Crazy Fantasy: Part 4-2

In the morning the five of us cram into an SUV for the drive into Gen's university. Jon and Gen discuss the material as she does some last minute review. She seems to know everything very well. I walk with her to the exam room where a couple of her classmates are already sitting, doing some final review. We sit on the benches sitting in the hall with Jon standing beside us continuing to quiz Gen and my two bodyguards standing opposite us. I wrap an arm casually around her back and listen to her discussion with Jon, asking the occasional question. My marketing experience has been as the subject of campaigns, but it's a survey course so the concepts are pretty general and I can understand a lot of what they are discussing.

More and more of Gen's classmates begin to show up and we get a variety of looks and a few stares. Gen does well at ignoring the students she doesn't know but smiles and waves to those she does. A few are brave enough to walk up to us and Gen introduces us before asking a question about the exam or summer plans.

I am so proud of how comfortable she appears. She isn't letting the stares get to her and is able to control the conversation.

My bodyguards gradually move in closer as the hallway fills until they are standing almost over top of me. They continue to scan the crowd, getting more tense the close to the exam we get. Only Jon seems relaxed, but even he continues to keep an eye out, and is sitting very close to Gen and I. Suddenly Gen and I both notice a slight increase in their tension. It isn't enough for there to be an actual threat, but possibly someone with a nice camera. I take it as my cue that it's time to wish Gen luck and go wait for her in the hall we had walked past earlier.

"I think we've pushed our luck enough for the moment," I say quietly so only Gen can hear, leaning in close as I start transferring my weight to stand. "Good luck."

Gen looks at me with hopeful eyes and her teasing request from last night is no longer up for debate. I brush my lips first against her cheek then lightly against her lips before standing up.

Last year her cheeks would have turned a lovely rosy pink. This time she just smiles up at me and promises to see me once it's over and jokes that I shouldn't hide too well on her. On edge, I walk away from her in time to see the reason for our guards' tension at the edge of the crowd. I smile at the resourceful French photographer we first met on the Hudsons' farm before we'd even made our relationship public. Gen has struck up a bit of a partnership with him. After he managed to show up at a few places very unexpectedly, Gen worked out an agreement with him that gives us a way to leak the occasional bit of news, but is also protecting her privacy - and image - a bit.

My guards and I find an isolated corner that is a bit quieter and settle in for the wait. Gen's exam is scheduled to take two hours. She knows her material extremely well, but isn't sure how long the exam itself will be. Her professor is not consistent with his exams being 'most complete' compared to 'most correct' for an exam style. I pull out a history book and begin to read, ignoring the occasional stare. The novel looks like it could be a textbook, so I could be a very close look alike reviewing for an afternoon exam.

About fifteen minutes after exams started and the halls became silent, Gen's photographer begins walking down the hall. He has his camera put away, but Steve is on edge and eyeing him warily. Personally, I couldn't be happier to have him show up. While it would be nice for a student to get the cash for the scoop about me being here, this means the photos will be of better quality and end up in the right papers to be getting the images out.

"Hello, Monsieur," I say once he is close enough to hear me speak at a normal volume. I'd rather avoid having anyone use my title at the moment. "What brings you to the university today?"

He smiles and bobs his head in a nod of respect. For a member of the paparazzi, and a particularly ruthless one, he has some class. "I was planning to get a photo of Genevieve as she finished her last final of the year. It looks like I stumbled onto a better story, though." I smile in agreement. "I thought you would be in Scotland closing up your dorm?" he questions.

"I got an offer that was too good to pass up," I hint.

He looks confused for a moment, but quickly smiles and says knowingly, "The network interview."

I nod.

"Will you be here for long?"

"We are flying out this afternoon, but will be on campus for a few hours."

"Do you mind?" he asks as he pats his satchel.

"We are in a public place," I say in a dismissive voice. I'm sure some of the conspiratorial expression Gen normally wears when we plan stunts like this is on my face. "There isn't anything I can do to stop you. Though it would be nice if you shared some of the earnings with the students you are going to scoop. I think you'll make some good money today." I leave out the obvious reason of me even being here so he will keep an eye out for any extras we may slip in.

He raises an eyebrow at the tip, but notices Steve starting to posture at my side. "I'll leave you to your reading and look forward to seeing you soon."

I nod and return to my book. A few minutes later I can hear the sound of a shutter in the distance but choose to ignore it and continue to read. That brief conversation was enough interaction with the press for me today.

* * *

My final was easier than I expected. Even with checking my answers over I am finished in 75 minutes and am one of the first to leave. I really hope that isn't a bad sign. Jon gets up from his spot at the front of the lecture hall

* * *