Crazy Fantasy: Part 1-7

Half an hour. Too long. I want to be with her now. Hell, I wanted to be with her as soon as I left. I don't want to leave tomorrow. I just want to hold her in my arms for eternity.

Slowly, I remove my second tux from its travel bag. It's more modern than the last one I wore, but still has a classic look to it; a three button front with a small collar. The breast pocket is virtually hidden thanks to brilliant sewing. The shirt has a simple line to it, the buttons hidden by fabric over them, and a lower collar with just enough room for a small bow tie. I hope Gen likes it.

I carefully dress then straiten my hair and tie in the mirror. Tugging my jacket down, I leave my room and meet everyone to go to dinner. Gran nods approvingly at my suit and we leave for the limo. On our way to the dinner, we meet up with Gen's limo and she pulls up right behind us. I take her arm as she gets out of the car and we go into the building.

The room is filled with older men and their wives. Thank you, Mr. Premier for letting me bring Gen. The introductions progress slowly, but Gen quietly whispers comments about the cabinet members in my ear. I had a hard time not bursting with laughter at some of them. Finally, we sit down to dinner.

On my left is Gramps and Gen to my right. The premier sits next to Gran and his wife across from me. Some other member of his caucus sits next to Gen, and another across from her. We both make polite conversation with the politicians and their wives, but pay most attention to each other. Gen knows the couple across from her, so when we aren't talking to each other, we generally speak with them. As the appetizers are served, I almost laugh as Gen waves the caviar on.

"Do you not like it?" I ask her quietly, smiling.

"I've been told it's an acquired taste," she whispers. "I'd just as soon not acquire it."

"You look stunning tonight. I can see why Scott liked to see you dressed up. It suits the elegant side of you."

"And the woodsy side?"

"You've perfected that look, too."

We continue to talk quietly as the next course is served. On the third course, however, Gen looks over at the couple across from her and the two women start to laugh. I look at Gen, perplexed.

"This dish was once served at a dinner party hosted by the leader of the opposition. It ended up all over his front and the front page of the paper the next day. Our dear premier enjoys showing he can keep his on his plate," she explains.

"Sounds like something Tony would do," I smile. Our dear Prime Minister is known for worse things.

Gen smiles at me and holds my hand under the table as we continue with dinner. There is the occasional advantage to being left handed. Dinner finishes and the men begin to go to the games room for brandy and to talk politics and the women to the parlor to gossip. Just as I am about to say goodbye to Gen for the night, the premier's wife comes up to us.

"There can't be much of interest for the two of you surrounded by all us old folks," she sighs. I begin to protest but she cuts me off. "I'm sure you'd rather spend time together than with us, at least." We cautiously nod in agreement. "Why don't you come with me, then? Your bodyguards will make suitable chaperones, though I'm sure you wouldn't need one," she adds with a smile.

She leads us to another room, the guys following not far behind.

"Have a good time," she says to us as she leaves, hinting at something else. I smile at her, though both Gen and I know nothing will happen. The room is very ornate with a large fire place covering one wall along with many picture frames. The other walls follow with the Victorian theme and have ornate wall paper and portraits covering them. I lead Gen to the couch with its back to the door. She lets me sit down first then curls up against me.

"Mmm," she sighs into my chest.

"I could stay like this forever," I say quietly as I run my hand over Gen's cheek. "Your premier is very considerate."

"He wants to keep us together," Gen tells me. "I saw him talking with the Minister of Tourism a few minutes before his wife came to talk with us."

Damn. "I hate politicians."

Gen shifts positions and kisses me briefly. "We're bringing money to this province. It isn't a bad thing. We still get to spend time together."

"I love you."

"I'll never get tired of hearing that," she whispers. "I love you."

We sit in a comfortable silence for a time just enjoying each other's presence.

"I talked to mom and the Hudsons this afternoon. They'd love for you to join us."

"I'll talk with the palace and see what can be arranged. Have you spoken with them yet?"

"Jon wants me to call in the morning," she explains. "It's weird having him around. It's going to take a lot of getting used to."

I hold Gen a little more tightly. "You'll get used to him. Just make him take some time off when he gets too much. I don't get much time away from these guys, but we all need a break from each other at times. I try to get out every few weeks without them."

"I think I'll need a night off more often than that. I'm used to having the car to myself as I drive around and not having to make certain anywhere I go into is secure."

"Besides being claustrophobic, what do you think of Jon?"

"We'll get along. I feel sorry for him, though. I have a hard time keeping up with my life. Now we both have to. Though he does have good taste. I wasn't even thinking about trying this dress on, but I love it."

"It looks wonderful on you," I say before kissing her forehead. "You're not going to fall in love with his accent?"

"It's the same as yours!" she condemns me. "As long as I can talk to you, you will be the only one my heart belongs to. Though I may have to learn your accent if I'll ever fit in with your upper class."

"We can work on it," I agree. "But you'll have to have it perfect if they'll even start to accept it, unfortunately."

"Then I'll have to work hard," she says in a pitiful attempt which I have to laugh at.

"I promise, love, we'll work on it," I tell her once I stop laughing. "Though I like your Acadian accent better."

"How is this going to work, Wills?" Gen suddenly cries despairingly. "I don't know how I'll make it without you."

"Oh, love," I say, resting my head on hers. "I don't know how this will work, either. But I know I love you, and I'll do whatever I have to in order to have you with me. I promise, I'll call you as often as I can while we're touring, and I'll give you my number when I'm back in England so you can call me, too. This summer I'll visit you, and we'll see what else we can arrange. I promise you I'll be here for Scott's anniversary. We'll get through the next few years somehow."

"Wills," Gen sighs. I wait for her to continue. "Oh, God. Wills, I am so in love with you, it's almost scary. How fast I've fallen is. A year ago, I would have sworn I knew all the ins and outs of love, but I know now I didn't. I still don't. Scott was part of me, he still is, but our love was nothing like what is growing between us. Last night on the phone, you asked me what I saw my future as. It was changing then, but now I know. All I can see is you. Being with you is all I want. I'm ready to do almost anything to be with you. I don't want to have to be without you."

Wow. I don't have a thing to say to that. My beautiful, stunning girlfriend just confessed her true feelings; putting the love we have higher than the one she shared with her boyfriend of three years. Gently, I turn her in my arms and kiss her. She had been close to tears when she finished speaking and takes a minute to relax into the kiss. Slowly, I deepen it, letting the love and desire she stirs in me to show. Though I know I shouldn't, and had promised myself to restrain, I slowly run my tongue along her lips, slipping it between them as they part. She seems pleased that I initiated the deeper kiss as her own tongue explores mine and my mouth. I follow her lead, but quickly get an understanding of what Gen desires. Passion builds between us as we learn the others pleasure points. The feeling of Gen being so close is unbelievable. She presses her body closer to mine, but we both want to be closer. Gen lies back on the couch and I follow her, lying over top of my princess, continuing to kiss her. Slowly I ease my weight partly onto her apparently delicate body and she rises to meet me.

A sudden jolt of electricity flows through me as our hips make contact bringing me crashing back to reality.

"Fuck," I mutter as I stop kissing Gen and begin to move away.

"Wills," Gen gently pleads as I walk over to the fireplace.

I don't answer for a few minutes as I regain my composure. Gen walks over to me, uncertain herself. I hold her lightly, just enough to let her know that I'm not upset with her and comfort myself that she isn't mad at me.


"It's alright, love," she comforts. "Thank you."

"For what?" I ask, confused.

"For loving me the way you do. For going against everything you've been taught to comfort me. For showing me I can still arouse a man's passion."

God. "Don't go there, love. I can't do that yet. It may be a long time before I can.

"I'm sor-"

"Don't say it. Don't ever apologize to me for what you're not read for. It took me a long time before I was. I'm happy just being in your arms. I love you, Wills. That's all there is to it."

"I love you Gen. But I still feel I owe you an explanation," I say as I lead her to another couch in the room. The one we were on holds too much passion.

"You don't owe me anything, Wills. And I don't want you to ever feel like you do. Only ever do something if you want to. Besides, we needed to stop. We are hardly in an appropriate location for a make out session."

I smile and lightly kiss her forehead. "Agreed. We need to watch what and where we do anything. We're here by sheer luck as it is. You could have been in the other room surrounded by all those old women, talking with Gran." Gen looks up at me, distressed.

"It's alright love. I didn't know we'd be splitting or I would have spoken with you about it. But we're here instead.

"God, Gen. How, what am I doing? I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to you. It's like everything I've ever been taught has simply flown right out the window. I just want you near me, but I feel, I don't know.

"I love you with such a passion that it scares me. I don't have any idea what you need form me, and I'm afraid that I won't be able to give it to you. I don't want to loose you."

Gen hugs me comfortingly. "You won't lose me, Wills. I love you, which means I'll wait for you. I still have two more years of school, so we won't even be on the same side of the ocean most of the time. And you have the time you have to put in the military. We'll be busy. By the time I can even move to England, or wherever you're stationed, you'll want to go further than you think. Don't worry about losing me, love. Having your love and support is all I want. You're all I need."

"Will I have more control of myself by then? I lose control around you. All I care about is you, even at functions like this. Gen, as much as I love you, if I can't keep my wits about me..." I let my concern hang. If I don't get better at this I won't be able to have Gen around.

"From what I've seen it gets better. You'll adjust to it as we spend more time together. And you still have control with me around. My friends would still find you stiff if you acted like you did tonight around them. But that's society for you," Gen giggles into my chest.

"Do you find me ‘stiff'?" I ask, concerned.

"No!" she protests. "At least not for where we're at. If you acted any differently, I'd be concerned. Though I'll warn you, excessive manners in private wear on a girl. Unless you're always the perfect gentleman, don't try them on me."

* * *

"Better warn Jon, too," Wills laughs. "I'm afraid we English tend to be well mannered. Opening doors, letting the lady go first, it's what we tend to do when in the company of ladies."

"I'm hardly a lady," I explain.

Wills laughs. "You could have fooled me. You certainly play the part well."

Sigh. This hurts. I don't want to burst any images he has of his dream girl, but if for me to fit that mold would be impossible if he is expecting a lady.

"Playing a part is all I'm doing, though," I say quietly. "I'm really nothing more than a simple country girl."

"Then you'll enjoy holidays at Balmoral," Wills jokes. "I know you prefer to be in the country, Gen. I'm the same way. Letting your hair down and enjoying the open is much more comfortable. But when it comes down to it, you are every bit as regal as I am. You respect your elders, show confidence in what you do, and are well mannered. Those aren't traits that are easily taught. You are a natural lady. A natural princess," he adds with a kiss.

Princess. God, this is scary. I wonder if I'll ever be comfortable with the idea. And not just Princess. Queen. Wills will be King one day, and will want me as his wife. I'll do it – for him.

"I love you, Wills," I say quietly into his chest.

"I love you, Gen. I wish you didn't have to be something you're not."

"I wish no one had to. But it's reality. You like this less than I do, I bet."

"But that's what I've been raised to do. You've been thrown into it."

I give a half hearted laugh. "The two guys I've gotten serious with are both part of this circle. There are those who would say that I'm only into powerful men."

"But you just want someone who'll love you. And maybe look after you. If you'll excuse me for saying it, you want a guy who will lead you. You are a strong character, but want – need – someone you don't have to use that power with. A way for you to re-fuel your energy."

"Yep. You've got me. But you have that same power. Maybe more than I do. Being a leading is exhausting. A strong mate is something that is necessary in our lives. For you even more."

"As long as I have you I won't have to worry. I have all I need."

"I hope so," I say quietly.

Wills looks down sharply at me. "Don't doubt yourself, or us, love," he comforts gently. "You are all I want – need. One day I'll have you with me all the time and I'll show you how good you are. You are extremely supportive of me, loving me, and caring about me. I hope I can return the favor. I n this world love only goes so far, but your actions peak volumes. I love you, Gen."

I don't know how I can find men like Scott and Wills, but I am so grateful I've been given this chance. When I lost Scott, I never thought I would find someone who could compare with him. Wills is quite different from him, but is just as special to me. He isn't as sure as Scott was, but I don't think he's had as much experience with girlfriends. He certainly learns quickly. I wonder if he's gotten much guidance from his grandfather? He seems pleased with the idea of me dating his grandson. I can't tell a thing from Elizabeth, though Wills seems to think she likes me.

We sit in a relaxed silence for a time until the clock on the mantle chimes half past ten.

"We probably should make an appearance," I say, but make no motion to act.

"Probably," Wills agrees, also making no move.

"Won't you get chewed out for not being there – for me not being there to talk with your grandmother?"

"Probably," he agrees as he runs his hands over my arms.

"Why are you so unconcerned about all this?"

"Gran wants to know that I've found a good woman to marry. I won't lie to you – she had you investigated, she's had info on you since the morning we went out riding. She's good at figuring people out and seems happy with you. Everyone wants me to be happy. This is where I'm happiest. Besides, if we showed up now, it would cause more scandal than if we just stayed here. You'll talk with Gran sooner or later."

"Why do I feel like I'm being set up for a job interview?"

"Because you are," a new voice says from the door. I feel Wills tense slightly behind me and I turn in his embrace from facing the fireplace to look at the door.

"Prince Phillip," I say with a start as I scramble to rise.

"Relax, child," he says, quietly. "If you can sit so comfortably in the arms of the crown prince you needn't bother with such irritancies as rising when I enter the room when you're the only ones in it."

I sit back down on the couch, though no longer in the same position of leaning against Wills' chest between his legs. Wills now sits beside me with his arm around my waist.

"To what do we owe this surprise?" Wills asks.

"I wanted you to know we would be staying here for another hour, and perhaps get a chance to speak with you, Miss Hudson."

"Please, just call me Gen," I say softly. I really do feel like I'm in a job interview. ‘Are you good enough to date our grandson – possibly be his Queen?'

"You needn't be shy around me, dear. I have no interest in ending any of your happiness. I would appreciate a chance to get to know you, though."

"Join us, then, granddad," Wills offers, waving to the couch opposite us. Phillip accepts the invitation and sits down. "Do you mind explaining your comment as you entered?" Wills asks as he holds me a little tighter.

"You both know what I meant," Phillip answers. "When you date anyone, especially if the public knows about it, your girlfriend is being evaluated for her potential to become queen, Wills. And you, Genevieve, are fitting into the role very well. You adapt quickly. From what I've seen of you, you will take on the challenge very well. But I would like to get to know you."

Good grief! Is there anyone who doesn't' look so far into the future to see me marrying Wills? Then again, I can see me marrying him. I want to marry him.

"There isn't much about me which you probably haven't already found out. I'm from a simple, French family, grew up in the country, and started dating the son of an influential Englishman in high school. We were very in love but eight months ago, he died in a riding accident. Wills is the cause of my moving on with living."

It seems like a lifetime ago. Life before Wills. There certainly wasn't much to it since Scott. Wills brought me back. I owe him so much, but that isn't close to why I'm with him. As grateful as I am to Wills I don't feel I need to give him anything in return for his gifts. All he needs is my love, and that's all I need to give.

"You've done the same for me," Wills whispers in my ear.

Phillip smiles at us and the intimate gestures we share. I wonder if he'll be reminding Wills about his position, or leave it to his bodyguards. Pour Jon will probably have to talk to me about it. One must love these situations when you first get serious.

"I heard you're responsible for a summer riding camp," Phillip leads the conversation, noticeably away from any common ground between Wills and I. "You must really enjoy riding."

"Very much. I have a small mare who the Hudsons keep. She and I have explored quite a bit of the forest. The woods are a part of us, you could say. For as long as I can remember I‘ve been at home in them. Star and I are out very often."

"Do you hunt, then?" Phillip asks.

"I've been out with some of the men from my neighborhood a couple of times, but I don't have the patience to sit that long, and they won't track," I answer.

"How do you track on a horse?" Wills asks.

I laugh.

"You don't," I explain. Oops. "I'm sorry, this is my mistake. Out here, hunting generally implies going out into the woods with a .44 and getting a duck, rabbit, or if your real lucky, a deer or some other big game."

"But you don't have any problem with the hunt?" Phillip inquires.

"There isn't much point to most hunting, but I don't have any concerns with it as long as it doesn't upset the ecosystem. When it's in excess then it should become a concern to everyone."

"I agree," Wills says. "Back home they raise animals to release for that entire purpose, so we don't disturb the wildlife."

"Would you feel comfortable going out, then?" Phillip inquires.

"It would all depend on whether the others going would feel comfortable with me there. The hunt is normally only taken part in by nobility, is it not?" Phillip inclines his head slightly, neither confirming nor denying my statement but urging me to continue. "I'm afraid my only link to a title is Wills. I can trace my family lines back to Revolutionary France. There are many who would not want French peasantry riding next to them. I would rather not cause more of a rift between the upper class and Wills than necessary."

Phillip smiles and nods with approval.

"You certainly know how to keep the peace. Thank you for your time, my dear. I certainly hope to see you again soon," Phillip says as he stands to leave, accenting his words with a kiss to my hand.

Finally, he leaves.

Wills relaxes back into the couch and I follow, leaning into him.

"That was-" I pause, trying to find the right word, "interesting."

Wills nods in agreement, running his hand through y hair. "You can say that again. But you did everything perfectly."

"I thought he meant something completely different by hunting."

"That is what hunting is to you. You still have these beautiful forests to hunt in. I'm afraid all we have are the odd grove left. You recovered beautifully, and answered very diplomatically. Were you saying how you really feel, though?"

"We both know that a lot depends on how I'm received by your nobles. If it didn't cause too much fuss and you want me to join you, I'll go."

"Do you want to go?" Wills questions.

"I don't know enough about it to say one way or the other. But if it means more time with you, definitely."

"Only if you enjoy it," Wills says with a kiss. "I may just not go if I have to choose between your obliging presence and your happiness."

"We'll just have to see, then. It must be more interesting than hunting at least. You are on a horse."

Wills laughs at me and I sense him relaxing further.

"Why must the world be so large? It keeps us so distant, when all I want is to be near you," I sigh.

"I'll never be far where it counts. You'll always be close to my heart, and on my mind, even if you aren't near me," he swears, playing with my hair.

"And you will stay with me," I whisper.

"Wills, what do you think you'll be doing when you leave?"

"Probably the same sort of things I've been doing here. It's exhaustingly dull. I'm not too fond of touring."

"I would think it would be interesting," I say. "I would like to get to know more about my country. I probably know more about basic world politics and war-time Europe than about Canada. But it's not like there's much to know."

Wills nods. "You live in a relatively peaceful country. Even with fighting going on around you, you manage to stay under the radar. There hasn't been much news worthy of the history books lately."

"We just hid in the States' shadow. It's relatively safe there."

"That is an interesting nation. They are continuously re-defining their foreign policy and shifting their views fairly rapidly. For having been known to Europeans for five hundred years they certainly have a lot of white history."

"The history before is more interesting. I wish we weren't as ignorant of the natives' culture when we started to settle this land. So much was lost."

"We are still learning," Wills states. I lean in to him in agreement.

"We preach humility and understanding but don't follow our own instructions," he adds.

I don't respond for several minutes; even as I do, it's on a slightly different topic.

"You've spent time in the third world, haven't you? What did you do?"

"During my gap year I went some time in South America with a volunteer group where we worked to help improve their place in life; housing, food, education. But even then we were instilling western culture on them."

"I wonder if we would ever be satisfied if, as they develop, it wasn't like how we did – to what we've become. If the people chose to keep their tribal ways I don't know if we would believe they were over the poverty line."

"We are very self righteous, aren't we?"

"In humility comes greatness."

Wills tightens his hand around my waist for a moment in agreement then moves to face me.

"You are amazing, you know that? I don't know how I'll be able to make it though this next month away from you, knowing that I'm on the same continent, in the same country."

To keep from crying, I laugh gently. "By the time you're in Vancouver, we'd be closer if you were in England."

Wills smiles at me and hold my hand gently, reassuringly. "We'll manage, somehow," he promises. "I'll be back here as fast as I can and we'll have real time together."

"Just you, me, my family, the guys, a couple of tents, and the bugs."

"I'd rather it was just us and the bugs/"

"No, I'd take everything else and a grizzly before the bugs," I laugh. "Maybe we'll go into New York for a day."

"Only if no one knows we're coming. I'd hate for our day to be ruined by snap-happy tourists and journalists."

"You're too pessimistic when it comes to cameras, Wills," I chastise. "I know you don't like them, but you have to get past it, and just let them flash. Give them limits, but let them in a bit."

"You'd be surprised," Wills says sarcastically. "People can be very rude and intrusive."

I gently kiss his nose. "They only seem rude if you let it get to you. You're a somebody. Us nobodies like to say they've met a somebody."

"You're a somebody too, now," Wills returns.

"So far it isn't too bad. The neighbors are very interested in my love life very suddenly, though."

Wills laughs a rich baritone laugh. It is so rugged and sexy. But then, everything about him is. He is an unbelievable sportsman from what I've been told, but I know hardly anything about his culture; about what he thinks.

"Does that bother you, love?"

"Not in the least. I'm just as interested in theirs when something develops."

Again, that beautiful laugh. I've forgotten how wonderful it is to simply feel needed by a man.

"You are one in a million."

I laugh. "I should hope the odds are better than that. Say, one in five million. I like to be an original!"

"You are that, love. And you are the only one who has my heart, which makes you an even rarer find."

I smile delicately. "I certainly consider myself lucky to have been found by you."

* * *

Gazing down into her beautiful face I feels o close to her, as if something were pulling us together. Her beautiful smile enchants me, and I feel as though I'm swimming in her dazzling bleu eyes. To think that just days ago those love-filled pools were sorrow-filled plains of ice. And I am the cause of her happiness.

And she is mine. I don't know what was done for this sudden change in both our lives to occur, but I am so grateful He allowed it. Please, let us be together as long as Gran and Granddad. Let us be happy.

The remainder of our hour disappears all too quickly between our kisses and flirtations. The guards discretely knock on the door, giving us a warning that my grandparents were preparing to leave. Regretfully, I begin to rise from the couch, lifting Gen with me.

"It's time to join the world again, isn't it?" Gen sighs.

I chuckle and lightly kiss her. "Unfortunately. We should be in the hall as Gran and Granddad leave."

Gen looks longingly back at the couch and leans into me. "Let's go."

I kiss her a final time and we leave the room for the deserted hallway, the only signs of life are the three bodyguards seated outside our door. Quickly, however, the hall is filled with politicians as Gran and Granddad prepare to leave. We are sent off in the traditional grandness and invited to return as soon as possible. Gen on my arm, I follow Gran out and into a limo – thankfully not the same one as hers. She did give me a frightening look on our way out.

Once we are in the limo away from everyone else, Gen whispers, "I'm really starting to dread meeting your grandmother."

"Don't worry, love," I comfort. "She looks much more vicious than she is. Just as you guessed, Gran isn't too pleased I spent all this night with you, but she'll get over it. We needed this time more than she needs an interview with you."

I hold her close and she smiles up at me. "We can't keep putting this off, though."

"I know," I answer with all my reservations evident in my voice.

"Will you quit protecting me!" Gen chastises.

I feign hurt, "That's what you signed up for when you agreed to be my girlfriend."

Gen quickly moves to change my interpretation of her comment, but the look of love in both our eyes stops any argument as we share a gentle kiss.

"Mon protecteur, mein schutz. Je t'aime," Gen whispers. "But don't smother me!"

I laugh and kiss her. "I didn't know you knew German."

"It was the only other language they taught at my high school besides French. My teacher had a hard time getting me to have the correct accent, but I picked the rest up fairly quickly."

"And you want me to teach you an English accent?"

"How else will I fit in? Besides, I insist on having the accent perfect, my teacher was happy with some of my first attempts – once I got the French out."

"I guess I get tot get the Acadian out," I sigh. "I prefer it though."

"Can ya stand the full out, eh?" Gen asks in a very thick accent.

"What?" I ask with a laugh.

Laughing herself, Gen says normally, "You can't even understand me when I speak Acadian. And I'm not that good at doing the thick tongue."

"Would you understand me if I took a harbor accent?"

"Not too likely, but I'd do my best," Gen agrees. "I don't want to say goodbye yet," she adds as we pull up in front of her building.

"Nor do I. I enjoy the time I have with you too much."

"I wish I could invite you up, but your grandmother..."

"I don't care about her. You shouldn't worry either." Gen gives me a questioning look, but I reassure her by tightening the arm I have around her waist.

"Would you like to come up, then?"

"I'd love to," I say with a kiss. We both get up and Gen leads us to her apartment. My bodyguard begins to protest as I left the car but obligingly follows as I repeat that I don't care. Thankfully, no photographers are in the area.

Gen's apartment is elegantly decorated, definitely reflecting her feminine side. It's very cozy, yet still young. She must have some good parties here. I compliment her on the design, and she smiles, crediting the interior decorator for the work. She then offers us all something to drink then excuses herself to change out of her dress, explaining, "You get to wear pants, and way fewer layers. These things are very stuffy, and irritating after a while."

As she left, my bodyguard gave me a look distinctly saying that nothing had better happen tonight. We are dead as it is.

"I'm going to call Jack. Hopefully he will be able to keep your grandmother from killing us," he says as he walks away.

"Are you going to express your disappointment as well?" I ask Jon.

"Not at all. She loves you, and you her. As long as you are awake enough tomorrow that this late night doesn't show, I don't see why you can't spend some time with your girlfriend. Just don't let it affect you in your princely duties."


"Not at all. Besides, when you leave it'll be easier if you've spent more time together. Less regrets that way."

"Look after her for me, Jon, please. I don't want her to get hurt by all this, but if she is, don't let her keep it to herself."

"There are enough obstacles in love, I'll do what I can to keep that crown of yours form adding more on this end. You can't let it put too many up on your end either. Gen would skin you alive."

"Don't I know it. She's got an amazing ability to read me. She knows when I'm hiding something, everything. But the weirdest part is I can do the same with her."

"You have a great connection, that's certain," Jon says as Gen emerges from her room. "I'll watch out for her. Enjoy your night," he taunts as he walks away so Gen and I can be alone.

She has changed into a much more comfortable looking pair of tan kakis and a wine tank top; a very attractive combination.

"You look much more relaxed," I whisper, taking her in my arms.

"This is definitely more comfortable," she sighs, leaning against my chest. "Why do you still have this thing on?" she refers to you jacket as she begins to unbutton it.

"Gen," I protest weakly. I'd just as soon be free of the confines of the suit.

She smiles reassuringly at me. "It's not fair for me to be in these clothes while you're in a tux," she explains as she finishes unbuttoning my jacket then undoes my bowtie once I surrender. Setting them on the back of a kitchen chair, Gen leads me through the living room onto the balcony where I am shocked at the sight of a small chesterfield with a tarp over it – though Gen quickly removes that.

Recovering from my shock quickly, I laugh at the sight.

"What?" Gen asks, like there was nothing odd about the image before me.

"Why?" I begin to ask.

"Would you rather sit in uncomfortable lawn furniture?"

"I suppose not, but –"

"It's different, I know, but I like it."

"So do I," I pull her down onto the chesterfield with me. Kissing her deeply, I smile contently. "I really like it."

Gen returns my kisses, urging me to lead with her restraint. I pick up quickly, pulling her closer to myself, deepening the embrace – the connection – further as I ease my tongue between her lips. The slow pace we started at quickly dissolves as passion builds. Soon neither of us has to take the initiative as we work as one, drawing closer as we divine the other's desires. For the second time this night, all I know of the world is the stunning petite in my arms. Now, much to my chagrin, Gen begins to lessen her return of my kisses. I relent, slightly, ceasing my administrations to ‘come up for air'. However, gazing down into her passion filled eyes I nearly forget myself and return to kissing her breathless. Nearly.

"I love you, my beautiful princess," I whisper, inches from her lips.

"And I you, my handsome prince. I fear I may begin to search the papers fro your picture so I can simply see your face."

"I'll have to visit you as often as I can then, so I don't become some two dimensional impression to you."

"You'll never be 2-D to me. Especially not after what you've shown me tonight," she adds with a provocative smile as she rubs her pelvis against my own.

I groan. "Gen!"

"Yes love?" she feigns innocence.

"You know what. Please, love –"

"Sh," she promises. "I won't. You don't have to keep this side of yourself all locked up, though. When you are ready we'll have some more fun."

When I'm ready. The way she talks...

"How close were you with Scott?"

Gen is taken by surprise.

"We had been dating for three years, and he had a ring in his pocket," she dodges. "Very. We could write a book on how to be intimate without being intimate."

"I must seem like a regular oaf –"

"No!" she protests quickly. "You are really quite amazing, love. Scott wouldn't know me by my actions were he you. I was skittish as a newborn kitten whenever he wanted to try something new. I was terrified that one thing would cause a chain reaction and things would go too far. But with time, I became used to the way tings were and adapted to change, and we became closer. You are so much more adventurous than I was. Some day a friend will put some kinky idea in your head and you'll actually consider trying it. One day, you probably will."

I smile at her encouragements. "Knowing my friends, anything they suggest will have to wait until after we stand on the balcony of Buckingham."

This earns me a smile plainly saying she can't wait.

"Why are the fates so cruel as to give me a woman ready to play, yet forbid me from indulging?"

"If you weren't forbidden I wouldn't' be nearly as playful," Gen taunts, running her hands through my hair, pulling my lips to hers.

"You are a little seductress," I laugh, kissing her back.

"Only for you. You and only you," she says between kisses.

Again, the passion builds between us, Gen letting me move as slowly as I please. I hold her close to me with one arm; the other had leisurely exploring her back, sides, stomach, almost everything there is to discover. Gen gently encourages me with quiet moans and the movements of her own hands. Just as I find myself reaching a point where I'd explored all I could I hear Gen's voice from earlier this night, "Only do something if you want to." God, I want to. And why not?

* * *

Oh, God! "Wills," I half moan, half exclaim at the feeling of his hand on my breast. Here I thought I was being bold with him. It feels so good to be held so lovingly, and my love is a natural. Wills seems slightly uncertain of himself, so again I moan as he massages me. "Don't stop, love. Please," I beg. Wills deepens the kiss.

Let this moment never end. If I could have anything at this time, it would be we never have to leave this moment. I hope Wills doesn't regret this. Better not let him get too carried away. Don't want any pictures of HRH groping his girlfriend hitting the press.

It feels so good.

"Wills," I whisper. He doesn't seem to notice. Damn testosterone. "Wills," I say again with a little more force, "I love this," he kisses me – why does he have to make this so difficult –"We have to stop." More kisses, though he begins to back off. My body aches to have him back.

"I know," he whispers, still kissing me. I allow him to raise us to a seated position, me kneeling over his lap. If this doesn't stop soon we're going to have to go in.

Wills starts to kiss along my jaw and down my neck. In my already aroused state, I simply sigh with delight, tilting my head back, giving him better access to the hyper-sensitive flesh under my chin.

"You're distracting me," I state.

"I know," he says covering me in kisses.

"William!" I manage to protest.

Finally, he stops. "I yield," he whispers, it's barely audible. Then slightly louder, and much more huskily, "I love you."

God. Two words. The most powerful words he could ever say. His passionate "I love you pales in comparison to William's "I yield". It wasn't Wills who said it, but William. I'm starting to see the difference. Rather, he's letting me, giving me so much of himself. Showing a side that very few ever get to see.

"I can never explain how much that means to hear, William," I whisper. "I love every single part of you, Wills."

Wills smiles lovingly at me, noting that I can see the difference between the royal and the man. "The prince may belong to God and country, but I belong to you," he promises.

"That is all I could ask for," I whisper.

"I wish I could give you more –"

"Sh," I interrupt. "England may have your days, and one day possibly mine, but the nights are ours."

"And when I have to go on a world tour?"

"You'll call me as much as you can – if I'm not with you."

"I hope the people will be happy with you, because I don't think I'll let them chose any differently," Wills whispers. "I guess we'll find out soon. The first of the poles should be in by night."

"They certainly move fast," I say in amazement. Bracing myself, I ask, "Worst case?"

Wills looks away.

"Tell me," I plead.

"Worst case?" he looks at me then away, unable to say the next words while looking at me. "They see you as a want-to-be; a peasant French girl from the colonies with no right..." he can't finish.

I nod, unable to speak.

"That is the worst case, though, love. The absolute worst. More likely they will be unsure of the stunning mademoiselle with the recently deceased boyfriend who brought her into my world. ‘Though she has shown a kind, compassionate side, a charity worker, how dedicated is she to our prince?' they'll ask. And I know the answer, and in time, they will. Eventually, they will love you as they love me, and I'm so sorry for it."

"So am I, because all the worry you put towards that takes away from your love of your people, your family, and me."

Wills looks at me in shock. His eyes questioning, reflecting his internal battle. I allow him to muse, recalling how not long ago Sandy had a similar conversation with me at the center one afternoon. After Scott died, the Hudsons and I received a huge amount of press coverage. I was terribly depressed over my loss, and the publicity just seemed to rub it in, and I was becoming bitter. Sandy and I were out playing with the children, very half-heartedly on my part, when she confronted me using similar words to what I just did with Wills. I rapidly snapped out of the bitterness, letting the press in as long as they respected my limits.

I doubt it will be as easy for Wills. They are much more intrusive with him, and can be viewed as part of the cause of his mother's death.

"You're right," he whispers, standing up and resting his arms on the balcony rail. I remain on the couch, giving him the space he needs.

"They terrify me, Gen," he says quietly. "Spiders, heights, and flying I don't blink an eye at. Public speaking is a snap, but the press... The press. Oh, they have the power to destroy something you have spent years creating in seconds. They killed mom years before she died, and I guess you could say they are slowly taking care of Harry and I as well. But it's time I change that – past time. ‘Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so', as Shakespeare said. It's time I stopped thinking of the press as bad," he states firmly, turning to me. "I just wish I knew how."

I immediately take my cue and stand, wrapping my arms around his waist.

"You simply have to make yourself believe that it's okay to be in front of the camera. Every time you notice that you are hating the situation, think of how much I adore the way you deal with them, and that gorgeous smile," which he just happens to flash at that moment. "You don't play fair," I add, running my hands up his chest preparing to pull his head to mine.

"Who said love is fair?" he answers, kissing me before I had gotten to his neck.

It is a gentle kiss this time. Showing all the love we feel for each other, yet involving no tongue, or anything else. It is simply an intimate connection of mind though lips, and perhaps the most powerful thing we could ever share.

"I love you, Gen," my handsome Englishman whispers, his hands resting on the small of my back. I gaze up into his gorgeous blue eyes and smile at the love and happiness shining there.

"I love you," I answer.

We simply enjoy the moment, both knowing that this is going to be goodbye. All too rapidly, Jon is opening the balcony door and Wills is leading me in. As he puts on his jacket, I tie his bow-tie.

"It's been a while since I've done this," I confess, my fingers nimbly working the strip of fabric.

"You seem to know what you're doing, love," Wills says, trying to inspect my work, bending his head.

I laugh. "Keep your chin up! I may be a lot shorter, but it still gets in the way!"

Wills also laugh, sticking his chin high up, "Is this good enough?"

I quickly finish tying it and pull his head down. "That's too far away," lowering his head to mine I whisper, "This is where I like it much better."

Wills quickly kisses me with the wonderful perfection he is.

"I agree. I like this much better."

We kiss once more then part as he goes to the door and we say goodbye for the night. Wills promises that he'll be by in the morning to pick me up. As I close the door behind Wills and his bodyguards, I sigh and lean against it. Jon smiles at me.

"Did you have a good night?" he asks.

"Unbelievable," I answer, with a devilish smile I add, "He is the most wonderful kisser."

"I don't think I want details," Jon laughs. "Did you get him to relax?"

"I'm starting to. Have you spent much time with him?"

"I was one of his father's bodyguards."

"Oh, Jon," I whisper.

"It's alright. There are very few who knew, but Charles had been having problems for a while before his death. He kept it very well hidden – I only knew because I was always there. He never told the boys, they only found out after the first attack. The public after the second."

"And the third took him. No wonder Wills is so reserved."

"You're the first person I've seen him open up to since his father. He makes sure Harry talks to him, but won't tell him much."

"He doesn't seem used to spilling his guts," I agree, smiling, "I'm doing what I can to coax it out of him. You men have a universal flaw – you won't talk to each other."

"Yes, well, what can you do?" Jon laughed. I smile connivingly. "I don't want to know."

"I wasn't about to tell," I joke. "I'm going to bed. It's going to be a long day."

* * *