Crazy Fantasy: Part 3-1

Panic rises within me as Jon tries to hide the urgency and frequency of the text messages he's exchanging with the palace. We're in the middle of one of my more challenging lectures, with my most socially inept, technology hating professor, so Jon also has to try and hide the phone from him. I can see him getting irritated, he must have noticed Jon isn't giving the normal blank stare. I try to make up for it by seeming more interested, though the lecture is very boring.

The student to my left whispers to me, "Do you know why we're getting the death glare?"

Shrugging, I nod towards the prof, trying to keep my level of stress down. I don't want to draw any more attention to Jon.

Most people would think Jon is bored and using his phone for some entertainment, but I know better. Something is up and it's driving me nuts not knowing. Class slowly drags to an end, finally freeing me to talk with Jon as the bell rings.

"Miss Delarier, a word please," the professor calls as the class packs up.

I sigh, rolling my eyes at Jon, knowing he's the cause of the summons. Jon barely even notices. As the classroom slowly clears out, I walk to the front of the class, apprehensive about the cause of Jon's distraction. Absent-mindedly, Jon follows, absorbed in his own thoughts. Very strange for my normally overly observant body guard.

Not even giving me a moment to speak, Blake begins his tirade. "The university may see fit to give you a lot more flexibility and turn a blind eye to many issues, but when it comes to behavior within my class, I will not. At the beginning of the term I expressly forbade the use of cell phones and other technology in this room. I will not allow for any excuses. What made you believe you could be an exception?"

I take a deep breath and try to calm my rising anger. I do not appreciate being dressed down unnecessarily, especially by power hungry controlling men. "I think you are confusing me with my bodyguard. Jon was and still is working. This requires him to be able to receive urgent updates in many forms. If it weren't for your own response, I doubt any of the students, besides myself, would have even been aware of Jon using the phone. It is a silent way for him to communicate while I attend your lecture. He tries to respect your request, but some things can't wait." I turn to Jon expecting an explanation but am greeted with a meaningful glance around the room. It is starting to fill up with the next class and I nod in understanding. We need to find somewhere a lot more isolated to continue this discussion.

"Professor, could we continue this conversation in your office?" I ask as kindly as I can. "This is a matter of some urgency and privacy, I believe."

Jon simply nods in confirmation.

My grumpy prof seems to be going through an internal battle of the possibility of helping out a celebrity (and having a bit of a story for dinner parties) and keeping his control. I try to lessen my intimidation factor, adjusting my posture and expression. Nearly ready to admit defeat, I smile when his eyes soften.

"Just let me finish gathering my things," he agrees.

"Thank you, Professor Blake," I smile tightly, my worry creeping onto my face.

Jon gives me a warning look, reminding me that we are surrounded by people. I quickly mask my features and follow Blake to his office. Scott once observed that I was very private and rarely showed emotion on my face. Now I feel more like a stone than ever before. I had given Wills a hard time about it in the summer, and now I am living behind the same mask.

Once the door is closed, Jon hands me his phone, the screen displaying the reason behind the rapid communication of the past half hour.

"Mon dieu," I whisper in shock.

"Wills is already on his way back to London," Jon explains.

"Do we have a flight yet?" I ask.

"The plane takes off in two hours," Jon explains. "Maxine will bring a collection to St. James for you."

I nod in agreement and understanding of the expected state of Wills and Harry by the location. They wouldn't have me staying in the royal apartments unless they knew Wills would benefit from it more than the scandal it would cause. Pushing the twinge of worry aside, I get down to business with my instructor. "Professor, I'm going to be in England for the next week or so. Is there anything I should do to keep up with your class?" I write down the few instructions he gives me and then go speak with my other profs. As we leave the university three quarters of an hour later for the airport I dial Wills cell.

"Hey love," his voice holds relief at my call, but I can still hear the strain in it from the stress of the situation.

"How are you doing?" I ask quietly.

"I'm alright. We passed into England fifteen minutes ago. I should be able to meet you at the airport."

I smile, thinking of being able to see him so soon. "I like that idea, but you should get some sleep."

"Don't even try to talk me out of it. Knowing you're on your way here will make it impossible for me to sleep. Let me be a little productive with my time," he jokes. Sobering up, he adds, "Besides, I want you with me before seeing the rest of the family. I might have Harry with me at the airport. I'm going to see him as soon as I get in."

"How is he doing?" I ask, smiling at Jon to let him know that Wills is doing alright.

"I haven't been able to get a hold of him. Steve says he's on his way back, but he isn't answering his cell. I'm a little worried about him. He had high hopes for what this baby would do for them."

I silently agree. There was high hopes in the entire family for the marriage when Sophie made it far enough though this pregnancy to announce it publicly three months ago. She has had seven miscarriages before this baby. She's due in a month and a half, but it's looking like there may be a new royal by the time I reach London. Or maybe two less than the birth would imply.

I send up a silent prayer for everyone involved. "We all knew how much this meant to both of them. Hopefully everything will work out."

"I hope so too."

* * *