Crazy Fantasy: Part 8-1

"There are times when I seriously hate you, Wills," I say as I emerge from the bathroom. "Why am I the one turning out my stomach as you lie here, contently asleep, on behalf of your heir?" I sit on the edge of the bed and run my hand softly over his face. He looks so calm like this, almost like a little boy, but even asleep he has some of that roguish quality that didn't properly surface until we were on our honeymoon. I push a stray hair out of his eyes and am about to say his name to wake him when another wave of nausea hits, and I run for the toilets again. This morning ritual is getting old, really fast. Slumping over the bowl I feel Wills rub his hand over my back and make sure my hair is out of the way. I've taken to wearing it in a plait to help keep it clean. Once the heaving stops, I collapse against the toilet reitterate my earlier statement, "I seriously despise you at times, William Wales."

"Do you want me to cancel your 9am appointment?" he asks, ignoring my comment while I brush my teeth.

"It's with Liz," I answer after spitting out the paste. "Can you please tell them to not schedule me for anything before 10 for the next month?" I add, as I head back to bed and grab some saltines. "I thought I was supposed to be gaining weight, not loosing it."

"I'll call the doctor and see if he can come over today," Wills says as he heads for the phone.

"Wills, honey, it's alright," I try to calm him down, wrapping my arms around his waist. "Remember, he said this was normal. I'm a little worse than most mothers, but not far out of the norm. I just have to eat a lot and often so I get as many nutrients as I can. We've already been through this, and he's coming here next week, anyway. Come and sit with me for a bit, please?"

Wills puts down the phone and joins me on the bed.

"I love you, honey."

"I love you, my princess," Wills says as he holds me close. "I wish there was something I could do for you. In a few years I'll rule the Commonwealth, but I feel so helpless when it comes to your health."

"Join the party," I laugh. "It'll pass, we know that. It only lasted a month for mom; hopefully it'll be less for me. Oh, you are so comfy. Can I just go back to sleep for twenty minutes, please?"

I cuddle in deeper while Wills gives me a look that says we both know better. "Aren't you supposed to meet with Gran?"

"We, actually. About the cause of my exhaustion," I correct with a yawn. "Didn't you look at our schedules for today?"

"Only what time and where my first meeting was," he explains. "I believe we were a little distracted last night."

I smile coyly as I recall the previous evening. I was feeling particularly better, and we both took advantage of that.

* * *