a dishwasher, but quickly moved up the ranks. Now I come here with Usagi at lest once a week, and on business on a regular basis. The hospital is close, and the food here is much better than the cafeteria's."

"I've been lucky enough to not have been at the hospital often, but I must say the food is terrible."

The two men laughed for a moment and then an uncomfortable silence took over. Mamoru was the one to break it.

"I guess we should get to the point of this meeting, shouldn't we?"

"I'd suppose so," Kenji responded, wondering how Mamoru was going to do this.

"Tsukino-san, I have been seeing your daughter for almost seven years now, and have only fallen further and further in love with her each passing day. I know that you and I have never been on the best of terms, but I would like to ask your permission to marry Usagi. She is the reason I live and I want to spend the rest of my life by her side. I would be honoured with your blessing," Mamoru requested.

"Mamoru, one look at you when you are with Usagi shows how much you care for her, and her love back to you. Even sitting here with you now I can tell how much you love her, which is why the only response I could possibly give is to wish the two of you all the happiness the world can bring. You were made for each other. Welcome to the family, son."

This sudden acceptance from the man Mamoru was afraid would hill him the moment he entered the room shocked him. The simple agreement to the potential engagement was endearing, however, the final word uttered by Kenji brought tears to Mamoru's eyes. That this man with such high expectations from his own children would accept him into his family left Mamoru speechless.

"Well, don't just sit there, boy! Tell me, when are you planning on asking her?"

"It's going to be a birthday present for her, but I still haven't decided on the exact date. Sometime over the weekend, though."

"Are you kids holding a party for her?"

"Yes, on Saturday. I think Rei is hosting it at the temple."

"Then you need to decide if you want to let Usagi flaunt the ring at the party, ask her at the party, or wait until after. Asking her after keeps you from overshadowing the other gifts for the moment, but also makes it harder to contact everyone. At the party, well, unless you can slip her off somewhere, you will only get yourself into trouble. And then there's before the party. Then you have a way to announce the engagement to everyone, are under less pressure, and can have the week to set things up. That would be my choice."

"I think I will enjoy having another rational mind to bounce ideas off of. That is a good idea, thank you." Mamoru made a mental note of Kenji's analytical mind.

"It's no problem. Now, maybe you can give me a hand with something. It's Ikuko's and my anniversary on the eighteenth and I want to make it special. Do you have any ideas?"

Mamoru grinned at this. "I'd love to help, but I don't know what Ikuko really enjoys, and something that shows you know her really well is what makes a truly memorable gift." Before Mamoru could continue his pager began to beep. Giving it a quick glance as he turned it off told him that something was wrong. The message was from Doctor To. She knew Mamoru was on at an important meeting and wouldn't have him paged unless it was something serious. "Shittama. If you will excuse me for a moment, Tsukino-san. I'm afraid I'm on call, and this could be important."

"Of course. I hope it isn't too serious."

Slipping off to the phone Mamoru made a quick call to the hospital. What he heard wasn't good. Returning to the table Mamoru quickly pulled some money out of his wallet, checked to make sure it was enough to cover the bill, and put it on the table by his half eaten meal.

"I'm terribly sorry, Tsukino-san. One of my younger patients is suffering from severe seizures. They have gotten them under control for the moment, but I want to get back as soon as I can. Could we continue this conversation some other time?" Mamoru offered as he put on his suit jacket and bowed.

"Of course. I hope the little one is alright. Maybe we could have dinner at our place sometime. I'd have to talk with Ikuko and Usagi, but I think it will work," Kenji offered.

"That would be delightful. I'll wait for an invitation from Usagi, then?"

"Of course. I will see you then."

"Good day!" and Mamoru was off to attend to his patient.


In the dark room a couple lay holding a quiet conversation.

"I guess it is finally time, isn't it, Ikuko? Mamoru and I had lunch together today. He was asking for Usagi's hand. I have to commend the lad. He asked in such a way that I just couldn't say no, even if I'd plan to. They really love each other, don't they?" The deep male voice said, unable to hide the hint of sorrow in it.

"Yes, they do. Like nothing I've ever seen," the other occupant of the room replied, how own love evident in the softness of her voice.

"I guess that there is just one problem left then."

"What's that, dear?"

"How are we going to get rid of Shingo?"

Quietly the two laughed, but both were thinking about their real problem. Their little girl had grown up and would be getting married soon. In a week and a half she would be twenty-one and engaged.

"At least they will stay close. I couldn't see them moving from Mamoru's place too soon, and that is just a few blocks away."

"I would have had Mamoru promise that they would visit regularly, but he was called away suddenly. That reminds me, we weren't finished our conversation and wanted to continue it, but both our schedules are pretty packed. I suggested that he come over here for dinner one night. What do you think?"

"I think that is a perfect idea! How about for Usagi's birthday? We could-"

"How about we run the idea by Usagi? Actually, since she still thinks that I can't stand Mamoru, why don't you run it by her? And then my not trying to kill Mamoru could just add to this birthday? For some reason I don' think this year will be easily forgotten."

"I think that is an excellent idea. I'm going to sleep. Goodnight, Kenji."

Leaning over, Kenji gave Ikuko a kiss. "Goodnight, dear."


Walking into the staff room on the fourth floor, the blonde haired, ogandoed Usagi exclaimed, "Mamo-chan! There you are! Oh, I hate it when you have the graveyard shift. Mom and I were talking yesterday - Hi Saroka! - we were talking and she suggested that you come over for supper on my birthday. I wa-"

Usagi's monologue was cut short as Mamoru gently placed two fingers over her lips.

"Usako, you look gorgeous," he stated as he lifted his fingers. "Now, what were you saying about dinner on your birthday? I thought you were celebrating with your family?"

"I am, but you're invited too! Oh, Mamo-chan, please say you'll come?" Usagi was wired. The thought of having Mamoru over for supper, and the promise that her dad would behave had her extremely excited.

"Usako, isn't that your parents' day with you? I don't want to take you away from them, especially with how much time we have been spending together lately. That has always been their day."

"But Mamo-chan, it was mom who suggested it! I didn't even bring it up. And she seemed really excited about it. Please say you'll come, please, Mamo-chan?" Usagi asked again, giving Mamoru a pleading look.

"Usako, you know I can't resist those eyes. Of course I'll go, I just don't want to take away from your time with your family."

"How could you take away from my time with them? You are just as much a part of my family as they are, if not more, how many times do I have to tell you that?" Not giving Mamoru a chance to reply, Usagi captured his lips in a heart stopping kiss. Filled with passion and their undying love for each other the two didn't notice the door to the room open as Motoki walked in.

"Hey, Mamoru... Love-birds!" He called, pulling them out of their little world.

"Yes Motoki?" Mamoru answered in a less than happy tone at being interrupted.

"You still here?"

"Yeah. Usagi came to drag me away though."

"Then get dragged. I'd be out of here in a heartbeat with the way Sotoma has been acting lately."

"True. I'll see you later, then," Mamoru agreed about their boss who had been very picky about everything lately. "Ready Usako?"

"Of course," she agreed and they walked out of the staff room and headed towards the elevators.

A few minutes later the two were in Mamoru's car heading out to the country for a picnic.

"Mamo-chan, I think it's time we told my parents."

"Tell you parents what, Usako?" Mamoru asked as he glanced over at her from behind the steering wheel.

"I think we should tell them everything."

Mamoru almost lost control of the car as it dawned on him. "What?"

"After supper on my birthday. I think we should tell them," Usagi explained.

"Why Usako?" Mamoru had regained some of his composure.

"Well, we haven't fought anyone in years, so I don't think that they will be in any danger because of that, and I really don't like keeping all this a secret. It just isn't far to them. I mean, remember how you felt whenever Chibi-Usa would go into battle? Don't they at least deserver to know a little about that side of my, our lives? How would you have felt if you didn't get that chance knowledge of Chibi-Usa?"

"You're right, of course. We have no right to keep this from your parents. Who knows, I may even get a little more trust from your dad," Mamoru joked.

"That would be nice. Oh, Mamo-chan. I miss he so much," Usagi said in reference to their future daughter, Chibi-Usa.

"Me too, Usako, me too. Maybe she will come back for a visit soon. Setsuna may let her out for a run through time as a resent one year."

"That would be marvellous. Mamo-chan, do you think we should tell mom and dad about her? I mean, what if they take it the wrong way? How could we get past that problem?"

"I really don't know. But I think that if we plan on telling them about our deaths, we should tell them about our daughter. If all we tell them about are the trials we have faced it will only be a burden. Since most of the good things that have happened to us are when Chibi-Usa is around, we should tell them about her."

"You're right. So what do we tell them? And how? Do we just jump right on in, or what?"

"How about we cross that bridge when we get there? For now, lets enjoy the sun," Mamoru offered as he pulled off the highway onto an old road leading to their favourite picnic site.