Crazy Fantasy: Part 4-1

"I don't know how Wills talked me into this," I mutter to Jon as we walk into the Hudson's largest sitting room. He only smiles knowingly while scanning the room. It's hardly recognizable from the space I was studying in the other day.

"Gen!" Mary cries as she walks over to me. "We were afraid we'd have to start without you!" she jokes.

"Sorry I'm late," I apologize. "Things were a little behind at the center today."

"Nothing to fret about," Jim assures. "You've only lost fifteen minutes, and these things never start on time."

At this point, a perky lady, probably in her late twenties, comes up to me. "You must be Miss Hudson!" she says excitedly. "Your pictures don't do you justice. I knew you were gorgeous, but wow! We're hardly going to need any makeup."

She waves to one of the other people in the room who rushes over and begins applying powder to my nose. As much as I wish to protest I sigh and let them do their job, muttering "Not too much, please," as the team begins to apply eye makeup.

Quite suddenly, all the commotion in the room seems to stop as the only person I would consent to do this with arrives.

Brenda Waters, reporter extraordinaire, is here to interview the prince's girlfriend. It's enough to make anyone nervous, and I'm dating the next King of England!

"Genevieve," she says gently. "Thank you for agreeing to this interview."

I smile. "I'm glad it's with you," I answer honestly. "You are one of the only reporters I would trust with this."

Brenda smiles as well and gestures to the pair of chairs in front of the cameras. "Are you ready to get started?"

"That's why I'm here," I answer taking the chair opposite her.

Brenda held up a hand to stop the cameras. "Do you want to do this interview?"

"Would your husband have wanted to give an interview when you were still dating?"

She smiles appreciatively. "Do you mind discussing that on camera?"

Jon, standing behind Brenda, shakes his head.

"I can't," I say. "You understand, I hope."

Nodding, she agrees. "I'll do my best to make this as comfortable for you as I can," she promises, sitting down in one of the chairs set up for this interview. The cameras begin to film, and my first interview for the world to feast on begins. Time drifts by as I answer questions about my childhood, Scott, and a bit about how I met Wills and what it is like to be dating the next King of England. Eventually, we take a break as both of us could us a drink. Brenda had asked some strong, probing questions but kept me feeling relatively comfortable.

* * *

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* * *

"While we're off camera do you mind if I ask you a few questions about your relationship?"

"I can't," I answer. "I don't even talk to some of my closest friends about us. It's just too risky."

"I understand. I've met William a few times; he seems the sort who really values privacy."

"Very much, unfortunately, we don't get a lot. It's hard to hide a trip across the ocean, so the paparazzi almost always know when we are together."

"So you haven't seen each other since February?"

"No. I went over for reading week and we celebrated my birthday a week early."

"Do you mind if we film this?"

"As long as it doesn't get too personal," I answer after an approving nod from Jon.

The camera crews begin filming and we go through the conversation again.

"So it's been three months since you've seen each other?"

"Around there. You've probably seen him more recently than I have – at the benefit in London at the end of March."

"That must be hard to deal with."

"We do what we can. We love Skype," I say with a smile. "I'm looking forward to next week when he graduates. I write my last exam of the term tomorrow afternoon and I have an evening flight to Scotland."

"We should be doubly grateful for this time then. You surely want to study."

I smile ruefully. I've been writing exams for two weeks. My head feels ready to explode. "I schedule study time around everything else. Having a bodyguard to do the driving and quiz me doesn't hurt, either."

"Getting your schedule to match with William's must be a challenge."

"It's surprisingly simple, actually. When either of us has time off we immediately start making travel plans."

"Which is why I'm here now," an unmistakable voice says from behind me. I jump out of my chair and have my arms around Wills' neck before anyone else has time to react.

"I thought I was supposed to go to England this time?" I ask him quietly.

"You still get to," he answers. "I just couldn't wait to see you, and when ABC offered I jumped at the chance," he added for the microphone hanging over our heads. Then, presenting me with a pair of roses – one red and one blue – he lightly kissed my cheek. "For you."

"Thank you, Wills." The flowers had become Wills trademark with me. Every week I get one red rose – a symbol of his love – and one blue rose – a symbol of how he misses me. He somehow found out they were my favorite flower before he left the first time, and has been spoiling me since. We hug again – technically more affectionate than we are supposed to be in public, but after this long we don't really care – then Wills moves to sit down so we can finish the interview. I laugh at him as he pulls me into his lap in the chair I had been sitting in. His grandmother is going to kill us. Might as well enjoy it while we can!

Brenda smiles at our antics as well, waiting until we are relatively settled, Wills arms wrapped possessively around my waist, before she continues.

"I hope you don't mind the surprise," she jokes.

"Absolutely not!" I laugh. "I couldn't have thought of anything better," I add and Wills gently rubs his unexposed thumb against my stomach lovingly.

"You have a unique choice in flowers, Your Highness."

I could feel Wills stiffen ever so slightly when she addressed him as ‘your highness', but at least it was a safe question. Wills is becoming more relaxed with the press lately, but still doesn't trust them completely. I doubt anyone in our positions ever will.

"The blue are Genevieve's favorite," he explains, "and the red is pretty self-explanatory."

I can already hear Elizabeth yelling at him for that one. I, however, smile and smell the flowers in question.

Barbara continues to ask carefully phrased questions which we take turns answering, normally knowing exactly what the other is going to say. Inevitably, we arrive at the question we knew was coming from the moment the interview was first suggested.

"The two of you will be celebrating your one year anniversary as an official couple in a few weeks, when this show is going to be aired. Now that you have made it this far, where do you see yourselves in the future?"

"We have some ideas, but Gen has another year of university to get through before we make any solid plans." We both think of the other factor in the equation - blessing from his grandmother - that is the more likely thing to slow the plans.

Trying to probe further, Brenda asks, "Once you have finished with all the ceremonies planned for the next week what do you plan on doing, Your Highness?"

"I am taking the summer off and spending some time with Gen and my brother. There have also been many public appearances planned. The lot of us are going to the Harry Potter IV premier in August. In the fall I will be joining the British forces, following tradition."

Don't ask him, please don't ask him…

"Do you like following tradition?"


We both pause for a second, each having a less than glamorous view of the idea. But there is one good side to it.

"If it weren't for tradition we never would have met. My friends' draw to celebrities didn't hurt either," I add, steering away from a topic Wills and I rarely discuss. It isn't really open for discussion while Elizabeth is on the throne.

"We spoke about how you met a little earlier. What was your view during the first days of your relationship, your Highness?"

Well, I tried.

"I remember being very nervous for the first time we met formally. I had given Gen an invitation to a ball that was happening the night after we arrived, but barely got a second to hand it to her. By the time she got a chance to realize that I had given her something I had to move along. And I was more than a little jet lagged. The next time that I saw Gen, at the gala, she literally took my breath away. I was at a complete loss for words. She still does that to me," Wills adds and I can feel him gazing down at me lovingly. "Right away I knew she was something special. I still remember how much of a fool I felt when she mentioned her boyfriend. I felt almost worse when Gen explained his passing. If it weren't for Scott, though, we may never have met," I can feel his hand on the chain around my neck, on which I keep his locket and Scott's ring. I've thought about taking off the ring, but even the thought feels like a betrayal of his memory. Wills understands my need and I'm so grateful for his acceptance that Scott is a part of me, just as Di and Charles are a part of Wills.

"So you don't mind that your girlfriend was nearly engaged to another?"

"That's a very complex question. If he were still alive, Gen and Scott would likely be planning their wedding now. It's a strange feeling, knowing she could have been in that position, but maybe, one day, we will. Scott is an important part of who Gen is, and if they had never been a couple, she would be very different from the woman I'm holding. Even if I do envy the time Scott had with Gen, I'm grateful she got it." He gently kisses the back of my head and I smile at him. There is the most attractive sparkle in his eye shining his love down at me.

Thankfully, this ended the more personal questions and we finished the interview about an hour later with a walk through the stables and talking about the riding camp.

"It has been a delight to speak with the two of you. Thank you for agreeing to let us set this up."

"It has been very nice," I agree, my arm wrapped through Wills'. Finally, the camera crews disappear and the last of the network vans pull out from in front of the Hudson's. As it turns around the bend out of sight, Wills turns to me and I leap into his arms. Instantly our lips meet and we share a very passionate kiss. We completely ignore the guys as they ‘discretely' try to draw us out of our embrace which we normally only share behind closed doors, but three months apart has dampened our normal discretion.

"Don't you two even come up for air?" It was Nate's voice, the Hudson's head groom.

Lifting his head only a moment, Wills calls "Nope" and resumes kissing me. A girl could get used to this.

Like all good things, eventually our embrace ends. As Wills begins to raise his head, I smile up at him.

"I love you," we whisper at the same time, and burst into laughter.

"What are you doing here? I thought you had an exam today?"

"I did. ABC wanted me to surprise you, though, and I was more than willing to see you a few days early. So, as soon as I finished my paper they rushed me to the airport and I took a Concord over," Wills explains as we walk back into the house.

"Your grandmother agreed?"

"Eventually," Wills draws out.

"So, was it an ‘I'm going' or ‘I'll disappear suddenly' agree?"

"Actually, it was ‘You won't take no for an answer, will you'."

"She's figuring you out," I laugh as we enter the house through the kitchen and head to the library where Mary and Jim are waiting.

Just before we enter the library Wills stops and pulls me into his arms.

"I've missed this. Just holding you close, the warmth of your touch, the smile in your eyes," beautiful accented words fill my ears and I gaze into his eyes, love radiating between us.

"We've only got another year, it's half over, this separation, and we've got all summer together."

"I think I may start to enjoy vacation."

"About time," I whisper as we kiss.

"I don't ever want to let you go," Wills says regretfully as he moves to open the door.

"Then for as long as you can, don't," I snake into his embrace as we walk into the library.

"William!" Mary says happily when she sees us; jumping up to give Wills a hug. "Gen, you got lipstick on his cheek!" she adds after looking him over. Rubbing it off him, she tells Wills "You get more handsome every time I see you. Now come set down. What has life been like in Scotland?"

We all talk quietly for an hour or so until my parents arrive and we have dinner. After the meal I excuse myself to get a little studying done. Thankfully, Wills is quite comfortable around my family now. About an hour later he snakes his arms around my waist and lightly kisses the back of my neck.

"Oh," I moan as his lips excite my senses.

"Are you still studying?" he asks, settling in behind me on my bed.

"I was," I say as I lean back into his chest, tilting my head to give him full access to my neck.

"This is your marketing class?"

"Yes, so I'm not too worried. I know the stuff pretty well."

"Then maybe you wouldn't mind studying something else for a bit?"

"What would you have in mind?" I turn in his arms, running my hands over his chest.

"Well, there's French-English relations, royalty and their romances, or Fairytales come true," he accents each idea with a kiss.

"I like the idea of studying all of that, though I must put the crown prince at the top." I kiss him back, pulling him closer and closer to me until I am leaning far back with his chest pressed against mine. "Or maybe on top," I add falling over backwards, pulling Wills down with me.

"You're looking for trouble tonight, aren't you?"

"Maybe I am. But it's been too long since you've held me close. All I want is contact with you. Having you there but not being able to touch you was torture earlier."

"On that I must agree. You do look delicious, though."

We are still lying down on the bed, Wills supporting most of his weight on one arm as he runs the other hand up my side.

"But now the grace has been said. You can start in on the banquet," I nearly plead.

"Are you trying to make me hungry?"

"Of course. The appetizer was delicious, but I'm ready for the main course," I whisper, lifting my body to his, sharing a gentle kiss.

My gentleman finally gives in with a grown. Wrapping his arm around my waist, he lowers us to the bed, all the while kissing away reality. His hands begin to roam over my sides, thighs, stomach, arms, neck, and face. Oh, what a beautiful sensation. It has been too long since he has held me like this. It has been so long since he has held me.

Now that he has relented, I can feel the need in his movements; it's there in my own. Three months is way too long without physical contact.

"I love you," Wills whispers as he begins to kiss along my neck, tickling my over-alert senses. "I've missed you so."

"Je t'aime," I whisper in return, switching to my parents' tongue. "N'arrete pas."

Wills chuckles into my shoulder. "Never, love. I'll kiss you forever."

"I like the sounds of that," I laugh in agreement, so happy to be in is arms again.

There is no time to talk after that as the passion locked away since February is unleashed. Since we met nearly a year ago, Wills' willingness to explore has gone further than even I expected it to. Soon enough I find my bra has been undone and both our shirts, though still on, no longer pose barriers to hands as we madly become re-acquainted. I'm surprised, however, when Wills begins to kiss along my tummy and I suck in tightly in surprise. His explorations soon lead him higher up my body and soon my blouse has been removed, the bra quickly following. My love pauses for a moment and simply stares.

"You are so beautiful, darling," he finally whispers then he continues to kiss me.

I don't know what I did, Lord, but thank you for this second chance.

I sigh at Wills' ministrations. When did he ever become this adventurous? Well, it has been three months, and my birthday dinner in his apartment did get rather intimate. But not this intimate!

"Oh," I gasp as he begins to nibble. It all feels so good.

Did things ever get this intense with Scott? I don't care.

"Baby, you have to stop," I say hoarsely after a bit. "I don't know how much more I can take!" a smile and the sheer pleasure filling my voice.

Wills looks at me with shocked eyes. Doesn't he know what he can do to me? How wonderful it is to be held by him? Touched by him? Feel his love in every move?

"Love, you are unbelievable," I whisper, pulling him up to me, kissing him gently.

He quickly snakes his tongue into my mouth, exploring every corner. I immediately return the favor and take my own turn at exploring his beautifully sculpted body. He has such a fine build. And it is amazingly sensitive to my kisses. As I move to his chest I feel him lightly shudder and a deep moan escapes his throat as I remove his shirt. I smile as I continue to torment my Wills as the minutes rush by until he pulls me up to his lips. Several minutes later Wills looks at me with a shy smile.

"I've missed you," he whispers, holding me close.

"I didn't notice," I joke, gazing up into his eyes.

It is then, much to my dismay, my body begins to respond to the air conditioning as I shiver slightly.

"Oh, love," Wills says as he reaches for my shirt. "As much as I love this view, you are catching a chill. Put this back on."

"You are too much of a gentleman," I chastise as I put my bra and shirt on.

"I'm royalty – it is expected," he laughs, replacing his own shirt.

I gently kiss him. It is so nice to hear him willing to joke about such things.

"Besides, what if Carly walked in?" he adds.

"She'd get a surprise," I laugh, thinking back to the camping trip we went on last summer when Wills got to know my family. Though Carly had brought her boyfriend with her, she always seemed to be popping up on us. She did get some good pictures out of it, though.

"Think I should emerge from the books to visit with everyone a little more?" I offer.

"You'd have to brush your hair first," Wills laughs, running his fingers through the long strands.

"What do you think the public would think if I cut it?" I ask, still debating whether or not to go grab a brush.

"I don't care," Wills states with a downcast look. "I like it long."

I kiss him reassuringly. "I'm not planning on it. Don't worry. I didn't know you liked it that much," I add with a devilish smile. "Pass me the brush from the end table?"

Wills grabs the brush but makes no move to give it to me, instead taking a portion of my hair in his hands and starts to work the tangles out.

"Promise me you won't cut it," he pleads.

"Not for a while, I promise. I like it long, but it does take some maintenance. If we get really busy I may cut it. Or before spending any time in the heat."

Wills pouts, but I simply laugh at him as he finishes with my hair. Setting the brush down he gently kisses me then whispers "I love you. I really like your hair long, though."

Returning his kiss I answer, "I love you, and I know you do. We should go downstairs."

"We get a room to ourselves, without a guard sitting at the door, and you want to leave?"

I laugh. "Want, no. Know we should, yes. That old matron Buckingham sent me is getting through some lessons on propriety."

"I'll have to see she is fired," Wills jokes. We both have received tutelage from the old woman who was once part of the Queen Mum's inner circle. She has a brilliant sense of humor, but still knows how to "follow the rules" – when she has too.

* * *

"Let's go, then, if we must," I concede as I rise from the bed and turn to look at Gen. She sighs and takes my hand, surprising me by pulling me back towards her.

Laughing, she pulls me up onto the bed again. "Screw propriety. I want you to myself."

Thinking of how wrong this was on so many levels of protocol, I laugh as well. "I think that we deserve the reward. It has been three very long months since I last got to kiss you."

Turning me on more than I thought possible by such a simple action, Gen runs her hand up my back and ruffles her fingers though my hair, slowly pulling me down for a kiss, which I gladly share. Surprising me again, she flips us over so she is now sitting over my hips making certain things painfully obvious. She smiles devilishly, and bends to begin tormenting me.

"Gods, Gen, you are either the devil or an angel. I can't decide," I moan, my hands resting on her hips.

"I don't think an angel would do this," she says as she begins to very lightly kiss along my neck and jaw, occasionally nipping my ears. The feel of her rocking gently against me with each movement is total torment, yet I never want this moment to end. I am reaching the edge of reason when Gen suddenly stops and sits up.

"Who is it?" she calls to the door. I must have missed a knock.

"Are you two going to come back downstairs? You are going to be gone for a few weeks and your parents would like to visit with you, Gen," Jon reminds us through the door.

I glance at the clock and am surprised that I've been up here for an hour already.

"We'll be down right away. Thank you, Jon," Gen sounds remorseful.

I sit up with her still on my lap and brush one hand against her cheek while wrapping the other around her waist. "They understand, darling."

"I know," she says in a way that suggests something else is bothering her. I wait for her to continue. "The reality of moving to England just hit me. My parents won't be just a drive down the highway anymore."

I smile. This is a concern that can be easily alleviated. "While my crown is going to be a pain in a lot of respects that is one thing that we have an easy fix for. Flying across the ocean - either us or them - isn't a problem as long as our schedule permits. And we get to set most of our schedule."

Gen shakily returns my smile, knowing it's true, but still not completely placated. "It still isn't the same."

I shake my head, agreeing. "No, it never will be. It hasn't been since you started dating Scott then went to university, though, has it? That's the joys of growing up. They will stay a big part of our lives, as long as they are willing."

Gen's parents have always played such a central role in her life. She has been living on her own since starting university, but still talks with them almost as often as we talk, and stays at their house nearly every other weekend. They have welcomed me into their family completely, though they still have some difficulty accepting what I consider a small gift. It may be difficult to get them to accept plane tickets even if it is to come visit us.

Resting her head against my neck, she whispers, "Thank you."

"Thank you for sharing them with me." I thought I was close with my parents. For the society I grew up in we were, but the Deslariers have shown me a completely different feeling of belonging. If we weren't able to visit as freely as my family's wealth gives us the privilege of, I couldn't imagine having Gen move to London. New Brunswick feels homier to me than most places in Britain. "Let's go spend some time with them."

We visit with Gen's families for another hour before the Delariers leave and we turn in for the night. My bodyguards and I are staying in some of the Hudsons' guest rooms for the night. It's relatively early for New Brunswick, but I'm still running on Greenwich Time, four hours ahead with a few hours of travel thrown in. Simply put, I'm exhausted. Gen walks me to my room.

"Jon and I are heading in at seven to avoid traffic and so I can do some last minute cramming. I'll leave a set of keys for the condo in the kitchen for you so you can sleep in," she smiles at me as we stand outside the door. I'm sure she can see how tired I am.

"I'd rather drive in with you, if I won't be too much of a distraction while you study," I offer. "Our flight doesn't leave until late in the afternoon... Maybe you can give me a tour of your campus."

"It's going to be swarming with students," she cautions.

"I know," I grin. "If our display earlier today is going to be broadcast in a month we should start warming everyone up to us being a bit closer than 'proper'."

Gen's eyes sparkle as she catches my intention. While we haven't spent much time in public together, the few time we have she has either stood the expected pace behind me or has literally been on my arm. Our walking together holding hands as equals this afternoon will hopefully be taken well, but is a big break from what has been seen publicly of our relationship. "Do I get a good-luck kiss?"

I chuckle. She loves to push the boundaries. "We'll see."

Gen stands on her toes and brushes her hand through my hair before pulling my head down for a light kiss. "I'll see you in the morning." She pauses to kiss me again. "Thanks for surprising me today."

"Any time I can," I promise. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

I pull her close and we share a soft kiss in the hallway before saying our final goodnights and going to bed.

* * *